How to Use the PhiBrows BB Compass for Brows & Lips

By Katarina V.| Last updated on March 12, 2024
phibrows bb compass for pmu mapping
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Mapping is typically the longest and most labor-intensive part of any brow or lip treatment.

But, there is a tool that allows you to create the perfect symmetry and shape of brows and lips in a matter of minutes — the PhiBrows BB Compass.

Let’s take a closer look at this luxurious tool and explore how it can elevate your work, speed up your process, and deliver personalized and flawless results for every client.

Mapping with Natural Proportions

The mapping process is not just about symmetry but about enhancing individual beauty through tailored precision.

And one of the standout features of the PhiBrows BB Compass is its emphasis on mapping based on the golden ratio (φ).

golden ratio for natural browsWork by BEAUTEL Dallas

This is a unique mathematical proportion known for aesthetic harmony and balance that can be found across all of nature.

By incorporating the golden standard into brow mapping, the PhiBrows BB Compass ensures that every stroke aligns with the natural features and unique structure of your client’s face.

Measuring Made Easy

The brilliance of the BB Compass extends to its unique flip measurement feature.

As you make measurements on one side, these precise values seamlessly transfer when the tool is flipped, thus making the mapping process twice faster.

This allows you to effortlessly determine key points in brow mapping and lip mapping with just a few strokes and strategic positioning of its arms.

Here’s a quick demo of easy brow mapping with a BB Copass:

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And, here’s how you can use your BB Compass to map a picture-perfect pout:

Made by the Artists, for the Artists

The idea behind the PhiBrows BB Compass lies in its universality, which is not exclusive to Phi Academy graduates.

This innovative tool opens the doors to artists of different training backgrounds, providing an equal opportunity for everyone to leverage the power of math and the golden ratio in their art.

Is the PhiBrows BB Compass Worth It?

In a market saturated with cheap imitations of high-end PMU products, it’s important to understand that your services are only as worthy as the tools you use.

With the PhiBrows BB Compass, you get the whole package in only one tool — a state-of-the-art mapping solution and a luxurious design for the best artist experience.

Unlike generic Chinese calipers, this instrument is made of high-quality stainless steel which guarantees durability and resilience you can always rely on.

This underscores the value of investing in a tool that aligns with the luxury standards you want to uphold as a PMU artist.

In other words, the BB Compass gives you the confidence to dictate the price of your services, knowing that your clients will get their money’s worth in the form of flawless and natural-looking brows and lips.

How to Use the PhiBrows BB Compass

While we won’t get into all the details of the mapping process with the BB Compass, as you can really only get the hang of it once you try it, here’s how to use this amazing tool for perfect mapping results.

Using the BB Compass for Eyebrow Mapping

Basically, the BB Compass helps you define the beginning, tip, arch and end of the eyebrow with 100% accuracy for natural-looking results.

The goal is to find key points on each brow and then connect them together to draw a perfect shape.

The first point you need to mark is the beginning of the eyebrow. To do this, place the longer compass legs at the inner corners of the eye, flip the tool, centralize it between the brows and mark the spot.

Next, you mark the end of the eyebrow. Just place the round element of the compass right in the corner of the nose, align it with the outer corner of the eye, and mark the spot.

Now, you define the arch of the eyebrow. Start by placing the longer legs of the compass at the end and the beginning of the brow and then flip the instrument.

First, place one short leg at the beginning of the brow and mark its highest point with the other leg.

Then place the short leg at the end of the brow and mark its lowest point with the other leg.

Define the thickness of the eyebrow by placing your pinky finger under the brow at its beginning and mark the spot when you feel the bone.

Keep the same compass settings, and repeat the mapping process on the other brow. Use the compass as a ruler to draw precise lines and copy the points from one brow to the other to achieve symmetry.

To learn more brow mapping tips and tricks read our blog here.

Using the BB Compass for Lip Mapping

You can use a similar mapping technique to define the perfect lip shape before lip blushing.

Lay the side edge of the compass in the middle of the Cupid’s Bow and use it to mark the center of the upper and the lower lip.

Use the shorter end of the compass, the one with 3 legs.

Placing the point of the middle arm of the compass, draw the other 2 legs closer until they align with the highest points of the Cupid’s bow, then transfer the measurement to the lower lip.

Pushing the legs further apart, determine the center of the side edges of the lips.

The longer legs of the compass mark the left and right end corners of the lips.

Connect all the dots, and that’s your ideal outline!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it yourself:

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The PhiBrows BB Compass: Main Takeaways

The PhiBrows BB Compass is a unique mapping tool on the PMU market. And while it may come with a higher price tag, your investment will immediately start to pay off.

You can use it for brow mapping, lip mapping, and even PMU eyeliner mapping — it’s that universal!

The secret is in the golden ratio principle combined with the original flip measurement feature, which empowers you to create customized and aesthetically pleasing results for each client.

So, if you’re looking for a gadget that will make you love your job even more, PhiBrows BB Compass is the right tool for you!



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