How Much Does PMU Cost? Average Prices of Each Treatment

By Emily M.| Last updated on July 14, 2022
How Much Does PMU Cost
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The permanent makeup trend has changed the beauty industry in a big way. Instead of searching for that long-lasting miracle of a waterproof eyeliner doesn’t smudge, try opting for a permanent version that lasts for years (yes, you read that right!).

Investing in permanent makeup like eyebrow microblading or lip tattooing can significantly reduce your monthly expenses makeup products as well as wasteful removers like wipes, cotton pads, etc.

So, now that you know all the benefits that permanent makeup has to offer, you’re probably wondering how much does permanent makeup cost? Scroll down to discover the average price of your desired treatment.

How Much Does PMU Cost on Average?

Here is how much does permanent makeup cost based on PMUHub’s thorough market research:

Average Microblading Cost

The average microblading treatment is priced at around $600, but prices may vary depending on the location, popularity, and experience of your microblading artist.

A microblading procedure, however, is more than a simple, one-time visit. Microblading requires 2 visits, both of which are equally important for long-lasting results.

So how much does it cost to get your eyebrows microblading is not an easy question to answer, especially with future touch-ups in mind. The first mandatory touch-up is done 6-8 weeks after the procedure, with the cost varying between 20%-40% of the initial treatment.

Once your brows start fading, you can refresh them with additional touch ups, which can cost 50%-100% of the full treatment price, depending on how much the pigment has faded.

average microblading costImage source: Instagram @busratekelbeauty

Average Ombre Powder Brows Cost

The cost of powder brows can range anywhere from $400 to $800. Similar to microblading, the location, experience and popularity of your technician dictate the price of this treatment.

Powder brow treatments require 2 visits, with the first visit being the initial treatment itself, and the second being a mandatory touch-up appointment. The first touch-up is done 6-8 weeks after the procedure and it costs 20%-40% of the initial treatment.

After the first touch up, you can get further treatment to refresh the brows as they start fading. These appointments are priced at about $100 if done in the first year of the initial procedure, but be wary of time passed, since the price increases as more work needs to be done and most artists charge this refresher the same as the initial procedure.

average ombre powder brows costImage source: Instagram @courtney_stevens_pmu

Average Microshading Cost

Microshading falls in the same category price-wise as microblading and powder brows. Generally, the price depends on your salon and location, varying between $350-$500 in smaller cities, and upwards of $1,000 in places like New York City.

The average microshading procedure cost is very similar to the average price of other brow PMU treatments – about $600 – and depends on the same previously mentioned factors: location, popularity and experience of the artist performing this treatment.

However, if your chosen microshading artist performs other PMU brow treatments, chances are that microshading can be pricier than microblading, for example, because it usually implies some extra machine work.

average microshading costImage source: Instagram @viper.pmu

Average Nano Brows Cost

According to PMUHub’s research, the nano brows treatment is priced at about $660.

The pricing may vary depending on location, popularity of the salon and your artist’s level of expertise.

Nano brows are a more complex PMU treatment than microblading, hence the slightly higher price tag. For both techniques, annual maintenance appointments and touch-ups are a must and are generally charged at a reduced rate – about 40% or the initial price if you don’t let your brows fade away completely.

average nano brows costImage source: Instagram @yh_beauty_ri

Average Feather Brows Price

Microfeathering is a pattern of microblading, which means it is priced mostly the same, but prices may vary depending on your artist’s location, popularity and expertise.

The average microfeathering treatment cost is somewhere around $600, but you can find artists who offer this treatment at a slightly lower price than traditional microblading, in case it’s meant to only fill in small gaps and sparse areas.

Alternatively, feather brows can be done using the nano brows technique, in which case the price will be in the nano brows price category – around $660 on average.

average feather brows priceImage source: Instagram @haiyen_beauty.brows

Average Permanent Eyeliner Cost

Eyeliner tattoos are one of the most popular PMU techniques in recent years. If you’re wondering how much does permanent eyeliner cost, PMUHub has got you covered!

Permanent eyeliner costs around $550, with prices varying from one individual salon to another.

Eyeliner tattoos can last from 3 to 5 years, however, touch-ups are recommended every two years or so. Touch-ups typically run for about half the cost of the initial tattoo, but it again varies on the condition of your permanent eyeliner.

average permanent eyeliner costImage source: Instagram @anisiapierantozzi

Average Lip Blush Cost

Permanent lip tattooing can give your lips a naturally fuller look at a fraction of the price you would pay for painful lip injections. If you’re wondering how much is lip tattooing and how much does lip blushing cost, you’re at the right place!

The average permanent lip color cost is around $590, with the price range for lip blushing starting at around $200. The price also depends on the style (lip liner is the least expensive), location, the popularity of a salon, the expertise of the artist, and the quality of the supplies used.

Some artists include the 1st touch-up in the initial price, others don’t, but the final price is more or less the same either way. As far as further touch ups go, a universal rule is that the more you let your lip tattoo fade, the more expensive the touch-up will be since there’s more work to be done.

average lip blushing costImage source: Instagram @artstudiopmu

Average Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

The price of scalp micropigmentation is determined by the size of the area treated.

Since prices vary from client to client, it is difficult to determine the average cost of this procedure.

The estimated price for covering mild balding is around $3,900 to $4,300, while the price for severe balding rises to $5,000 per treatment. The average cost of covering smaller patches or scar camouflage is around $2000.

average scalp micropigmentation costImage source: Instagram @scalptist

Prices of Semi-Permanent Brow Treatments

Although they’re not technically permanent makeup, let’s review the average costs of semi-permanent brow techniques: henna brows and brow lamination.

Average Henna Brows Cost

Henna brows are the most affordable PMU treatment with prices ranging from $20 up to $100. The average cost of henna brows is around $45, but that price varies if you opt for a brow shaping treatment as well. If you get a 2-in-1 treatment that includes both brow shaping and henna tinting, the price is higher than getting the henna tint on its own.

Different brow shaping techniques are charged at different prices. Threading is usually the most expensive since it’s the most complex method while regular tweezing is the most affordable option.

henna brows average costImage source: Instagram 

Average Brow Lamination Cost

The brow lamination treatment can cost anywhere between $50 and $150 per session, with the average price in the United States being around $85. Compared to PMU brow procedures, brow lamination is considerably cheaper because the process involves less time and affordable materials.

Similar to other previously mentioned techniques, the general rule of thumb is, that the more popular and experienced your artist is, the higher the price of your chosen treatment will be, and brow lamination is no exception.

average brow lamination costImage source: Instagram @getbrowd.gc

So, How Much Does Permanent Makeup Cost?

If you opt for microblading, you will have to pay somewhere between $250 and $2000.

Other eyebrow permanent makeup treatments cost about the same as microblading, so for ombre powder brows the average price is somewhere around $600, while nano brows cost almost the same.

The average price of lip tattooing is $590, and for PMU eyeliner the average cost is around $500. The benchmark price for scalp micropigmentation is around $3,000 in the USA.

For more in-depth information on your chosen PMU treatment click here.

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