Here’s How PMU Brands Can Build Customer Loyalty During and After COVID-19

Here’s How PMU Brands Can Build Customer Loyalty During and After COVID-19

There’s no business branch that hasn’t been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but among the businesses that have suffered the most are definitely services that have to be done face-to-face and may not be on top of people’s list in the time of economic crises.

However, we at PMUHub accept that beauty knows no boundaries and are more than confident that with a proper strategy, every PMU business can get through the current situation. In fact, there are many ways to build clientele and establish customer loyalty during and after the pandemic.

You want to make sure that once potential clients do decide to get permanent makeup, they come straight to you. Here’s how!

Before we go any further…

As all PMU artists know, clients’ health and safety are top priority. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, this doesn’t only mean sanitizing tools and not damaging their skin; it also means following all prescribed safety protocols.

With the seriousness of the situation, no client wants to go to a salon where their health will be endangered. So before we go any further, it wouldn’t hurt to go over all the Covid-19 precautions once again.

Online presence

Many of the world’s largest companies report their business survival during the pandemic depends on their adopting the digital-first approach. Basically, they reoriented most of their resources, be it time or money, towards digital marketing and offering alternative, online services where possible. 

For PMU businesses, this means investing in the optimization of your website and staying more active than ever on social media.

Website for permanent makeup salon

Attractive website

Clients are always more likely to trust a brand that has a clear, informative and attractive website. Make sure you have all necessary information listed on your website so potential clients don’t have to do extra work to get information.

Engaging social media

Social media is the key to customer loyalty in the beauty industry. Be as active as possible on your social media. Create fun, informative content and constantly remind your followers of the existence of your brand.

Think of them as either returning customers or new clients.

Extra tip

Try to create interactive content that will engage your followers, like polls. It might also be a good idea to organize a small giveaway once in a while with prizes like discount vouchers or PMU related products. This way, you offer real value instead of just promoting yourself, and your (potential) clients will feel appreciated.

Which brings us to our next point.

Establish an emotional connection

Customers like to be treated as human beings, not just sources of income. So apart from always being friendly and trying to make your client feel comfortable during the actual procedure, find ways to show your clients some extra love and appreciation.

Personalized aftercare kit

One way to do this is through personalized 2-in-1 goodie bag aftercare kit. For more on the power of the aftercare kit, check out our recent article!

PMU aftercare kit

Image source: Instagram @lashext.bylisa

Social media activity

An emotional connection can also be established through social media. Don’t hesitate to follow back your returning customers. Maintaining a contact with them can’t hurt.

Carefully curated content

Think through all your content carefully; make sure your posts show awareness of the current situation and that empathy resonates through them.

Prompt communication

Another very important aspect is communication. Make yourself available for questions even if they don’t lead to a booking straight away.

Always try to respond to messages as soon as possible. Customers respond well to promptness!

Keep an eye on the comments you get on your posts and don’t let them go unanswered. Let your clients know you value their feedback.

Give back to the community

Humanity is the only way we can make these troubling times manageable. So why not lead with your example and devote some time to charity work?

In the past few years, consumers have started realizing the power their money has to change the world and started using it to support companies and brands that are ethical and give back to the community in some way.

Since the pandemic started, many companies have been finding ways to thank medical workers who risk their wellbeing every day to save people’s lives. Why not offer a special discount for nurses or doctors? Not only will you show your appreciation, you may also gain a new returning customer.




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