How Long Does Microblading Take to Heal? All Healing Stages Explained

By Katarina V.| Last updated on December 6, 2022
How Long Does Microblading Take to Heal
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When you look at the microblading before and after photos, you get to see amazing transformations and outstanding results. Then you decide to get microblading, expecting that you will leave the microblading salon with brand new, perfectly shaped eyebrows.

But the next day, your eyebrows look nothing as they did after the treatment. They actually start the healing process!

Microblading takes up to 6 weeks to heal completely, but it is individual because everybody heals differently. If you don’t know anything about microblading healing, it is time to get informed and find out how long does microblading take to heal.

What is Microblading Healing Process?

Microblading is a form of a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. It is done with a manual blade that makes incisions on the skin and fills them with pigment, to create natural-looking, hair-stroke brows.

So, after the treatment, your microblading is an open wound that will take some time to heal. While healing, it will go through several stages, which are going to be explained further in the text.

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How Long Does Microblading Take to Heal?

Microblading healing process lasts up to 6 weeks, on average. The surface will probably heal after 2-3 weeks, but it takes up to 6 weeks for color to set and the hair strokes to be revealed.

Everybody’s skin heals differently and some people will notice that their eyebrows are healed much sooner, while others will go through the healing process for the full 6 weeks.

During this period, your eyebrows will go through different stages of the healing process. Here is what to expect.

Stages of Microblading Healing Proces

Stage 1 – Dark Stage

Your eyebrows will appear too dark the next day after the treatment and that will last for up to 5 days. You may be unsatisfied with the color, but don’t worry – your eyebrows will fade 30-50% when the healing process is over.

Stage 2 – Scabbing Stage

The scabbing stage is the most annoying one. It usually starts 5 days after the treatment and lasts up to 7 days. During this period, you will notice flakes and scabs that will also take some pigments. It is important not to touch the scabs and let them fall off on their own.

Some people experience mild flaking, or no flaking at all, while others have to deal with heavier scabbing. Make sure you follow the aftercare tips advised by your microblading artist, and apply the ointment if the artist prescribed so.

NOTE: If you experience heavy scabbing or inflammation, or if your eyebrows scab for more than 10 days, contact your artist.

Stage 3 – Light Stage

After all the scabs fall off, your eyebrows will look too light, and some people even claim that their microblading completely disappeared after scabbing. This is a normal part of the healing process – the pigment will reappear, and you will see the results of microblading, but it is not final. The real results are seen after 6 weeks.

Stage 4 – The Pigments Reappears

Your microbladed eyebrows are taking their final shape and after 6 weeks you will see real results.

Stages of Microblading Healing Process

It’s Touch Up Time

A touch up is scheduled 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment. That is when the microblading artist can tell how your eyebrows healed, and if the retention is good. If there is a need for more hair strokes and filling in the patchy sports, the touch up is there to fix that.

How To Make Your Microblading Heal Properly

Proper aftercare is the most important for the success of microblading. If you don’t follow the aftercare tips, you can get bad results, you can ruin the whole thing and even face some complications, such as getting an infection.

So follow the aftercare tips, which means that you should avoid getting your brows wet, mustn’t wear makeup after the treatment, mustn’t go swimming, exercising or to a sauna.

To keep your freshly microbladed eyebrows clean, blot the lymph 2-3 times on the first day and wash them starting day 2. To learn how and how often you should wash your brows read this article.

For all the tips about the aftercare routine, read this Guide.


You can get the picture of what your eyebrows will look like after 3 weeks, but wait the full 6 weeks to judge the results. The healing process is an emotional roller coaster and requires a strict aftercare routine, but once it’s over, you are set with the brows you have dreamt of.

If you want to learn more about microblading healing, check out this Guide.

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