How Long Do Freckle Tattoos Last? Average Longevity

Freckle tattoos are not meant to last forever! But how long do freckle tattoos last then? Here’s the average longevity, along with factors that determine the pace of fading.

How Long Do Freckle Tattoos Last? Average Longevity of Faux Freckles

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With the return of natural beauty to the throne, freckles became a huge trend. Previously battled and covered up with heavy makeup, the freckled look is now something to be desired, and people who don’t get freckles naturally found ways to recreate them.

So freckle tattooing became a thing, and artists quickly perfected their freckle recreation technique to make it safe, look good, and fade after a while to allow you to change up your look or get rid of them if you decide you don’t want them anymore.

But just how long do freckle tattoos last? Let’s find out!

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How Long Do Freckle Tattoos Last on Average?

How long do tattoo freckles last is very individual, but for most clients, they last between 1 and 3 years, gradually fading into invisibility over that time. The pace of fading depends on many factors that have to do with the properties of your skin, immune system, and lifestyle, so no artist can predict exactly how long will faux freckles last on you.

They can be prolonged with touch ups, and most artists advise getting a color boost annually if you want to keep your faux freckles.

How long do tattoo freckles last is very individual, but for most clients, they last between 1 and 3 years.Image source: Instagram @michereevetattoo

How Are Freckle Tattoos Done?

To help you understand why and how freckle tattoos fade, let’s quickly refresh our memory on how freckle tattooing is done.

Freckle tattoos are not the same as traditional, body art tattooing. They’re a form of cosmetic tattooing, a range of treatments done with permanent makeup pigments rather than traditional inks. The pigments are formulated with components that our immune system can gradually metabolize, meaning, the body breaks them down bit by bit and they fade gradually until they become invisible.

On top of that, the pigments are implemented into the skin with a machine or manually, with a needle (the so-called stick & poke method), but shallow into the skin, not as deep as traditional tattoos, and the skin’s exfoliation cycle, as well as outside influences and the products you put on your skin contribute to their fading.

For more detailed information on the freckle tattoo treatment, check out this guide.

How Are Freckle Tattoos Done?Image source: Instagram @foxcraft

What Factors Determine How Long Do Tattoo Freckles Last?

The primary factors that determine how long will your faux freckles last are:

Body Chemistry

Some people’s immune systems metabolize pigments faster than others’. When pigment is injected into the skin, the body perceives it as a foreign matter, and attacks the pigment in an attempt to extract it from the body. Some systems take more time to break pigments down, and this is out of our control.

The formula of the pigment plays a role here, too, as higher quality pigments are more resilient than others.

Skin Type

Then, there are the skin’s natural processes. Skin type plays a huge role in how long do freckle tattoos last. Oily skin fades pigments faster than dry to normal, due to the higher amount of sebum that the skin produces. The sebum is extracted through pores, and your skin produces a lot of it, it will take a larger amount of pigment with it.

Amount of Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight is the enemy of PMU pigments. Sun radiation causes the color to lose intensity, so if your freckles tattoos are exposed to it frequently and for long stretches of time, they will fade away faster.

This is why artists recommend wearing sunscreen over your freckles.

Your Skincare Routine

Harsh ingredients found in skincare products can shorten how long do faux freckles last. These are mainly:

  • Retinol
  • Exfoliating acids (most common are AHAs and BHAs, but also Glycolic Acid)
  • Vitamin C

So, skin brightening and exfoliating ingredients which are often found in products aimed at oily skin and used for anti-aging effects. It’s best to avoid them if you want to keep your freckle tattoos as long as possible.

Apart from chemical peels, you should also avoid scrubs. Mechanical peels can remove pigmented skin cells and cause your faux freckles to fade prematurely.

Your Lifestyle

Certain activities can cause your freckle tattoos to fade faster, like:

  • Frequent swimming. The chemical composition of pool water and salt water can contribute to pigments fading faster.
  • Frequent excessive sweating. Sweat contains salt, and salt fades PMU pigments.
  • Frequent alcohol consumption and smoking. These dehydrate your skin and if the skin gets dry to the point of flaking, pigmented cells are lost sooner and your freckle tattoos fade.

*All these factors are combined in a unique way for every client, so it’s impossible to predict how fast the pigments will fade from your skin.

The primary factors that determine how long will your faux freckles last.Image source: Instagram @paulacastletattoos

How Can I Prolong My Tattoo Freckles?

As you can see, some of the factors that determine how long do freckle tattoos last you can control, others you cannot.

So you shouldn’t stress about the longevity of your freckles that much, but you can adjust your skincare routine by switching to gentler ingredients, avoid peels (as well as rubbing your face hard with towels after washing or your finger when you’re applying makeup). What you definitely should do is wear SPF, not just to prolong your freckles, but also to protect your skin in general.

You can always prolong your faux freckles by booking a touch up that will boost their color back up. An annual touch up is enough for most clients.

How Can I Prolong My Tattoo Freckles?Image source: Instagram @beyondbeautybywhitney

How Long Do Freckle Tattoos Last – Main Takeaways

You can expect your freckle tattoos to last anywhere between 1 and 3 years. How long do fake freckles last depends on many factors, like your body chemistry, skin type, lifestyle, skincare routine, etc. All these factors combine differently with different people, and you can’t control all of them.

So, while it’s natural to want to keep your results as long as possible, don’t stress about it too much. You’re supposed to enjoy your faux freckles, not obsess over them.



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