How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Eyebrows Tattooed?

By Emily M.| Last updated on May 19, 2022
How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Eyebrows Tattooed?
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Tattooed eyebrows are a lifesaver for anyone who is tired of filling in their brows every morning, trying to make them look natural and even, and to compliment their face.

With an eyebrow tattoo, not only do you get smudge- and water-proof eyebrows, but the eyebrows tattoo artist also chooses the shape and style that suits your face perfectly, making it look younger and rested.

But one of the first questions about this treatment is how much does it cost to get your eyebrows tattooed?

Let’s find out.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Eyebrows Tattooed on Average?

The average price of a brow tattoo is around $600 in the US.

Of course, there are artists and salons that charge significantly less. This is usually the case if they are just starting out or if they have a promotional period to attract more clients.

Certified, licensed artists with years of experience hardly ever charge under $600.

As you probably know, there are different eyebrow tattoo styles to choose from, depending on whether you want hair stroke brows, powder effect brows, or a combination of the two. So, let’s discuss the prices of each brow style.


Microblading is one of the most popular treatments for achieving hair stroke brows. It’s done with a manual tool that is dragged through the skin to create incisions that are filled with pigments.

The average price of microblading is $600. The price varies by location as well as other factors. Beginners usually charge somewhere between $200 and $300, while the most exclusive salons’ prices go over $1000.

When it comes to the first touch up, which is a mandatory part of the treatment, some artists include it in the initial price, while others charge separately. It usually costs around 30% of the treatment price.

Check out the average microblading prices in major US cities here.

The Average Price of MicrobladingImage source: Instagram @yaiza__gonzalez

Powder Brows

Unlike microblading, powder brows are done with a machine and give a soft, makeup look. They look very trendy, especially the ombre pattern, which has a lighter front of the brows, and darker tail.

The average price of ombre powder brows is also around $600. This treatment also requires a touch up, that some artists include in the price while others don’t. The average first touch up price is $100-$200.

Other touch ups, or color boost appointments will cost more, depending on how faded the brows are and how much work needs to be done.

Check out the average powder brows prices in major US cities here.

The Average Price of Ombre Powder BrowsImage source: Instagram @wowbrow.official

Nano Brows

Nano brows give very similar effects as microblading – natural-looking, hair-stroke eyebrows. The only difference is that they are done with a machine instead of a manual blade, and tend to last longer.

The average price of nano brows is a little bit higher than microblading – it’s $660.

You can find the average nano brows prices in major US cities here.

The Average Price of Nano BrowsImage source: Instagram @permanentbeautybylili

Combo Brows

A combination of microblading hair strokes to which some shading is added is called combo brows. This style is getting more and more popular since it’s suitable for most skin types.

Combo brows price is also around $600 on average.

The Average Price of Combo BrowsImage source: Instagram @phibrows_juancordero

Are There Any Additional Expenses?

As said above, some artists will charge the touch up session separately, while others will include it in the price of the initial treatment.

Since contemporary eyebrow tattoo starts fading after some time if you want to prolong the effects you will need to have color boosts. They are usually done 18-24 months after the initial treatment, depending on the style.

For example, microblading usually needs a touch up after 12-18 months, and powder brows after 18-24 months. This is just the average – for instance, people with oily skin will probably need to touch up their brow tattoo much sooner.

The price of the color boost appointments depends on how much time has passed after the first treatment and how faded the brows are. The more time passes, the higher the price will be.

Besides regular maintenance costs, there are no other expenses. Your eyebrow tattoo will require certain aftercare after it’s done, but most artists give out complimentary aftercare kits with all the products you need during healing.

Does Getting an Eyebrow Tattoo Pay Off?


Okay, when you compare the price of eyebrow makeup to eyebrow tattoos, getting a tattoo is much more expensive. But even though it doesn’t seem like it saves you money, it does save you time. You no longer have to do your brows in the morning.

And, what’s best, they look much better than when you do them on your own.

Also, you still have your brows after a workout, swimming, washing your face. They definitely improve your look and give you much more confidence.

To Sum Up

So, the answer to the question how much does it cost to get your eyebrows tattooed is around $600. However, this depends on your location. Check out some of the renowned salons in your area and compare their pricing. Don’t automatically go for much lower prices than those – research the artist carefully.

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