Complete Your Halloween Look – Beauty Treatments for Spooky Season

By Emily M.| Last updated on November 8, 2022
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If you’re someone who starts daydreaming about the spooky season as soon as September rolls around, it’s finally time you embrace your inner goth.

This season, embracing the Halloween spirit in more subtle ways seems to be everyone’s goal. It’s much more about hinting at a stylish gothic aesthetic to celebrate and honor the eerie season.

Even the runway is experimenting with the dark side. We’re seeing more and more gothic fashion and makeup becoming mainstream so it’s much easier to embrace the aesthetic without being too obvious you’re only doing it in celebration of the spooky season.

You’re already there in spirit (pun intended), but here’s a list of beauty treatments you can do to go along with your vibe, and perhaps your costume!

Halloween Lashes

Every makeup look is improved with a good lash. Even a Halloween look. So what’s a better time for getting a dramatic, wispy, spiky lash extension set than during the spooky season?

These eyelash extension styles are insanely popular as is, but getting them as Halloween eyelashes comes in really handy for plenty of costumes. Cute or creepy – they will definitely help you enhance the effect and balance out the heavy costume makeup.

You’d look totally normal in the daytime, and then later in the night, at the Halloween party, you can show off the other side of your Halloween lashes.

If you’re open to sporting the Halloween look a bit more obviously, there are other cool options to do so.

Subtle (or not so subtle) colored eyelash extensions have been adored by makeup lovers and style-adventurous people for years now. So while this trend isn’t anything new, there have been variations in styles and colors that are hopping in and out of trends.

For Halloween eyelashes, you can’t go wrong with oranges, purples, or greens. On top of that, you can go even more specific and add details and accessories to your extensions – tiny spiders, skulls, bats, or tiny pumpkins. Or – get this – there are even glow-in-the-dark UV lashes!

Lash techs are getting really creative with the Halloween look this season, that’s for sure!

Halloween Eyebrows

Without a doubt, eyebrows are the feature that can change up your entire look! Which, you’ll agree, is kind of the point of this holiday.

As with Halloween lashes, there is a way to achieve Halloween eyebrows – and look very fashionable at the same time. Bleach your brows!

In case you’ve missed it, the bleached brow look is all the rage at the moment. Inspired by haute couture, it was one of the biggest trends of the summer and it continues into fall. This edgy look gives off both model-off-duty, as well as an alien-esque vibe.

It might be a bit outside of most people’s comfort zones, but that’s the beauty of doing it as a Halloween look: you can pretend to be someone else.

Besides, it provides one huge benefit – it leaves so much room for playing with your makeup. And everyone knows Halloween is every beauty junkie’s favorite holiday cause we get so much freedom with makeup looks we can play with.

Here’s a short guide through bleached eyebrows, and here’s a list of products you need to do them.

Halloween Eyebrows
Image source: Instagram @the_beautiia

Halloween Freckles

Speaking of the summer-to-fall transition, we can’t not mention the freckles. They’re the last remnants of the sun-kissed look!

But what do freckles have to do with spookiness? Well, did you know that one way to check if someone was a witch was to look if she had any moles or beauty marks? Now they might not be the same, but freckles count! Embrace your inner witch by doing some temporary Halloween freckles.

The faux freckle trend has been going strong for a few years now and people have come up with various ways to recreate the look.

You can draw them on daily with your makeup but there are also more long-lasting solutions: henna freckles and permanent freckle tattoos. Henna freckles last a few days, so if you’re planning on trying this look out for Halloween, this is the perfect option.

If you really want to embrace the Halloween spirit, you can always do them in star or moon shapes (or even more eccentric, bats or spiders).

The witchiest of them all would be astrofrecks, adorable faux freckle tattoos done in the shape of star constellations, allowing you to sport hidden witchy aesthetic all year round. Astrofrecks can be done with any of the techniques mentioned.

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Don’t Forget to Have Fun with Your Halloween Look!

These are just a few, fun ways for you to turn everyday into Halloween. We already do these or similar treatments year-round, so why not change it up slightly and fully immerse ourselves in a season we love? After all, change always ends up boosting our mood, and this is kind of the whole point of this holiday!

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