How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?
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The popularity of permanent makeup seems to be growing and there are many reasons for that. Women got tired of applying makeup daily. It is time-consuming, requires some skills and precision and it usually wears off until the end of the day.

Therefore, they decided to turn to microblading eyebrows, permanent lipstick, lash extensions and other popular treatments that can make them look effortlessly pretty even when they go shopping.

How Long Do Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments Last?

Even though these treatments are called “permanent”, none of them last forever. New techniques have emerged several years ago, giving these treatments an updated version and name that seems to be way more suitable – semi-permanent makeup, if the effects are to be considered. Some of them last for more than ten years, while the others last for just 2 years.

There are many factors that affect the longevity of a treatment, and we are giving you summed-up effects of each permanent and semi-permanent treatment in the table below.



Microblading eyebrows

1.5-2 years

Ombre powder brows

1.5-3 years


1-3 years

Feather eyebrows

8-12 months

Henna Brows

2-4 weeks

Nano brows

1-3 years

Permanent eyeliner

1-3 years

Permanent lipstick

3-5 years

Lash lift

6-8 weeks

Lash extensions

6-8 weeks

Freckle tattoos

2-3 years

Scalp micropigmentation

4-6 years

Permanent under-eye concealer

3-5 years

Nipple and areola tattoo

3-5 years

Note: The table shows the longevity of different permanent makeup treatments. Bear in mind that they can be prolonged with regular touch ups and proper care.

Permanent eyebrows

There are different techniques for eyebrows permanent makeup. Those that are called permanent are tattooed brows, and they last for many years. They are a bit outdated and replaced with more sophisticated treatments that provide a natural look.

Microblading and its variations such as microshading, powder brows and feather brows include inserting pigment into the skin but not as deep as it was done with tattooed eyebrows. Therefore, they are only semi-permanent, and they last up to three years, depending on different factors.

Here are some things that affect the longevity of your brow permanent makeup:

  • touch-up frequency – if you freshen up your microbladed brows often enough, they will last longer
  • skin type – the pigment is likely to fade more quickly with people with oily skin
  • lifestyle – if you sweat every day and your skin is often exposed to the sun, it will speed fading up
  • skincare routine –  some cosmetic products contain ingredients that might speed fading up

Permanent eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is a very popular procedure, especially with women who like wearing makeup every day. It draws attention to your eyes without the struggle of having to precisely apply it every morning. Permanent eyeliner lasts from one to three years. The ink is not injected so deep into the skin and the color normally fades away.

The speed of fading depends on your skin type and lifestyle, as well as the skin products you use. Also, the quality of the ink affects the longevity of your permanent eyeliner.

Permanent lipstick

The semi permanent lip tattoo is a great way to enhance your lips without the hassle of makeup. It comes in a variety of styles, and gives long-lasting results. Permanent lipstick lasts 3-5 years, but with regular touch ups it can last up to 10 years.

Lash lift and lash extensions

Lash extensions and lash lift are the treatments popular among women who want to add a more dramatic look to their eyes, and mascara is just not enough. Since the new lashes grow and replace the old ones, the last lift disappears, while lash extensions need infills.

Freckle tattoos

One of the newest trends, freckle tattoos means inserting pigment into your nose and cheeks. The result is sun-kissed skin. These fake freckles last up to three years. However, things such as smoking, exposure to the sun, sweating or chemical peelings will make the freckles disappear faster.

Corrective permanent makeup

Besides permanent makeup treatments which purpose is to make a person look prettier, there are those that correct some imperfections. For example, scalp micropigmentation is a great way to cover up baldness. It is the most similar to a tattoo, and it lasts from 4 to 6 years when it starts fading, so a touch up is required.

Permanent under-eye concealer is a brand new treatment that helps you cover up dark circles around your eyes. It is said to be permanent, but the longevity depends on the quality of the products used and the artist’s skills.

For people who have had a mastectomy, there is nipple and areola tattooing, which is also permanent if done right and with quality ink.

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