Feathering Tattoo: The Trendiest Microblading Pattern ATM

By Katarina V.| Last updated on December 1, 2022
feathering tattoo
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Yes, big brows are still popular and they are not going anywhere. But the point is to make them look as natural as possible. A technique perfect for achieving fluffy, natural hair-strokes eyebrows is a feathering tattoo.

Let’s see what a feathering tattoo is, how it is different from microblading, and all about this popular style of eyebrow tattooing.

What Is a Feathering Tattoo?

Yes, you read it correctly – it is a tattoo, one that’s done on your eyebrows. But no, it does not last forever. Modern-day brow tattoos are cosmetic tattoos, which means that:

  • They’re done with pigments, which fade after 2-3 years (so no, it’s not permanent)
  • The pigments don’t go as deep under the skin as a traditional body tattoo (and that is also why a feather tattoo fades after some time)
  • They can be done with a manual blade (microblading) or a machine (nano brows)
  • You have to follow an eyebrow feathering aftercare routine (more on that below)
  • You will go through an eyebrow feathering healing process.

A manual blade or a machine is used to create tiny scratches that resemble eyebrow hairs. They are filled with pigment and once healed, your eyebrows look fluffy, bold and natural! So natural, most people can’t even tell it’s a feathering tattoo, and not your real brows. Great, right?

What Is a Feathering Tattoo?Image source: Instagram @brendaterraacademy

So, How Is a Feathering Tattoo Different From Microblading?

Basically, they are very very similar. Most artists consider feather-style brows a microblading pattern, and not a separate treatment.

The difference is that the hair strokes of a feathering tattoo are somewhat longer to create a feathery look. Also, while basic microblading can be done on people who have no brow hair at all, a feathering tattoo is better for those who already have relatively thick eyebrows, but want to fill in the gaps and make them look even denser.

So, basic microblading can restore the shape of the brows, while the feathering tattoo uses your brow shape and just makes your brows fuller. A feathering tattoo gives that 3D brow effect. Some people call it feather touch, microfeathering, or eyebrow feathering because the brows look as fluffy as feathers.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Feathering Tattoo?

You need to have relatively thick brows that can be enhanced by adding new hair strokes. It’s advisable not to pluck your eyebrows before the treatment.

Just like with basic microblading, people with oily skin are not good candidates, because the pigment migrates and smudges so the strokes blur together and merge after a while. They also disappear more quickly than from dry and normal skin.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Feathering Tattoo?Image source: Instagram @brendaterraacademy

Is a Feathering Tattoo Painful?

The feathering tattoo is done by making incisions on the skin, so it does sound painful, but brow tattoo artists use numbing cream to minimize the discomfort. So, the level of pain is individual – some clients compare it to tweezing your brows, while those with sensitive skin find it a bit more uncomfortable.

For more details on what to expect from the procedure, read this article.

How Long Does a Feathering Tattoo  Appointment Take?

The treatment lasts 1.5 – 2 hours. It includes deciding on the shape and style, mapping, and tattooing. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind about the style you want – after all, it is a cosmetic tattoo and you will be stuck with it for a while.

What’s the Eyebrow Feathering Healing Process Like?

The eyebrow feathering healing process takes about a month and a half. Since the skin is broken, it needs some time to close up the tiny incisions and recover.

The eyebrow feathering healing process has several stages:

  1. Brows too dark, slightly swollen, a bit tender.
  2. Scabs form over the treated area.
  3. Scabs flake off, pigments underneath looks too light.
  4. The color gradually darkens.

The initial symptoms of healing should stop by day 14. After that, the skin needs further 4-6 weeks for internal healing. At that point, you should book a touch up. 

What’s Eyebrow Feathering Aftercare Like?

During the eyebrow feathering healing process, you need to pay some special attention to your brows. The aftercare includes the following tips:

  • Avoid sweating, saunas, swimming in the ocean and pools, and long showers after the treatment.
  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning.
  • Don’t use cosmetic products nor makeup around the treated area for at least 10 days.
  • Sleep on your back.
  • Don’t pick the scabs – let them fall off on their own.
  • Clean your feathering tattoo regularly – just keep it dry for the first 2-3 hours, then blot the excess lymph 2-3 times a day. During the healing period, wash your brows gently with sterile water and antibacterial soap on a cotton pad.
  • Apply an ointment, if your artist recommended it.

What Does Feathering Tattoo Aftercare Look Like?Image source: Instagram @browsbyvana_official

How Long Does a Feathering Tattoo Last?

On average, a feathering tattoo lasts 18-24 months. But this is also individual and it depends on your lifestyle and skin type. For example, people who spend a lot of time in the sun and in the water will notice that their brow tattoo fades more quickly.

Some skincare products, especially those that contain retinol, will speed up the fading process. To prolong the lifespan of your feathering tattoo, you will need to book a touch up when you see that your tattoo is fading.

How Often Do I Need a Touch up?

The brow feather tattoo is a 2-session treatment, so the first touch up is mandatory. It is done 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment.

After that, it is advisable to book a touch up when your eyebrows start fading. It usually happens after a year, but some people have better pigment retention and can go longer without a color boost. Other people, however, need to book touch ups more frequently because their skin type and lifestyle speed up the process of fading.

How Much Does a Feathering Tattoo Cost?

The average eyebrow feathering prices are around $600. Some artists include the touch up appointment in the price, some don’t, so you should check that before the treatment.

The price depends on your locations, the popularity of the treatment in your area, the popularity of the artist you choose, materials they use, etc.

It’s important to note that you can find the treatment at lower prices, but the cost shouldn’t be your primary factor when choosing an artist. Look through their eyebrow feathering before and after portfolio, and let their work speak for them.

How much do feather tattoos cost?Image source: Instagram @browsbyvana_official

Is a Feathering Tattoo Worth It?

The feathering tattoo cost is bit pricey, but they’re definitely a great solution for having perfect, low-maintenance eyebrows every day. They shorten your morning routine and improve your self-esteem by giving you fuller, trendy brows of your dreams.

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