I Picked My Microblading Scabs! What Now?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on December 13, 2022
I picked my microblading scabs, what should I do
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What is the first rule of microblading? Never pick the scabs!

So, you’ve had your microblading treatment and approximately five days later entered the annoying scabbing stage. Your microblading artist gave you the aftercare tips and you followed them to a T. You were told not to pick the scabs, but somehow, you did. You may have scratched them by accident or in your sleep, and your microblading looks bad now.

Here is what to do if you picked your microblading scabs and other useful information about microblading scabbing.

Does Everybody Scab After Microblading?

No. Some people experience light peeling, others somewhat heavier scabbing, while others don’t see any scabs throughout the microblading healing process.

This depends on your skin type and the aftercare routine. There is a difference between wet and dry healing. Wet healing implies using an ointment to help your microbladed eyebrows recover better and to prevent itchiness. Dry healing gives more crisp results.

Note that dry healing doesn’t mean that you should stay away from water entirely. No, you need to wash your eyebrows regularly to avoid lymph build-up and even heavier scabbing. Read this article to learn when and how to wash your eyebrows.

Does Everybody Scab After Microblading?Image source: Instagram @nina_lola_studio

Why Do Eyebrows Scab After Microblading?

Microblading is done by making small incisions on the skin into which the pigment is deposited. So, since it involves breaking the skin, this means that your freshly microbladed eyebrows are an open wound that needs to heal. That is why it scabs during the healing process, just as any other wound. It is perfectly normal.

Scabbing lasts 5-7 days, so contact your artist if it prolongs.

What Happens If You Pick the Scabs After Microblading?

If you pick your microblading scabs instead of letting them fall off on their own, they will pull out the pigment. Your microblading may be ruined!

There are also some other risks such as scarring and getting an infection.

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What If I Accidentally Scratch Microblading Scabs?

Sometimes people forget that they had the treatment and touch their brows or pick their microblading scabs. So, what if that happens and you ruin your microblading?

If you picked your microblading scabs and they fell off with pigment, you will need to wait for the touchup, which is done 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment. The microblading artist will go over the spot again and add more pigment to fill in the patches.

Be Honest with Your Artist

If you picked your microblading scabs, tell your artist. They need to know whether the microblading was affected by that or something else is the problem, to know how to fix it.

How to Relieve Itchy Eyebrows After Microblading?

Your eyebrows will probably be itchy during the scabbing stage and it is so hard to resist scratching or pressing them. The only thing you can do is to apply the prescribed ointment to relieve itchy eyebrows after microblading.

If the itching is unbearable, contact your artist, especially if it is followed by inflammation, redness and swelling. You may have developed an infection.

Can You Prevent Microblading Scabbing?

Not really, but you can minimize it. One way is to go with wet healing, so the ointment will make the scabs less prominent. Another way is to regularly remove the lymph build up on the first day and wash your eyebrows properly from the second day on.

Remember, some scabbing and peeling is okay, heavy scabbing is problematic. If your scabs look abnormal, contact your artist.

Can You Prevent Microblading Scabbing?Image source: Instagram @bbartistry_spa

What Will My Eyebrows Look Like After Microblading Scabbing?

After the scabs fall off your eyebrows will look patchy. Some people will also notice that their microblading disappeared after scabbing, but this is also a normal part of the healing process. The pigment will reappear and your eyebrows will look much better once they are healed.

Healed eyebrows look about 30% lighter than freshly microbladed. Some people have great retention and they almost don’t need a touch up. Others have poor retention results, which depends on different factors, but mostly on skin type and aftercare routine.

The first touch up appointment is mandatory and it is done 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment. All the corrections are made and the potential gaps are filled.

Bear in mind that the touch up is another round of blading, so it will bring about another healing cycle. Although it will be lighter, your brows will probably go through the scabbing stage once again. Remember not to pick your microblading scabs!


So, be very very careful during the scabbing stage, don’t pick the scabs and let them fall off on their own. If you accidentally scratch your brows and scabs fall off, contact your artist and they will make the necessary corrections at the touch up. Just don’t hide the truth – be open with your microblading artist so that they are able to help you.

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