How to Get Rid of Microblading Immediately After and Years Later

By Katarina V.| Last updated on May 26, 2022
How to Get Rid of Microblading Immediately After and Years Later
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So you loved your freshly microbladed brows for a while, but when they started fading, after a year or two, they started looking unattractive and you’re tired of covering up the pigment residues and filling in the missing spots with makeup.

Or you want some other PMU treatment done, but don’t know how to get rid of microblading. The shadow and pigment residues are so persistent! It’s said that microblading will fade completely after 2 years, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, microblading stays for years!

Also, people sometimes look for how to get rid of microblading immediately after the procedure. This is the case when the microblading is botched or they are just not satisfied with how it turned out.

So, let’s see what you can do if you are not satisfied either with your freshly done microblading or just want to get rid of the old one.

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So, How To Get Rid of Microblading?

Since microblading is basically a tattoo, getting rid of it is not that easy. You can not just rub your brows and make it disappear. It is inside your skin, and you need to go about it with caution.

Now, we are going to discuss two cases in which someone would want to get rid of microblading. The first one is immediately after the procedure or in the weeks while the tattoo is still fresh, and the other one is when the microblading is months, maybe even a couple of years old and it just won’t go away.

Situation 1: How To Get Rid of Microblading Immediately After the Treatment?

If you regret getting your brows microbladed and you just don’t like how they turned out, here is what you can do:

  • If they are too dark, you can try fading them. That doesn’t mean you will manage to remove microblading completely, but they may appear lighter and maybe that is the color you would like more. One of the options is using retinol. Read this article to find out how to fade microblading with retinol: Can I Use Retinol to Fade Microblading?
  • You can also use hydrogen peroxide paste to get rid of microblading – it can be risky but some people claim that it helps. Read more about that here: Can I Use Hydrogen Peroxide Paste to Remove Microblading?
  • Some also advise rubbing your eyebrows with salt while they are still fresh. Be careful with all the DIY removal options, especially if you have sensitive skin – you risk developing an infection.
  • Ignoring aftercare is also an effective way to get rid of microblading. Unless your microblading is too saturated, exposing your eyebrows to sun, water, going swimming, to saunas, doing exercises with excessive sweating can ruin the whole process of microblading. Just be careful not to get your brows infected.
  • Emergency removal – usually done if the treatment is completely botched. It can be done with saline or glycolic acid removal. It needs to be done within the first 48 hours after the treatment, before the skin starts healing.

Extra tip

If your eyebrows are done properly but you just don’t like the new look, you shouldn’t go for the removal or try to fade them immediately. Brow shock is very common and it is a term artists use when clients find it hard to get used to their new look. If you are not satisfied with your brows even after a couple of weeks, then you can look for removal options.

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Situation 2: How to Get Rid of Microblading After a Couple of Years?

Microblading is advertised as a semi-permanent treatment that will completely disappear if not touched up. It is true that it should go away after 18-24 months, but no one can guarantee that it will go away completely. It depends on many factors, but mostly on your skin type – every skin is different and retains pigment differently. Sometimes, the shadow is visible even after 5 years or more!

Here is how to get rid of microblading after a couple of years:

  • Again, retinol and hydrogen peroxide paste can help, but it also depends on how saturated the pigment is. They can fade it a bit more, which can be just what you need.
  • If you are really looking for how to get rid of microblading, the best option is to go for professional removal. After 2 and more years, your eyebrows should have faded to a great extent, so you probably won’t need too many sessions. You can go for:
    Laser removal
    Saline removal
    Glycolic acid removal
    All of these removal treatments are not cheap but are the most effective ways to get rid of an old or unwanted tattoo or permanent makeup.

To Wrap It Up

Microblading is a form of tattoo. Even though different pigments are used, it is still under your skin, and removing it requires time and patience. You can try removing it at home but currently, there are no products that are completely effective, so a professional removal may be the only option.

Find out more about microblading removal here: Microblading Removal: When and How to Do It?

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