How to Remove Microblading Eyebrows at Home

How To Remove Microblading At Home? Is It Even Possible?
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All the amazing before and after pictures of microblading made you think it is just the treatment you needed, but somehow you ended up unsatisfied with your new brows. Microblading is a great treatment to enhance the look of your brows, but sometimes, things can go wrong, especially if you don’t choose a skilled and experienced artist.

Maybe the artist made a mistake or you had a change of heart and realized it’s just not what you wanted, so you decided to get them removed.

Before We Start…

Unless your brows are completely botched, our advice is to wait.


Well, you may be experiencing something called a brows shock, which a number of clients experience right after the treatment. They just need time to get used to their new look.

Another reason is that freshly microbladed brows will take their final look after 6 weeks when they are completely healed. So, yes, they will be too dark at first, then scabby and even too light after scabbing. But once they are healed, you will see the final results.

If you don’t like them after the healing period is over, here is how to remove microblading eyebrows at home.

So, How Can I Remove Microblading?

If you want to remove microblading completely, you will have to get it done by a professional.

In the first 48 hours after the treatment, it is possible to get an emergency removal, with saline or glycolic acid. If you wait longer than that, the healing period will already start, so you will have to wait for at least 6 weeks until it is over.

Then you can go for regular saline removal, glycolic acid removal, or laser removal (but only 6 months after the treatment).

However, all of these are pricey and require several sessions, so you are probably wondering how to remove microblading eyebrows at home.

Is Microblading Removal at Home Possible?

Microblading is a form of a brow tattoo, so removal is not easy. If the pigment is too saturated, even the most effective methods will not remove it completely. So, microblading removal at home is more of a fading, than the actual removal.

So, you can make your microblading lighter and in some cases almost invisible, but if it is completely botched and too saturated, you should ask for professional help.

So, How to Remove Microblading Eyebrows at Home?

The better question would be: how to fade microblading at home. Here are some things that usually work.

Ignore Aftercare

The microblading aftercare tips are strict rules you need to follow so that your microblading treatment is successful.

So for example, you shouldn’t expose your brows to too much water. Do exactly the opposite to speed up the microblading fading process! Go swimming, go jogging, hit the sauna.

Be careful though! Your skin is prone to infections, so clean your brows regularly. Don’t pick the scab during the peeling stage! You can risk scarring.

Use Skincare Products that Speed Up Fading

Some ingredients in skincare products will speed up the fading process. That is why microblading artists advise against them before and after the treatment.

Retinol, vitamin C and E, AHAs, BHAs, and other exfoliants will make your brows look lighter after some time. However, this process is slow.

For more detailed information on the effects of skincare on PMU results, check out our mini-guide through the dos and don’ts of skincare after microblading.

Use Skincare Products that Speed Up Microblading FadingImage source: Pexels

Use Salt to Fade Microblading

Saline solution is what removal technicians use, but they need to open the skin first to insert the solution, which then forms the scabs that pull out the pigment.

Obviously, you can’t do that at home, but you can do a surface peel. Just mix salt with a drop of water and rub the treated area. It combines exfoliation with the property of sodium chloride to draw the pigments out of the skin, diminishing the visibility of the results.

Some people say this is one of the most effective ways how to remove microblading at home.

Hydrogen Peroxide Paste to Remove Microblading

Using the mixture of baking soda and 3% hydrogen peroxide to fade microblading is not very pleasant, but it is said to be pretty effective. Mix the ingredients and let the paste sit for five minutes. It may burn and sting, but you will notice your eyebrows have faded significantly..

It should be used within the first 72 hours after the treatment, to see the results. Be careful if you have sensitive skin – there is a risk of infection.

Some clients who wanted to fade their microblading report that they used a whitening toothpaste in the first 72 hours after the microblading treatment and that it worked. You should do this with caution, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Hydrogen Peroxide Paste to Remove MicrobladingImage source: Pexels

Microblading Removal Creams

There are no effective microblading removal creams on the market at the moment.

Some of them may fade your microblading, but no more than any other topical solution. On top of that, some of them are unregulated, and these products could contain skin-bleaching ingredients that can cause lighter patches to emerge on the skin surrounding the area, which can be permanent.

So, if you are desperate to try microblading removal creams, check out the ingredients and contact a dermatologist to make sure they are safe.


As you can tell from this article, there are no effective ways how to remove microblading eyebrows at home effectively and completely. You can fade it to some extent, which may be just what you need. Just make sure the products you use are safe and you do the fading properly, to avoid getting an infection.

Cover image source: Pexels



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