How to Wash Hair After Microblading: Tips & Tricks

By Katarina V.| Last updated on April 30, 2024
How to Wash Hair After Microblading: Tips and Tricks
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Whether you’ve already had your eyebrows microbladed or you are just preparing for the treatment, you may be aware of the fact that microblading requires certain aftercare.

During the healing period, some things are forbidden and one of the first things to remember is not to get your eyebrows wet. But what if you need to wash your hair? How to do that? Here are some tips on how to wash hair after microblading.

How to Wash Hair After Microblading?

Firstly, it’s always recommended to wash your hair before the treatment, so you don’t need to wash it afterward, while the eyebrows are still fresh, because it can affect the pigment retention and lead to premature fading.

The healing period of the surface of the brows is around 2 weeks (even though the brows continue to heal for up to 6 weeks). During this time, the aftercare is very important and some of the aftercare instructions include avoiding: using makeup, getting your brows wet, sweating, swimming, exposing them to the sun, etc.

So how to wash hair after microblading, without getting your brows wet? Here are some tips:

Make It Quick

Before we continue with the actual tips, the first piece of advice is not to spend too much time in the shower, even if you manage to protect your eyebrows properly. The steam can also affect the pigment retention, so make sure your showering is as quick as possible, and not too hot.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is your best ally during microblading aftercare. Make sure you wash your hair before the treatment and use dry shampoo for as long as you can after the treatment, to prolong the period between hair washes.

Wash Your Hair in a Basin

This is a harder but also a safer way to wash your hair. Lean forward and flip your hair upside down and be sure that your head is turned sideways. That way, the water won’t drip onto your face. Don’t rush and be careful to prevent the brows from being exposed to the shampoo.

Use a Plastic Visor

Plastic visors are a great trick to protect your eyebrows while washing your hair. You can get one for a small amount of money and use it during the healing period. An additional tip is to put a thin layer of a recommended healing balm over your eyebrows while in the shower, to protect them from the steam while you are in, and wipe it off afterward.

Plastic visors are a great trick to protect your eyebrows while washing your hairImage source: Freepik

Or Swimming Goggles

Some people use big swimming goggles to protect the brow area while washing their hair. It looks funny, but it works. 

For some people, at least. Others find it impractical, like our editor Lucy who tried this trick after her microblading treatment.

Read about her experience in this article.

Get Disposable Shower Visors

Now you can even buy protective visors that will help you keep your freshly tattooed eyebrows dry. 

This product has great reviews. It stops the water and steam affect the pigment. It is hypoallergenic, and easy to use and remove. 

Visit a Hairdresser

If none of these tips work for you and you don’t know how to wash hair after eyebrow embroidery, pay a visit to a hairdresser to wash your hair. That way, you can just tilt your head backward while they are washing your hair in a basin and there’s no worry they will get your brows wet.

Pay a visit to a hairdresser to wash your hair after microbladingImage source: Freepik

When Can I Wash My Hair Normally After Microblading?

You can wash your hair as usual, without worrying you’ll damage your freshly microbladed eyebrows as soon as all the scabs fall off.

The scabbing stage is a normal part of the healing process when the brows form scabs and then peel off. It starts around day 3 and lasts for up to 7 days. If the scabbing continues longer than that, contact your artist.


You may notice your eyebrows look much lighter after the scabs fall off – around day 10. This is also completely normal and it even has its name – the ghosting phase.

Microbladed eyebrows do look a bit dark immediately after the treatment and tend to fade for up to 40% once the healing stage is over.

If they look too light for your taste, the microblading artist will add more color at the touch up appointment.

What If I Get My Brows Wet by Accident?

If this somehow happens, don’t be so stressed about it. Make sure you dry them as quickly as possible by tapping them with a dry clean cotton cloth or a cotton pad.

If it affects pigment retention, there’s always the touch up appointment, when your microblading artist can make all the corrections needed and add more color to the gaps in the brows.

What If I Get My Brows Wet by Accident? Image source: Freepik

Does That Mean I Shouldn’t Wash My Brows at All?

Even though you will be advised not to get the brows wet, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash them.

Microbladed brows are a fresh wound that needs to be cleaned to prevent the build up of lymph, dust and dirt and to avoid heavy scabbing.

It’s important to clean them gently every day, with a cotton pad and a little bit of antibacterial soap (or recommended aftercare wipes) and to keep them dry afterward or apply a healing balm if wet healing is advised by the artist.


Know your aftercare and follow it to a T to make sure you get the best results of the microblading treatment. Once the healing period is over you will enjoy your new brows for months, even years.

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