Power of PMU: How is Permanent Makeup Empowering Women?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on September 20, 2022
women empowerment power of permanent makeup
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The society today is working on women empowerment more than ever, as they really do need to feel strong, independent and completely self-satisfied. One of the most important things for an empowered attitude is the state of completely accepting yourself and being satisfied with who you are. But how can you achieve it if you’re self-conscious about something in your appearance? How can you fix it, or how to simply forget about it?

Luckily for women, there is a solution. It’s called permanent makeup and it’s an evolving field of cosmetic industry that is becoming more and more popular. Women are given the opportunity to use the perks of permanent makeup in order to create a completely new look they will be satisfied with.

But how does permanent makeup actually empower women?

Feeling beautiful from within

It’s very important to note that sometimes, feeling beautiful from within can be achieved by paying attention to the exterior. It’s always been like this – if we look pretty, we feel even prettier. The way a woman looks can definitely make her feel special. Think of the outfits, for example, and the extent to which a woman can feel much more self-satisfied, proud and most importantly confident. Yes, clothes can certainly make a woman feel better about herself, and it’s incredible how much it can show on someone’s face.

Permanent cosmetics has definitely helped women all around the world to feel much more confident in themselves and walk the streets proudly, without being self-conscious.

A solution for everyone

However, what happens with all the women who simply don’t have time to put their makeup on every single morning? Or to the stay-at-home moms who want to look amazing every second of the day but cannot do so because of all of their obligations? More importantly, what happens to all the women who suffered a serious illness that took its toll on the way they look? There are many studies that deal with this issue – how makeup can boost a woman’s confidence, and to what extent.

The answer is a lot. Not only are breast cancer survivors, for example, able to recreate their nipples back again with the help of permanent makeup, but it also gives everyone an option to fix an ugly scar or anything else that’s making them self-conscious. Areola and nipple tattooing is also very popular at the moment, which serves as a great opportunity for every breast cancer survivor to feel womanly once again.

women empowerment by permanent makeup

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Pushing the boundaries

Permanent makeup is not a new trend in cosmetics, but advanced techniques and natural looking results are definitely making PMU treatments extremely popular in recent years, for a good reason. It gives one the option of always being satisfied with the look of your eyebrows, eyelids or even lips. Another positive thing about permanent makeup is the fact that it stays on your face for one to three years and you’re not supposed to have many touch-ups in the meantime.

Permanent makeup has definitely pushed the boundaries of traditional makeup and has given women all around the world a chance to always be satisfied with themselves.

You can do whatever you want

When you think about it, it’s not only the eye shade, eyebrow or the lips that are important in this game of confidence and women empowerment. Permanent makeup makes is even more diverse, as you can choose some of the never-thought-before procedures, such as scalp micropigmentation if one wants to make their hair appear fuller; freckle tattooing is another possibility. So yes, you can do many things in order to feel more comfortable and feel prettier in your skin.

Moreover, as permanent makeup is much more widespread than ever before, you will have the option of choosing among many different artists and schools, but pay attention to which one you choose.

Final word

We have been given only one life, and we need to make the most out of it. Permanent makeup can be a great option for all the women who feel insecure about a certain body part, as there is an option to fix it.  All of the treatments are extremely safe, especially if you pay special attention to the artist who will be performing the actual procedure. Not everyone is skilled enough, so do your homework beforehand as the artist can either make or break your final look.

After all, being satisfied with the way you look can affect your overall mood and attitude, which can furthermore affect your whole life. So don’t be shy – if you want makeup, go get it. You deserve it!

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