How to Tattoo Freckles on Yourself – Safe Way to DIY Freckle Tattoos

By Emily M.| Last updated on March 28, 2023
How to Tattoo Freckles on Yourself - Safe Way to DIY Freckle Tattoos
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The freckled look is so in right now it seems everyone on the internet is trying to recreate the look of natural freckles! Many of us get a few freckles here and there when our skin gets tanned, some people are naturally blessed with freckles all year round, but those of us who just don’t get them, even during the summer, have to turn to faux freckles.

Dotting your face with a brow pencil works to a point, but if you really want to stick to the look and convince everyone your freckles are natural, you need something that doesn’t wash off.

Hence, the emergence of freckle tattoos! Professional freckle tattoos can look extremely natural if they’re done right, but that isn’t cheap, and it may not be something you want to spend all that cash on.

So, the natural next step is to wonder how to tattoo freckles on yourself! Let’s see if that’s possible and if it’s safe.

Why Would You Want to Tattoo Freckles on Yourself?

You probably saw images of perfectly freckled faces on Instagram, so natural-looking you were amazed to find out they’re actually freckle tattoos. You may have even come across people with their astrological constellations in the form of freckle clusters on their faces!

Those cute, neatly done examples are done by talented tattoo or permanent makeup artists who are trained and licensed to do permanent freckle tattoos. It took them years to perfect their (cosmetic) tattooing skills, so it’s no surprise that freckle tattoos can cost up to $350.

Not an insignificant sum, you’ll agree.

So in an attempt to save some money, people came up with a way how to tattoo freckles on yourself.

Why Would You Want to Tattoo Freckles on Yourself?Image source: Instagram @caroline.quirynen

How to Tattoo Freckles on Yourself

You can tattoo freckles on yourself with henna. Henna is a natural dye made from the leaves of the henna tree. It’s been used for centuries to create tattoos, especially in the Indian culture where it’s part of ancient rituals.

It’s a powerful dye that gets absorbed into the skin quickly and stains it for weeks. In the beauty industry, it found its use as a non-invasive alternative to brow tattoos, but also to create faux freckles.

Using henna to tattoo freckles on yourself is very easy. Here’s a walkthrough:

  • Buy henna in a light brown shade in any Indian store or online. Don’t get red or dark brows henna, because the results won’t look natural. Black henna is also a no-no (you don’t want black freckles, plus many people are allergic to it).
  • Patch test it. Rub a small amount of it in the crease of your elbow and wait 48 hours. If there’s no reaction, you can go through with freckle tattooing.
  • Clean your face.
  • Apply droplets of henna where you want your freckles to be. If you get a cone-shaped pack, you can apply it straight from the tube. Otherwise, use a blunt toothpick or a similar thin applicator.
  • Leave it on for about 20 minutes. Rub off a few drops and see how dark the color is. If you want it darker, let the henna sit longer.
  • Then remove it. The henna will dry, so you can gently scrape it off with a cotton pad, and then rinse your face with water.

And that’s it! Your henna freckles will last for about a week.

This may not be the permanent, forever tattoo you have in mind, but it’s the only option how to tattoo freckles on yourself.

How to Tattoo Freckles on YourselfImage source: YouTube Screenshot Micha

Wait, Can’t I Do an Actual Freckle Tattoo on Myself?

Absolutely not. You should never, under any circumstances try to do an actual, skin-breaking, body art tattoo on yourself.

If you are not a trained and licensed tattoo or permanent makeup artist, there is no way how to tattoo freckles on yourself safely. You can’t just get a tattoo gun or a PMU machine and freckle away. You risk doing so much damage:

  • Infection
  • Permanent scarring
  • Getting the color wrong
  • Getting the freckle placement wrong
  • Implementing the colors too deep and causing them to spread under the skin

Implementing pigments or inks into the skin is a serious thing. You have to be trained to do it safely and create attractive results.

What If I’m a Trained Tattoo/PMU Artist?

You still shouldn’t tattoo freckles on yourself. It’s very hard to determine the most attractive and natural-looking placement of the freckles on your own face. Get one of your PMU/tattoo artist buddies to do the treatment for you.

Okay, Then I Want to Get a Professional Freckle Tattoo. What Should I Know?

That’s the spirit! A professional artist will give you the freckles of your dreams, and you can even add some special shapes into the mix. Moons and hearts are very popular!

Professional freckle tattooing is done with either a PMU pen or a hand-held needle (the so-called stick-and-poke method). PMU pigments of natural origins are deposited into the skin, where they’ll stay for a couple of years, gradually fading into invisibility.

The tattooing is done over 2 sessions done 6-8 weeks apart, because the freckles lighten up 30-40% as they heal from the initial treatment, and the color needs to be built up a bit further to make them last.

It’s a relatively painless, quite safe treatment if done by a trained pro who knows what they’re doing.

For more information of professional freckle tattoos, head over to this guide.

Professional Freckle Tattoo - What Should I Know?Image source: Instagram @browhaus64

Final Note on How to Tattoo Freckles on Yourself

Henna is the only way to DIY freckle tattoos. We cannot stress enough how unsafe it is to try and do any type of actual tattoo on yourself, let alone one right on your face you cannot hide. Ever. We know every once in a while a DIY tattoo goes viral, but always bear in mind how many disasters probably happen that don’t get posted!

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