Mega Volume Lash Extensions

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on December 7, 2022

Mega volume lash extensions are designed for those who love a dramatic eye look. Learn more about mega volume lashes, cost, maintenance, and more!

mega volume lash extensions

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Full, voluminous eyelashes will always be in style, so naturally, the lash extensions community needs to keep up with high demand and shake things up a bit from time to time to stay relevant.

Mega volume lash extensions are the trend du jour and have come to replace regular volumes. They are, however, not a look that’s easy for everyone to rock, thanks to their dramatic effect.

Here is all you need to know about the trendy mega volume lash extensions.

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What Are Mega Volume Lash Extensions?

Mega volume lashes are essentially a newer, more advanced version of volume lash extensions.

The mega volume look is achieved by using a big number of very light and thin extensions to create a fan. Each mega volume fan uses 6 to 16 extensions with diameters between 0.03 to 0.05 mm to achieve maximum fullness.

Mega volume eyelash extensions are perfect for special occasions or as an addition to a bold makeup look.

However, they are not the most versatile style of eyelash extensions, so if you prefer a more natural-looking lash enhancement, opt for classics or hybrids instead.

what are mega volume lash extensions
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What’s the Difference Between Volume & Mega Volume Lashes?

The main difference between mega volume lashes and regular or Russian volumes is the diameter and the sheer number of extensions used to create a fan.

There is no clear cutoff line that distinguishes mega volume lashes from standard volume lashes.

But generally speaking, each mega volume fan uses 6 to 16 extensions with diameters between 0.03 to 0.05 mm, while a regular volume fan will use 2 to 5 extensions with diameters between 0.05 to 0.07 mm.

This is why the mega volume lash set creates a much denser and darker look.

Here’s an overview of other lash extension styles.

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Are Mega Volume Lash Extensions Safe?

Yes, when applied by a licensed and experienced lash technician.

Mega volume extensions are the most complex lash extension style and as such, they require a high level of expertise to apply in a manner that won’t damage the natural lash or cause any discomfort.

It’s important that a lash technician accurately assesses the state of your natural eyelashes to make sure that the weight of these extensions isn’t too heavy on your natural eyelashes.

These extensions can only work on very strong natural lashes so finding the perfect balance between their dimension, diameter, and length before creating a fan is crucial in making the whole process as safe as possible.

Mistakes to Avoid

When choosing to book an appointment with an inexperienced lash tech, there are certain things that can go wrong and result in not only unappealing lashes but natural lash damage as well.

The most common mistake that happens due to lack of experience is applying the extensions in a way that completely fills all the natural lashes, regardless of the growth stage they are in.

Applying mega volume fans on baby lashes (new lash growth that is fine and short) can be the number one cause of damaging the client’s natural lashes.

The second most common mistake is improper isolation when applying mega volume lash extensions.

Mega volume lashes are the hardest to properly isolate because the base of the lash line becomes very thick. It’s very important to make sure that a fan is applied only on 1 single natural eyelash and that the lashes aren’t sticking together.

How Long Do Mega Volume Lashes Last?

Mega eyelash extensions can last up to 7-8 weeks without infills.

When applied correctly, mega volume lashes can last longer than other extension styles.

This is due to the larger surface area for the adhesive to stick to since mega volumes wrap around the natural lash instead of sitting on top of it. The result of this action is a longer-lasting bond.

To further prolong the effect of mega volume eyelash extensions, you can book regular infills every 3-4 weeks to keep them in good condition.

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How Long Does It Take to Apply Mega Volume Lashes?

A full set of mega volume eyelash extensions takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to apply.

The length of the procedure depends mostly on the number of natural eyelashes you have, but also on the skills and experience of your chosen lash technician.

How Much Do Mega Volume Lash Extensions Cost?

You can expect your mega volume set to cost around $250-$300 in most salons, and an additional infill costing about $90-$95.

Mega volume extensions are the most expensive style that you can get.

This is mainly because applying a mega volume lash set requires hours of practice and training, plus a high level of expertise. Not only that, but they take double the time to apply when compared to regular classic extensions.

Learn how much other lash extensions styles cost here.

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions Maintenance

In order to get the best, long-lasting results from your treatment, you must follow a simple maintenance and aftercare routine:

  • Don’t get your mega volume extensions wet 48h after treatment.
  • Don’t sleep face down to prevent your lashes from falling out prematurely.
  • Don’t scratch, poke, or rub your lash extensions.
    Avoid using oil-based products around your eyes.
  • Brush your lashes with a clean spoolie once a day.
  • Give your lashes a regular lash bath to avoid oil buildup and infection.

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions Maintenance
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Can You Wear Mascara on Mega Volume Lashes?


Wearing mascara over mega volume eyelash extensions is strongly prohibited as it can ruin the look that took so much time and effort to create. It can also cause your extensions to fall out prematurely because it is quite hard to remove.

Not only that, but mascara can add weight to your extensions which in this case, tend to be heavier than other extension styles, resulting in breakage and damage to your natural lashes.

How to Remove Mega Volume Lash Extensions?

Like with any other lash extension style, as your natural lashes begin to grow, the lashes to which your extensions are attached begin to fall out.

This may create an unbalanced look and you might be tempted to remove your mega volume lash extensions by yourself. By doing so, you risk damaging your natural lashes from all the pulling and rubbing.

Instead, book a lash removal appointment with your tech to do it as safely as possible, while preserving the integrity of your natural eyelashes.

Learn more about lash extension removal here.

Mega Volume Lash Extensions – Main Takeaways

Mega volume eyelash extensions are a trendy new technique for adding volume to your eyelashes. They are big, bold, and dramatic so if you like more natural-looking extensions, mega volumes are not the best choice.

The biggest perk of getting mega volume lashes besides creating a thick, dark lash line, is that they last longer than regular extensions like classics, hybrids, and volumes due to the technique in which they are applied.

To achieve the best results and prevent damage to your natural lashes, booking an appointment with an experienced lash tech is a must.



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