How Long Does a Lash Lift and Tint Take On Average?

By Emily M.| Last updated on July 14, 2022
How long is a lash lift and tint appointment
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When it comes to lash enhancement, the combination of the lash lift and tint is by far the most sought-after method. A lash lift is a semi-permanent procedure that enhances your natural lashes by making them appear longer and more defined.

Combined with a lash tint, your newly curled and lifted lashes look darker and you no longer have to rely on your favorite mascara to do all the work.

Keep reading to discover how long does a lash lift and tint take if you’re doing it at home versus doing it at the salon.

So, How Long Does the Treatment Take?

A lash lift appointment usually takes 45 minutes to an hour, and if you’re getting your lashes tinted as well, that will be an additional 15 minutes or so.

Of course, there can be variations, but if you’re getting a professional treatment, they won’t keep you for longer than about an hour. If you’re DIY-ing it, you may need some extra time, especially if it’s your first try.

What Does a Lash Lift and Tint Procedure Look Like?

The lash lift and tint is a relatively quick and easy process. Here’s a step-by-step look at the procedure:

Step 1 – Consultation and Prep

The lash lift procedure starts off with a consultation with your technician which involves questions about allergies and what kind of lash lift effect you are going for (ex. a softer curl or a more dramatic look).

During the consultation, your artist will start to gently clean your lashes and rid them of makeup residue and sebum.

This is a very important step since the lash lifting chemicals won’t work properly on an uneven surface.

Step 2 – Placing the Eye Protection and Shaping Rod

During this step, your artist will ask you to close your eyes and keep them closed until the procedure is completed.

Cotton or silicone pads will be placed as protection on your lower eyelids.

Curved silicone pads will then be glued onto your upper eyelids directly above the lash line. The size of these curved pads or rods will determine the intensity of the final curl.

Step 3 – Gluing Down the Lashes

A bonding solution will be applied to your lashes. The lashes will be brushed over and glued onto the curved silicone rod.

Step 4 – Applying the Perming Solution

Your artist will use a brush to cover your lash hairs with a coat of the perming solution.
The perming solution is then left for around ten minutes.

This will soften the lashes and straighten them, making them easier to curl and model into the desired shape.

How long does a lash lift and tint takeImage source: Instagram @beautyboxspraytanning

Step 5 – Applying the Neutralizing Solution

Once the perming solution is removed, the next step is to apply the neutralizing solution.

Your technician will use a brush to apply a coat of the neutralizing solution to your lashes, leaving it on for about 10 minutes.

This step plays an important role in setting the lashes correctly into the desired shape.

Step 6 – Cleaning Off the Chemicals

Your artist will use cotton pads and swabs to clean off the neutralizing solution and remove the silicone pad. After the cleaning process, you can finally open your eyes.

This is the last step of the lash lift procedure. If you’re getting a lash tint done, then move on down to Step 7.

Step 7 – Lash Tinting (Optional)

During this step, your lashes will be covered with a lash tinting solution in a slightly darker shade than your natural lashes. The tint will be left on for about 20 minutes, so it can prolong how long does a lash lift and tint take.

After this step, the tint is removed using cotton pads and swabs and you can finally open your eyes to see the results!

Find out how long the results of a lash lift and tint last here.

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Many salons offer a keratin treatment with your lash lift. This entails your technician applying a nourishing agent to condition and protect permed lashes after the lift.

How Long Does a Keratin Lash Lift Take?

The Keratin lash lift is a simple treatment that takes about an hour and gives you around 6-8 weeks of lush, curled lashes. The procedure is virtually the same as a regular lash lift, with the Keratin lift adding some benefits to your lashes like strengthening and nourishment.

Both the regular lash lift and the Keratin lift give the same look of curled eyelashes. The only difference is in the ingredients that make up the products needed to lift the lashes.

The Keratin lash lift uses a Keratin-infused formula enriched with peptides, instead of using a regular, alkaline-based one. Keratin is a building protein that forms the structure of the hair, and as such it’s naturally present in the lashes.

A Keratin lash lift supplements the naturally present Keratin in your lashes and strengthens them from root to tip, all the while improving their state after treatment.

Results of a Keratin lash liftImage source: Instagram @yumibyyana

Additional Factors That Affect How Long Does a Lash Lift and Tint Take

How long does a lash lift and tint take depends greatly on the preparation done beforehand.

This means that before coming to your lash lift and tint appointment, it is important to remove all eye makeup, contact lenses, and false eyelashes in order for your treatment to last an optimal amount of time for both you and your artist.

How Long Does a Lash Lift and Tint Take at Home?

The DIY lash lifting process itself takes about the same time as a regular salon lash lifting procedure. However, since you’re doing it by yourself, the application process can last longer, especially having in mind that you’ll be performing the step-by-step process one eye at a time.

It’s important to note that if you’re not extremely careful during this process, the chemical solutions can get into your eyes and cause irritation, dryness, and even damage to the cornea.

You also need to time every step carefully and remove the chemicals at just the right moment – remove them too soon, and they won’t work; leave them on for too long, and your lashes will get over curled or damaged.

Lash lift at-home kits are gaining more and more popularity thanks to their availability and affordable price range. If you buy a high-quality kit and carefully follow the instructions, it can turn out great.

A woman doing a lash liftImage source: Instagram @lasheswithleahx

Final Note

There is no universal answer as to how long does a lash lift and tint take. Generally speaking, a lash lift procedure should last mostly the same, whether it’s a regular salon lift, a DIY lash lift, or a Keratin lift.

The estimated time needed for a lash lifting and tinting procedure is about an hour, with the exception of a DIY procedure which can take longer depending on your personal set of skills and attention to detail.

For more in-depth information on various lash lifting procedures, click here.

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