5 Ways How to Use Hustle Butter: Guide for Artists & Clients

By Deana D.| Last updated on April 29, 2024
how to use hustle butter
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PMU & tattoo artists should know that proper aftercare is what determines the final result and longevity of their results.

Unpredictable changes in color, excessive scabbing, and more can all be a direct result of improper aftercare, so educating your clients on which products to use is extremely important.

PMUHub brings you a guide on how to use Hustle Butter to achieve the best healed results, but we also want to show you some alternative uses you may not have thought about.

Let’s get started!

5 Ways How to Use Hustle Butter – Tips & Tricks

Besides being extremely useful for PMU aftercare, Hustle Butter products are versatile and designed for many different purposes. Let’s take a look at the top 5 ways of using Hustle Butter:

1. Lip Blush Pre-Care

Hustle Butter products are also suitable for pre-care, especially when it comes to lip tattoo procedures.

If your client has particularly dry lips, you can use Hustle Butter Deluxe to make their lips softer and more even in texture before you begin the mapping process.

Just dab a small amount of Hustle Butter Deluxe cream on a microbrush or a disposable lip applicator and apply it over the lips.

2. Improve Your Needle Glide

Tattoo artists especially love using Hustle Butter Deluxe while tattooing, to make their needle glide more smoothly, minimizing friction and thus causing less trauma to the skin.

PMU artists can steal this trick and try it when they’re shading brows or lips.

This is done by grabbing a small amount of cream directly from the jar or packet using a sterile applicator, and rubbing it over the area where you’re working.

Hustle Butter will allow the needle to glide smoothly while at the same time hydrating and protecting the skin.

This can make the healing process less intense.

3. PMU & Microblading Aftercare

You must have heard about this product from the PMU community, and if you’ve never tried it, you might be wondering is Hustle Butter good for aftercare, and we’re here to help provide a definite answer!

Hustle Butter products cater to skin needs post-tattoo, PMU, or microblading:

  • they soothe the skin and promote quicker healing,
  • plus they preserve and prolong pigment density.

Their natural, vegan formula ensures smooth microblading and PMU healing, addresses irritation and inflammation, and keeps the results looking fresh over time.

4. Long-Term Tattoo & PMU Maintenance

Last but not least, regular use of Hustle Butter Deluxe can increase the longevity of your microblading, PMU, or tattoo results.

Keeping your skin healthy and moisturized is fundamental and essential for your tattoo’s longevity. For example, dry skin that flakes means more pigment loss over time, which can lead to an illusion of color change.

Using a gentle, daily moisturizing product like Hustle Butter Deluxe will help keep your skin healthy and your results looking like new for years to come.

5. Skin Moisturization

Did you know that you don’t need to have any form of PMU or tattoo done to enjoy the benefits of Hustle Butter? You can use Hustle Butter Deluxe cream to keep your skin moisturized and baby soft every day.

This product is an ideal addition to your daily skincare routine as it provides instant relief to dry and cracked skin. It is also beneficial in relieving rashes and irritation caused by chafing.

What’s in Hustle Butter?

The most popular Hustle Butter product on the market today is certainly the Deluxe aftercare cream.

It has a certified vegan formula that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or synthetic compounds that can be irritating to freshly tattooed or microbladed skin.

A blend of natural ingredients like shea butter, mango, aloe butter, coconut, sunflower, and rice bran oils, among many other beneficial ingredients, play a key role in relieving inflamed and itchy skin as well as promoting faster healing.

This clean formulation also decreases the amount of scabbing that usually happens during the early part of the healing process.

Keeping the tattooed or microbladed area and surrounding skin well-hydrated is an essential component of good healing and ensuring ink retention and high color saturation.

Non-petrolatum aftercare products are formulated to naturally deliver great hydration, but without smothering the skin, since it’s equally important that the tattooed or microbladed skin can breathe.

How to Use Hustle Butter Aftercare: FAQ

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions on the topic of Hustle Butter use:

How to Use Hustle Butter

Hustle Butter Deluxe can be applied with a Q-tip, microbrush, or with your clean fingers by dabbing a small amount on the treated area or rubbing it in small circles.

How Much Hustle Butter to Use

Depending on the treated area, apply a very small amount of Hustle Butter and dab it into the skin to keep your PMU or tattoo slightly moist.

Do not smother your tattooed or microbladed skin as this could lead to potential clogging of the pores. For example, a rice-grain-size amount should be enough for both eyebrows.

If you apply a much bigger amount of Hustle Butter than needed, just blot off the excess with a clean paper towel.

How Often to Apply Hustle Butter

If your PMU or tattoo is healing, you should apply Hustle Butter Deluxe regularly throughout the day as it is designed for frequent use, but clean the area before re-application. Use a small amount to cover the desired area as often as you like.

If you’re through with healing and just want to moisturize your skin, you can use a generous amount.

How Long to Use Hustle Butter

You should use your Hustle Butter Deluxe cream every day during the initial 2 weeks post-treatment.

Apply it to your skin a couple of times a day. Hustle Butter Deluxe is made for tattoos and can be used all the way through the healing process. It won’t suffocate the skin or clog your pores when applied in a thin layer.

Once the healing process is over, you can use Hustle Butter as often or as rarely as you want. It’s a moisturizer like any other.

Where Can I Buy Hustle Butter Products?

You can buy Hustle Butter products right here at PMUHub! We’re delighted to help artists and clients find and purchase only the best-rated products for different beauty and PMU procedures.

To Sum Up

Hustle Butter brings tattoo and PMU artists high-quality skincare products with a wide variety of uses. The Hustle Butter Deluxe cream is a product that can be used before, during, and after tattooing and PMU, plus it can also be used on non-treated skin as a daily moisturizer.

It’s certified vegan and cruelty-free, as well as petroleum, paraben, and phthalate free. It enhances healing with its healthy nutrients and can be used to prolong the freshly done look of your microblading, PMU, or tattoo!



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