Flat Lashes: The Superior Classic Lash Extensions

Flat Lashes: The Superior Classic Lash Extensions
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Getting eyelash extensions is the most popular way of getting thick, voluminous lashes. Even though this is a pretty non-risky treatment, some clients are afraid they will damage their natural lashes. The risk does exist, but only if the lash technician doesn’t know the technique properly and chooses extensions that are too heavy for the client’s natural lashes.

The treatment is customized – the technician needs to assess the state of your natural lashes and how much weight they can handle, and according to that, choose the adequate extensions. Since some people have weak lashes, they need extensions that are as light as possible. That’s when flat lashes take the spotlight.

Let’s learn more about the benefits of flat lashes.

What Are Flat Lashes?

Flat lashes are also called ellipse lashes or cashmere lashes. The difference between flat lashes and conventional lashes is in the base – flat lashes are flat and oval-shaped at the base, while conventional lashes have a round base.

What Are Flat Lashes?

How Are Flat Lashes Applied?

Flat lashes are applied the same way as classic lashes – essentially, they are classic lashes but with a different base. So, the lash technician uses specially designed tweezers and takes flat lashes one by one, dips them in the glue, and attaches them to each one of your natural lashes.

The lashes won’t be the same length – shorter lashes are applied in the inner corners. The only difference is that classic lashes can be attached to the natural lashes to the top, bottom, and to the side, while flat lashes shouldn’t be attached to the side of a natural lash.

Are Flat Lashes Better Than Classic Lashes?

Lash technicians say they are better. Their flat, elliptic base enables better retention when attached to your natural lashes. They also require less glue than classic lashes, which makes them lighter.

They are actually lighter in weight than conventional lashes, which makes them perfect for everyone, and especially those who have weak and short natural lashes, and want a more dramatic look.

They also tend to last longer and the risk of damaging your natural lashes is lower.

Are Flat Lashes Better Than Classic Lash Extensions?Image source: Instagram @lashesbycallie_

In Which Sets Can You Use Flat Lashes?

They are most commonly used for creating a classic set, which means that 1 extension is attached to 1 of your natural lashes. They can also be used for a hybrid set, which combines individual and volume lashes (fans of 2-6 lashes).

Flat lashes are also commonly used as spikes for wispy lashes.

Which Are Easier to Work With: Flast Lashes or Classic Lashes?

While conventional lashes with a round base can be attached to a natural lash from each side, meaning to the top, bottom, or to the side, flat lashes can only be attached to the top and the bottom. This makes them harder to work with and it requires a lot of skill and practice, so they are not really recommended for beginner lash technicians.

As a lash tech, you should also remember to use less glue with flat lashes – they don’t need as much of it as classic lashes. And one more thing to bear in mind – a full set of flat lashes can look unnatural, so it’s better to avoid creating the full set.

Which Lash Extensions Are Easier to Work With: Flast Lashes or Classic Lashes?Image source: Instagram @veyelashofficial

Benefits of Flat Lashes

Here are some of the advantages of ellipse lashes:

  • Look thicker because of a different base
  • Better retention
  • Perfect for clients who want longer lashes
  • Perfect for clients who want thicker lashes, but don’t want volume lashes
  • Give the eyeliner effect
  • Up to 40% lighter than classic lashes – for comparison, one flat lash with the diameter of 0.20 weights as much as a conventional lash with a diameter of 0.7

Benefits of Ellipse Flat LashesImage source: Instagram @_lashenvy

How Are Flat Lashes Maintained?

Flat lashes will look good and stay longer than regular lash extensions, but just like the other ones, they are not low-maintenance.

Eyelash extensions are attached to your natural lashes, so they will follow their growth cycle. This means they will fall off as your natural lashes are falling off, so you can expect to lose half of the set within 4-5 weeks.

That’s why you will need to book regular infills – every 3-4 weeks – because lash technicians usually require you to have at least 40% remaining lash extensions for the infill appointment.

In order to make them last longer and reach their full potential, brush them regularly, avoid oil-based products which will affect the adhesive glue, and clean your lashes regularly.

If you want to find out how to clean the lash extension properly, read this article: Cleaning Eyelash Extensions: Step by Step.

To learn more about the eyelash extensions aftercare and maintenance, read this guide: Eyelash Extensions Aftercare and Maintenance.

To Sum Up

Flat lashes are a great option for all clients who want a more dramatic set of classic lashes, as well as those who have weak natural lashes. Their flat base will enable better retention and less trauma, thus less damage to your natural lashes. Lash technicians definitely recognize the benefits of these ellipse lashes and are using them more and more often.

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