DIY Eyelash Extensions - How to Do Lash Extensions at Home

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on December 20, 2022

Find out all about at home lash extensions, their cost, and why you should consider doing them instead of booking a regular lash extension appointment.

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At home lash extensions can be tricky to master, but if done right, they can be a great alternative to wearing mascara and false eyelashes. If you’re contemplating trying out the trend yourself, continue reading this article to learn everything there is to know about DIY eyelash extensions, including a step-by-step guide.

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What Are DIY Eyelash Extensions?

DIY eyelash extensions are individual false eyelashes applied one by one to your natural lashes in order to achieve volume and length. They usually come in a DIY lash extension kit that contains individual lashes, a semi-permanent adhesive, and all the necessary tools for the procedure.

How to Do Eyelash Extensions at Home

At home eyelash extensions are generally easy to apply and to remove using tools included in a DIY lash extensions kit.

It takes some time and practice to achieve truly amazing results, but don’t let that discourage you from trying. Once you gain some confidence in your skills, you can start to enjoy all the benefits that DIY lash extensions have to offer. Here’s a step-by-step look at the procedure:

Step 1 – Choosing a DIY Lash Extensions Kit

Since lash extensions became a popular semi-permanent makeup treatment, a lot of DIY lash extension kits have hit the market. 

The most important thing to note is that your kit must contain all the essential tools for you to successfully perform the treatment at home. Those tools are individual lashes, semi-permanent eyelash adhesive or glue, and an applicator such as tweezers.

Step 2 – Sanitizing and Prep

It is important to keep your hands and the tools you need for your procedure as clean as possible in order to lower the risk of infection.

With so many different eyelash extension kits available today, there are many different guides to prep and application so this would be the best time to read the instructions carefully, gently clean your lashes of sebum and makeup residue, and prepare everything you need for the procedure.

Step 3 – Lash Mapping and Placement

The next step in doing at home lash extensions is mapping out the placement that best suits your eye shape and gives you the look you want to achieve. 

Your kit will come with individual lashes that vary in length so it is advisable to place the lashes in a way that enhances the eye shape (i.e. longer lashes in the center and shorter lashes in the corners).

Some of the most popular mapping styles for eyelash extensions are Dolly, Squirrel, and Kim K. and you can find them all easily online. Once you’ve decided on a style, you can print out the image to suit your eye shape and use the illustration as your guide.

lash extension maps

Step 4 – Applying Lashes One by One

When applying the lashes, it is important to firstly prep the glue or adhesive that came with your kit by putting a small droplet on a clean, flat surface. 

Next, pick up the lash with your applicator and apply a thin layer of glue by dipping. Wait 10-15 seconds or until the glue becomes tacky, then fan the lashes to speed up the drying process. 

Carefully place the first lash on the center part of your eyelashes. Your eyelash extensions should stick to your natural lashes, so be careful not to glue them to your eyelids. Continue adding lashes to the inner and outer corners of the lash line until you’ve achieved your desired look.

Step 5 – Finishing Touches

Once you’ve finished applying the lashes, wait 10-15 minutes for the glue to dry. The next step is to gently squeeze the extensions together with your natural lashes and gently brush them through to blend and secure their placement. 

Use makeup remover or lash remover to wipe off any residual glue and mistakes you’ve made along the way.

What Are the Pros of DIY Eyelash Extensions?

  • DIY eyelash extensions are a budget-friendly alternative to professional salon lash extensions.
  • They can be applied easily at home using a kit that contains everything needed for the procedure, for a fraction of the price of traditional extensions.
  • They are available in various lengths and shapes and are a perfect way to boost the volume of your natural lashes.
  • Lash fills don’t require visiting your artist. As your extensions begin to fall off, you can easily replace them by yourself at any given moment.
  • You can say goodbye to your mascara for almost 20 days, so saving some time on applying and removing makeup is an added benefit of DIY lash extensions.

pros of DIY eyelash extensionsImage source: YouTube Screenshot itshoneybii

What Are the Cons of DIY Eyelash Extensions?

  • They require a skilled, precise hand and a lot of patience to achieve a natural-looking result. So if you’re not particularly gifted with applying mascara and false lashes in the first place, then it’s better for you to go to a professional.
  • You need to be careful when assessing your natural lashes and choosing the right length and thickness of eyelash extensions. If they are too heavy, they may be uncomfortable to wear and they can damage your natural lashes.
  • The results of DIY lash extensions don’t last as long as professional ones – a lash technician will use a professional-grade adhesive that has a stronger, more durable grip, while DIY lash kits include lash glues and adhesives that are easier to manipulate and as a result, last for approximately 2 weeks.

How Much Does a DIY Lash Extension Kit Cost?

There are many DIY eyelash extension kits available on the market with prices starting from $15 upwards. The average price for most DIY lash extension kits is around $25-$30. Prices vary depending on the included tools in the kit and eyelash materials, with mink lashes being the most expensive.

DIY Eyelash Extensions vs Professional Eyelash Extensions

Applying individual lashes by yourself takes time, patience, and energy to master. Still, being able to do lash extensions at home without having to look for a technician is a really convenient perk and something worth trying at least once in your lifetime. 

DIY lash extensions are generally affordable and easy to find, so booking expensive lash appointments is no longer a necessity for some people.

However, DIY lashes are no match for professionally done eyelash extensions when it comes to their durability and longevity. Professional lash extensions can outlast many harsh weather conditions and are a great asset when swimming and going on vacation. 

Applying lash extensions in a way that best suits your natural lashes and your eye shape can be challenging for most people so if you’re looking for even results, it is highly recommended to book an appointment with a professional.

DIY Eyelash Extensions vs Professional Eyelash ExtensionsImage source: YouTube Screenshot Melina Tesi

Maintenance and Aftercare

If you want to get the maximum out of your lash extensions, some TLC is in order. Here’s a look at what to avoid doing after your DIY eyelash extension procedure:

  • Don’t rub your eyes and lashes
  • Be gentle when washing your face
  • Use a foam cleanser to wash your lashes
  • Avoid using waterproof mascara

How to Remove DIY Eyelash Extensions

Your new voluminous lashes can last up to 15 days with basic upkeep, like a gentle cleansing. They will most likely begin to fall off naturally, but if you decide to take them off it’s important to do so properly. 

First thing’s first – do not pull them! By pulling out your extensions you risk damaging your natural eyelashes. 

Use oils like coconut oil and castor oil, or oil-based makeup removers exclusively when removing your eyelash extensions. 

Simply saturate a cotton pad with the remover, and gently rub in until all faux lashes are removed. If lash glue residue remains, try taking it off with makeup remover.

If you want to reuse the lashes, you can do that by cleaning them thoroughly with makeup remover and isopropyl alcohol. 

Click here for an in-depth guide to removing your eyelash extensions.

how to remove diy eyelash extensions
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DIY Eyelash Extensions – Main Takeaways

DIY lash extensions at home are an ideal solution for anyone who wants to add more volume to their existing lashes without breaking the bank on professional lash extension appointments.

DIY eyelash extensions are applied under your natural eyelashes. This allows them to blend well, giving off a natural look. All you need is a DIY eyelash extensions kit and a little patience for achieving the best possible result. 

Although DIY lash extensions can save you some money, if you seek professional quality lash extensions, you should book an appointment with an experienced lash technician.

Not only will you get flawless results, but you will also enjoy your lash extensions for longer periods of time since they are applied with high-quality adhesives – now that’s something worth investing in!


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