How to Choose Lash Lift Pad Size for Each Client

By Emily M.| Last updated on May 14, 2024
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Lash lifts a.k.a. lash perms are a quick, easy, popular treatment that enhances your natural lashes and gives them a rich and luscious look. It’s often combined with a lash tint to achieve longer and darker lashes without mascara or curler.

The question is, how to choose lash lift pad size that suits your client? Everyone’s lashes are unique, so if you choose the wrong rod for the treatment, your client’s lashes might turn out too curly.

PMUHub prepared this guide on how to choose the right rod for lash lift treatments that will give you the best results with each client.

How to Choose the Right Rod for Lash Lift

When deciding which lash lift pad to use, you primarily have to consider the size of the rod relative to the length of your client’s natural lashes. Here’s how to choose rod size for lash lift that will fit each client perfectly.

Consider Your Client’s Lash Length

Natural lash length is your first indicator of which eyelash lift pad to use. In most people, the average length of natural eyelashes is around 10-12 mm. Of course, some people will have shorter or longer lashes.

Longer eyelashes require a larger curling rod. Shorter eyelashes do better with smaller rods.

If the client’s lashes are long but the rod is too small, they’ll end up with too intense of a curl.

If the rod is too large for their comparatively short lashes, they’ll end up with a barely visible curl or no curling at all.

Remember that lash length will vary on the eyes of an individual client. The eyelashes in the inner eye corner are the shortest. The middle lashes are the longest.

Those in the outer corner of the eye are shorter than the middle lashes, but longer than the one in the inner corner. Generally speaking, the longest eyelashes are distributed from the middle point to the outer third of the lash line.

how to choose the right rod for lash lift
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Consider Your Client’s Lash Thickness

Lash thickness refers to the diameter of each individual lash. It plays a key role in eyelash volume pre- and post-curling. In general, the thicker the lash, the stronger it is.

Stronger lashes require longer processing time, but you need to be really careful when playing around with this.

Keep in mind that lash thickness also varies on the eyes of an individual client. The eyelashes closest to the inner corner of the eye are the thinnest and weakest. The middle ones are the thickest and strongest.

Eyelashes in the outer corner are again thinner and weaker, but still stronger and thicker than those in the inner corner of the eye.

consider your client's lash thicknessImage source: Freepik

Consider Your Client’s Natural Lash Curl

Everyone’s lashes have a different natural silhouette. The degree to which they naturally curl will factor into the final result of the eyelash perming treatment.

On a client with straighter lashes, even a bigger rod will give a visible curl. But naturally straighter lashes are better suited to mild, subtle curling treatments, as this looks more natural on the client.

Lashes that are naturally quite curled will need a more intense treatment to have a noticeable result – they might need a smaller rod to reshape them.

It’s important to note that everyone’s eyelashes curve to some degree, even if it’s not noticeable to the naked eye.

A person’s natural lash curl is set by the same cells that determine whether their hair is straight or curly. Straight-haired people are likely to have straighter-looking lashes, while curly-haired people will have lashes with a more dramatic bend.

consider your client's natural lash curl when when thinking on How to Choose Lash Lift Pad Size
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Consider the Desired Result

Depending on the characteristics of the natural lashes and the treatment itself, you can achieve a lash curl that looks natural and subtle, or an intense result that has a much more dramatic effect.

Consult with your client to determine exactly what they want to achieve with their lash lift. Most clients would probably opt for a natural-looking lift that they can wear in everyday scenarios.

However, someone may want an intense, dramatic curl for a special occasion. In that case, make sure your client understands how long their eyelash lift will last before you proceed with the treatment.

Recommended Lash Lift Rod Kits

Eyelash lifting rods are one of the most important supplies you can have in your salon. It’s important to keep different sizes in stock at all times.

You need to be readily equipped for every client who comes in for a lash perm, no matter their natural lash curl, thickness, and length.

Here’s a list of lash rod kits you can get on Amazon:

Boao Lash Lift Kit

This kit comes with 44 distinct curling rods in 6 different sizes, and in various shapes that allow for different curling styles. It also includes flower-shaped pads in 3 sizes, 12 eye gel patches and 2 Y-shaped brushes, so you’re all set unless you insist on some specific auxiliaries.

Each piece is made of durable silicone, non-toxic and odor-free.

JASSINS Lash Lift Rods

This kit brings you 40 pieces of curler rods in 5 different sizes, as well as 4 Y-shaped lash brushes. The lash lift rods in this kit are specially shaped to fit all different eye shapes. They’re made of skin-friendly silicone, as well as reusable and easy to sanitize.

Liber Beauty Eyelash Lift Pads

These lash lift pads stand out because they’re made, not of standard silicone, but of inorganic silica gel. This makes them softer, more comfortable, and much safer for clients prone to allergies.

The kit features 6 pad sizes, fits all eye shapes, and is reusable with cleaning. It’s also very beginner-friendly, so it’s ideal for artists who are just building their career.

Chumia Eyelash Perm Kit

The Chumia kit is more abundant than its competitors, featuring 52 pieces total: 50 pads and 2 perming picks. They come in 5 assorted sizes and are suitable for most eye shapes.

The curling rods themselves are made of silicone, and the perming picks are of stainless steel. This makes the kit as a whole practical, sturdy, easy to maintain, and long-term durable.

A Note on DIY Lash Lifts

If you’re more into DIY-ing your beauty routine and prefer to do your lash lift at home, you might be wondering how to choose lash lift pad size by yourself.

Basically, you should be looking into all the factors mentioned above. Since many DIY lash lift kits come with rods in several sizes, you might not get it right the first time, but the worst thing that could happen is you just don’t like the results that much.

If your lashes turn out too curly, here’s how you can relax them a bit. If they don’t curl enough, just use a smaller rod next time, but don’t repeat the treatment before you give your lashes about 6 weeks to recover, or you risk drying them out.

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