Eyelash Extensions for Hooded Eyes – Best Styles to Try Out

By Emily M.| Last updated on February 17, 2023
eyelash extensions for hooded eyes
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Eyelash extensions should always be applied in a way that enhances the lash line and improves the eye shape. So, the correct assessment by an experienced lash tech is crucial before the application begins.

Hooded eyes require a bit of extra attention to ensure that the chosen style and shape aren’t overwhelming, or make the eyes look tired and droopy.

Read this article to find out more about what hooded eyes are, which are the best styles of eyelash extensions for hooded eyes, plus which styles to avoid.

What Are the Characteristics of Hooded Eyes?

Let’s start off by answering the question What are hooded eyes, exactly?

Hooded eyes, or hooded eyelids to be exact, are an eye shape where a bit of extra skin folds down from the brow bone, over the upper eyelids, making the crease of the eye less visible. This can cause the eyes to appear smaller and more closed.

Most people with hooded eyes may also have a more prominent brow bone, and a deep-set crease. These characteristics can make the eyes appear more down-turned and droopy.

Sometimes hooded eyes are a result of aging, but they can also be genetic. Booking an appointment with an experienced lash tech can correct unevenness in shape and make the eyes appear larger and more open.

There are many A-list celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively who are proud of their hooded eye shape and can be seen rocking beautifully done extensions for red carpets and special events.

Jennifer Lawrence hooded eyes
Image source: Instagram @jenniferlawrence_

What Type of Curl Is Best for Hooded Eyes?

When considering the best eyelash extensions for hooded eyes, we first need to talk about the curl. It is important to choose a lash curl that can create an illusion of depth in the eyes and make an impact even without makeup.

That’s why the L, L+, and M curls are the tried and true lash extension choices for people with hooded eyes.

Let’s take a look at some of their differences and the effects they can create:

The M Curl

M curl extensions are similar to L curls, but with a shorter, flat base. This can create a smoother transition from the middle section of the lashes to the top. M curls go well with hooded eyes because they can add more lift to down-turned and droopy parts of the eyelids.

The L Curl

L curl extensions are among the most popular options for those who have hooded eyes. Their flat and straight base provides a strong connection with the natural eyelashes.

L-type extensions have a very slight curl to them that can open up hooded eyes and bring out their color.

The L+ Curl

L+ curls or LD curls come with a straight and flat base like regular L’s but have more exaggerated curls at their tip, similar to D curls. The L+ curl can give hooded eyes a more dramatic lash extension look.

What Are the Best Eyelash Extensions for Hooded Eyes?
Image source: Freepik

What Are the Best Eyelash Extensions for Hooded Eyes?

When choosing an eyelash extension shape for hooded eyes, the most important thing to keep in mind is to create an eye-opening effect and the illusion of a more prominent eyelid crease.

This can be achieved through careful placement and selection of different lash lengths and styles. Let’s take a look at some of the best lash extensions for hooded eyes:

Natural Eyelash Extensions

Natural eyelash extensions are done with classic lashes and are generally suitable for all eye shapes, including hooded eyes.

For those who prefer a more subtle look, a natural style of eyelash extensions can be great because it typically involves applying shorter lashes and evenly spacing them, instead of creating volume.

Natural Eyelash Extensions classic eyelash extensions for hooded eyes
Image source: Instagram @lashesbyaika

Cat-Eye Eyelash Extensions

The cat-eye eyelash extensions imply applying longer lashes on the outer corners of the eyes, and shorter ones in the inner corners, which can create a subtle lift and elongation.

Cat eyelash extensions on hooded eyes help open up the eye and create a more defined crease. However, it is important to choose lashes that are tapered and not too thick, so as not to overpower the eye and further exaggerate its hooded appearance.

Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions

Dollies are great for hooded eyes since they can help camouflage excess skin, and also brighten up the eyes.

The doll-eye style involves longer lashes in the center of the eye, which creates a more rounded look. This can help to counteract the droopiness of hooded eyes and make the eyes look more open and awake.

doll eyelash extensions for hooded eyes
Image source: Instagram @tiffxeyelashes

Wispy Eyelash Extensions

If you’re looking to get a slight lifting, fluttery effect, then wispies are a perfect choice.

The wispy lash extension style involves lashes that are varied in length and direction in which they are applied. This can be a good choice for those with hooded eyes, as the varied lengths help to create a more open and lifted appearance.

Which Lash Extension Styles Are Not Suitable for Hooded Eyes?

People with hooded eyes should avoid lash extensions with extreme curls, such as in the case of C and D curls.

Due to the natural shape of hooded eyes, the curls can get quite uncomfortable, and even poke the eyelids. Plus, a voluminous curl can visibly shrink the size of the eyes, which is the opposite effect of what you should be going for.

Hooded eyes are often confused with monolid eyes, but they are not the same. Hooded eyes can still have a crease but are characterized by excess skin hanging from the brow bone and folding on top of the upper eyelid.

If you have hooded eyes as a result of aging, you should avoid both volume extensions and wispies, and go instead for natural lashes done with classics.

To Sum Up

If you’re looking for the best eyelash extensions for hooded eyes, then a classic, natural set or a doll-eye look should be your best bet. They can provide your eyes with an enlarging effect and give you a more energized appearance.

Remember to book your appointment with a trained and experienced professional, to get the best possible results and correct the shape and unevenness of hooded eyes.

If you want to learn more about various lash extension styles, click here.

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