How to Make Henna Brows Last Longer – Tips and Tricks

By Emily M.| Last updated on June 22, 2022
how to make henna brows last longer
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Henna brows are great. They’re a 100% non-invasive, natural way to enhance your brows, no pain, no blades, no lengthy appointments. They’re super affordable and you can do them yourself just fine.

The only downside – they don’t really last for very long. So if there’s a way how to make henna brows last longer, we’re sure you’d love to hear it! Let’s investigate.

How Long Do Henna Brows Last?

The shade which henna leaves on the skin underneath the brows can potentially last up to 10 days, but in reality, it fades faster if it’s not maintained properly. The brow hairs stay tinted for longer – about 5 weeks, depending on how long your brow regrowth cycle lasts.

If you get henna brows done and just go about your normal skincare routine, chances are the results won’t stay very prominent for long. The hairs will stay tinted, but they may go lighter after a couple of weeks.

This is fine if it’s in line with your expectations and want 100% no-maintenance brows and don’t mind re-tinting them frequently. But if you want to get the most out of your henna brows, keep reading to find out how to make henna brows last longer.

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Is There a Way How to Make Henna Brows Last Longer?

Yes and no. It’s possible to make slight adjustments to your skincare routine and your lifestyle to keep your henna brows looking prominent for as long as possible and take advantage of their full potential, but there’s virtually no way to extend their longevity outside of their expectancy.

To put it simply, you can make sure the results last out as long as they’re supposed to by adhering to the following instructions:

What to Do

To make sure your henna brows last as long as possible, stick to aftercare instructions as closely as possible, adjust your skincare and makeup routine, and try our additional tricks – some of them may sound ridiculous or extreme, but you want to do everything you can to make your henna brows last longer, right?

Keep them Completely Dry for 48 Hours

While this is the most basic rule of henna brows aftercare, sometimes people don’t take it seriously, thinking, what possible damage could just plain old water do to what is essentially a temporary tattoo.

Well, it can do a lot of damage actually. Henna needs some time to settle into the skin, so no washing the area, no swimming, no jacuzzis, ideally for 48 hours. If you’re taking a shower, be careful not to get any droplets on your brows. Clean your face with damp cotton pads, avoiding the brows.

Sweating is also getting your brows wet, so try to avoid that as much as possible. No exercise or other strenuous activities (if you can avoid them). Exposing yourself to heat and sunlight can make you sweat even if you’re not doing anything so try to avoid that if you have any control over it.

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Avoid Steam for 48 Hours

Yes, exposure to steam also counts as getting your brows wet. In fact, it’s worse! Steam is water in the form of gas, and as such it can get right into your pores and wash out the henna from within them.

So, no hot shower and it’s best to avoid cooking. Okay, not all cooking activities produce steam, but if they produce any kind of heat that will cause you to sweat, skip it and just get takeout. But nothing too spicy! Again – sweat alert.

Avoid Sunlight

Sun radiation fades colors in general, so if you expose your henna brows to it often and for long stretches of time, your brow hairs may lighten a bit.

Don’t Touch Your Brows

Touching your brows with fingers, pressing a towel against them, and basically any kind of contact can physically remove pigmented skin cells and make the shadow fade. Try to avoid touching your henna brows unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Avoid Applying Makeup Around the Brows

If you apply makeup close to your henna brows, there are several factors here that could make the shadow fade from your skin faster.

First, the act of applying makeup can take away tinted cells. There’s the question of how the formula of the makeup will react with the henna. And finally, any makeup you apply to your face has to be removed from it at some point, and harsh cleansers in combination with the act of rubbing a cotton pad or whatever you use can wipe the tint from your skin.

Of course, this won’t happen in one go but it can contribute to premature fading or patchiness.

Rethink Your Skincare

Most of us use skincare that has at least some anti-aging or brightening ingredients. These accelerate skin cell turnover, and if they reach the skin of the brows, tinted skin cells will be replaced with non-tinted ones faster.

Additionally, brightening ingredients may lighten the shade of the brow hairs slightly.

Switch to something light and natural, or avoid the brow area.

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Absolutely No Oils on or Around Your Brows

Oils remove henna from the skin, so avoid getting them on or around the brows. If your skincare is oil-based, switch it to something that’s not. Makeup often contains oils, so check the ingredients of your foundation, although it would be better to totally avoid makeup around the area.

Blot the Skin Around the Brows from Time to Time

Our skin produces oils which are necessary for keeping it hydrated and protected. However, these oils affect the henna on your skin and make the shadow fade prematurely.

A way to slightly diminish the exposure of your henna brows to sebum, you can get a pack of blotting paper and blot the area around your brows a few times throughout the day. This will remove the oils the skin on your forehead produces and stop it from migrating into your brows (you don’t see or feel this, but gravity does its thing and liquids naturally seep downwards).

Don’t blot your brows directly – this can damage the shadow more than letting the sebum the skin under the brows produces sit there.

This might make a difference if your skin is really oily. If it’s on the drier side and doesn’t produce that much sebum, you can skip this.

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Get Henna Tints Regularly

One interesting thing brow techs reveal is that clients who get their brows tinted with henna regularly and consistently have the henna shadow last on their skin longer. After a series of henna tints spaced out every month or so, the shadow will gradually get to 2+ weeks of longevity.

That said, don’t overdo it.

If you get henna tints too frequently, your skin may get overly dried out, start reacting to it and you can develop allergies. Plus, while occasional henna makes the hairs of your brows stronger, too much of it can go in the opposite direction and cause them to become fragile and in the most extreme cases, lead to brow hair loss.

Drink Enough Water

We know this sounds totally unrelated to your brow treatment, but hear us out. Drinking a lot of water prevents your skin from getting dehydrated. Dehydrated skin sheds. If your brows start shedding, the tint will fade fast. Therefore, lots of water is one of the ways how to make henna brows last longer!


Be aware that henna brows are a temporary treatment that has an expiration date. Even if you decide to try all of our tricks, don’t expect a significant prolongation. They’ll just help your henna brows reach their full potential.

Final Word

Obviously, getting a treatment like henna brows is supposed to make your life easier, not more complicated. So if you find that following all of our instructions is restricting, overwhelming, or just plain annoying, getting a few additional days of vivid henna brows may not be worth it. Strive for balance!

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