Hover Power Supply: Is It Worth the Money?

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on February 23, 2024
Darklab Hover Power Supply for PMU machines
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The permanent makeup and tattoo industry, just as any other, is constantly improving and progressing with new techniques, but also new technology: machines and gadgets that have a purpose to improve the quality and speed of your work.

A gadget we’re going to present today is Darklab’s Hover Power Supply. Keep reading to get to know all about its amazing features and decide whether Hover Power Supply is worth buying or not.

What Is the Hover Power Supply?

Darklab’s Hover Power Supply is the first touchless OLED display power supply for permanent makeup and tattoo machines.

This power supply can provide electrical power to PMU and tattoo machines – multiple ones at the same time.

Yes, hover power has 2 input ports, which means you can use a machine and footswitch simultaneously, or connect 2 machines.

This is a perfect feature for artists who switch between different machines during sessions – they don’t have to unplug one to insert the other one and risk cross-contamination.

Why Is Hover Touchless Power Supply So Revolutionary?

Hygiene is very important in the permanent makeup and tattoo industry.

Being able to control a power supply, turn it on and off, change voltage (from 2 to 17 Volts in 0.1-volt intervals), switch between menu screens, and set a timer to track when you start/stop a tattoo session without touching the device means you will avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

The hover power supply is controlled with a hand gesture – you hover over the machine to increase and decrease voltage.

There are two sensors, for increasing and decreasing the speed of the machine, and they are on the different sides of the Hover Power Supply.

If you hold a PMU machine or a hand above them, the voltage will change. So, you don’t have to actually hover – holding a machine above a sensor also works. It’s very fast, easy to use, and hygienic, which makes it a real game-changer.

Placing you hand or two fingers over the machine will turn it on or off.

hover power supply

What Other Features Does It Provide?

The magnetic base that doesn’t slip and a 180 degrees screen rotation to accommodate your preferred cable position shows that Darklab masterminds really thought of every single detail to create a perfect power supply.

Here are some things you will love about Hover Power Supply:

  • Dual timer – it has one timer to keep track of session time and the other one to track how long your tattoo machine is running for.
  • USB and USB C power outputs – you can charge cellphones, tablets and Darklab power supplies.
  • Bluetooth compatibility allows you to connect with the free Darklab mobile app. The app allows you to change voltage through voice, register tattoo time and receive firmware updates.
  • 9 programmable presets to save desired voltage which you can revisit at any time.

what other features does hover power supply provide

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Since the Hover Tattoo Power Supply is touchless, you don’t even need to wrap it – that way you save time and care about the environment by using less plastic.

But most artists will want to protect it, to prevent the risk of spray and similar forms of contamination.

Since it’s a touchless device, you are limited with the kind of barrier film you can use. Clear glue barrier film is recommended because typical adhesive could interfere with sensors.

Some may think that having such sensitive sensors can be problematic, because anything can activate it by accident, for instance, if someone else works with you and passes by and accidentally changes the voltage. But don’t worry – Darklab had it covered!

You can actually LOCK the unit! It is simple to lock the machine, by just holding two fingers above the machine and then hovering over it. You can still turn it on and off but can’t change the voltage if the machine is locked.

And maybe the biggest disadvantage is the price, since it is on the higher end. However, you get an outstanding, great-quality device.

Which Voltage Is Typically Used for Ombre Powder Brows?

Sometimes, beginner artists seek advice on which voltage is the best for the ombre powder brows treatment. According to PMUHub’s survey, most artists set the voltage at somewhere between 4 and 6 Volts.

However, there are also those who use 3.5 or 7 Volts for powder brows.

But there is no universal answer because it depends a lot on the machine they are using as well as on the PMU artist’s hand movement. Therefore, our advice would be to test different speeds and see what gives the best results.

Which Voltage Is Typically Used for Nano Brows?

Nano brows, the machine hair stroke method, is very popular and, according to our survey, the most often used voltage is somewhere between 5-7 Volts.

Again, the voltage will depend on the machine you are using and your hand movement.

Image Source: PMUHub’s Instagram survey

Is the Hover Power Supply Better Than Critical Atom X?

In our article about Critical Atom X, we praised this power supply and wrote all about its great features. Critical Atom X is a great device and totally worth the money.

But the Hover Power Supply is an even more advanced, futuristic device for all of those who want to bring their business to a whole new professional level.

Both units are of very good quality, have amazing features and are made to help you improve your skills.

Which one to get depends on what you want from your power supply.

So Is the Darklab Hover Power Supply Worth the Money?

As said above, the price is on the higher end. But for all of those who are in love with handy gadgets, futuristic design and features and all the things that will help them progress, the Darklab Hover Power Supply is a great investment that will make your work enjoyable.

Where Can I Get the Hover Power Supply?

Right here, on our website! Visit the PMUHub shop and order your Hover Power Supply in black color. You will also get a comprehensive 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.



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