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full face permanent makeup
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How many times have you thought about how nice it would be not to have to wake up earlier to put on your makeup instead of sleeping in? And then again taking so much time to remove all of it…

Well, it actually is possible to always look your best without having to put in any kind of effort. Presenting: permanent makeup!

Full face permanent makeup is exactly as it sounds – having fuller brows, flushed lips, and eye makeup that doesn’t smudge and wash off.

What does recreating your daily makeup routine with cosmetic tattooing entail? Let’s dig into full face permanent makeup treatments!

full face permanent makeup in one session
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What Is Full Face Permanent Makeup?

Simply put, permanent makeup tattooing was developed to beautify – to cover up insecurities and enhance what is already there.

Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattoo. There is a difference between a cosmetic tattoo and a traditional one, but the thing in common is that the pigment/ink is inserted in the second layer of the skin, AKA the dermis.

Pigments gradually fade as they are formulated to be broken down by your body. Results last from 2 up to 10 years depending on which treatment is done. That means if you decide to go for a full face permanent makeup option, some tattoos might require touch-ups i.e. color boost after a while.

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Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo

The principle of eyebrow tattoos (and every other cosmetic tattoo, really) is the same for every technique: the skin is opened so the pigment can be deposited. However, the way it’s done differs slightly. They can be done with a manual tool or with a machine and that affects the final results and the longevity of the brow tattoo.

If you want natural-looking, hair-stroke brows, you can choose between microblading or nano brows. The difference between these two procedures is that microblading is done with a manual tool, and nano brows are done with a machine.

The results are similar, but nano brows last a bit longer and are a better choice if you have oily skin.

If you are a fan of makeup look and like the powdery effect of your brows, microshading or powder brows are a great choice. These are done with a machine, by implementing the pigments into the top layer of the skin with a tattoo machine using a dotting technique. Microshading is usually combined with hair strokes, to get the best of both worlds.

Ombre powder brows are a subcategory that is essentially just a bit different shading pattern than “regular” powder brows. The ombre effect is that color gradation from the beginning of the brow arch where the color starts darkening as it gets closer to the tail of the brow.

permanent eyebrow tattoo Microshading ComboImage source: Instagram @viper.pmu

Permanent Eyeliner

This permanent makeup treatment allows you to always have a perfect wing without having to waste time struggling to draw it or worrying if it smudged. It usually lasts between 1-5 years depending on factors like skin type, age, products you are using, etc. Pigments gradually fade until they are completely gone. Most often this is around the 3 year mark.

The procedure is done the same way permanent eyebrow makeup is done: the artist inserts pigments into the skin of your eyelids with an electric device. You can choose different styles and colors to completely customize your look. Choosing the right shape, length, and thickness of the eyeliner is the most important part.

This treatment is not the most comfortable as it works on a very sensitive body part but it’s not painful either. The artist will use numbing cream on the area and at most, you will feel light scratching.

permanent eyelinerImage source: Instagram @best_pmu_dmv

Permanent Lip Blushing

A lip tattoo is a treatment in which pigment is inserted beneath the surface of your lips with an electric needle device, resulting in the appearance of wearing a lip product.

Although its alternative name is “lip tattoo”, lip blushing ink is not the same as tattoo ink. That means it doesn’t last forever. The results of this treatment gradually fade and require touch-ups if you want to keep them.

It can be done in a variety of colors and styles ranging from full lip tint, ombre, outline, aquarelle, etc. This allows this procedure to be versatile and offers something for everyone.

Whether you want a full-on lipstick look or something that is more natural, lip blushing is a great solution to save you time in reapplying products multiple times a day or worrying about them smudging.

permanent lip blushing

Image source: Instagram @ebh_browjam


When we say full face permanent makeup, it means brows, liner and lips. But it’s possible to go even further and get permanent makeup for the entire face.

Arguably the longest part of makeup application is getting the foundation base right. Especially if there is an insecurity about skin imperfections like acne scars or enlarged pores and bad skin texture. BB glow and permanent concealer are treatments that help you get the perfect complexion without applying layers of products on your face.

Permanent Concealer

This treatment is designed to mimic the effects of concealer by covering up dark circles under the eyes. It’s done similarly to every other permanent makeup tattoo – injecting pigments into the skin and brightening up the under-eye area. Since the color is placed under the skin’s surface it can’t be washed off.

Permanent concealer can be done either with tattoo ink (which makes it last for up to a decade!) or with pigmented serums (which last for 2-4 years on average). It’s done with an electric needling device with either a single needle or a multi-needle tip that creates tiny and shallow incisions on the skin.

Seeing as the treated area is extremely sensitive, this treatment can be risky. If the needle goes too deep or touches the tear duct, there could be some permanent scarring or the tissue could be damaged. There is also a risk of developing an infection or cysts.

permanent concealerImage source: Instagram @vipesteticalab

BB Glow

BB glow is dubbed the semi-permanent foundation. This treatment combines permanent makeup with micro/nano needling to improve the texture and tone of the skin. It targets a number of skin issues such as discoloration, acne scars, large pores and has an anti-aging effect by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

But we also have to warn you – BB Glow is considered the most controversial permanent makeup treatment due to its many side effects.

BB glow treatment can result in complications as well: infections, allergies, rashes… and even worse: the color can start changing its hue to white, yellow, or even greenish.

To avoid a BB glow gone wrong you should only trust a certified professional to do this treatment. Remember to take good care of your hygiene and follow the technician’s aftercare regimen recommendations carefully.

bb glow treatment before and efterImage source: Instagram @perfectlashescali

Is It Better to Do Full Face Permanent Makeup All at Once or in Stages?

There are several pros and cons of permanent makeup full face treatments being done all in one session.

Each procedure requires a certain amount of time until the healing process is considered to be over. So it might seem like a good idea to cut the waiting time and do multiple procedures at once. Besides, the healing process is mostly not pretty so why put yourself through multiple weeks of not looking …the best?

On the other hand, doing everything at once poses a bigger risk of infections. As you are doing a bigger surface, you are upping the chances of not protecting everything sufficiently enough.

Also, keep in mind that you will be in much more pain than when you only do one treatment at a time. This applies to both after the treatment as well as during the treatment itself. You can also count on the session to last very long.

In Conclusion

Giving yourself a full makeover in a single session does sound great. But permanent makeup full face treatment is something you should decide on carefully.

All of these treatments have their own side effects you should consider before booking an appointment. You need to take the healing process and aftercare seriously and above all, go to a licensed professional.

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