All About Eyebrow Wigs: How They Work, Where to Get Them & Are They Any Good

By Emily M.| Last updated on March 29, 2023
eyebrow wigs
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After the 00’s trend of overplucked brows, thick eyebrows have made a major comeback. There are a few ways to achieve this desirable look, including a whole range of makeup products, or semi-permanent and permanent treatments.

But there’s also a 3D option: eyebrow wigs.

PMUHub investigates what they are, how they work, who benefits from them, and whether they’re worth looking into. Let’s dive right in.

What Are Eyebrow Wigs?

Eyebrow wigs are exactly what the name implies: tiny wigs meant to be worn on your brows, instead of your natural eyebrow hairs.

Generally speaking, there are two types: synthetic eyebrows and wigs made of actual human hair.

Within those two categories, there are various styles to choose from.

Depending on the manufacturer, eyebrow wigs come in different hair colors and several different shapes. You can choose the color that best matches your hair and skin tone, and then trim and adapt the wig shape to suit your desired brow arch.

Image source: Instagram @itsthehairgirl

How Do You Put On a Brow Wig?

You put some special glue on the backside of the wig and then adhere the artificial eyebrow to the area of your natural brow. It’s like a little eyebrow toupee.

Unlike regular wigs for the head, which might rely on clips, tabs, etc. eyebrow wigs absolutely must have glue in order to stay in place during your everyday activities. There’s an adhesive that’s specially designed for this purpose and each brand usually sells their own.

Eyelash glue for strip lashes can also be used, however, it’s a hit-or-miss on whether it will work properly with your particular brand of eyebrow wigs, and many people report that it doesn’t hold for as long as regular brow wig glue.

So, unless you really can’t for some reason, always use the appropriate, manufacturer-provided brow wig adhesive to keep your little eyebrow toupee in place.

You might also be interested in temporary eyebrow tattoos.

How Do You Take Off a Brow Wig?

You peel it off. That’s literally it, not much else to it.

However, we do understand that everybody’s brow situation is different. You might be worried about damaging or even pulling out some of the brow hairs that you naturally have.

The adhesives used for eyebrow wigs are generally not strong enough or harsh enough to do genuine damage to your natural brows. But if your brows are already damaged, weak, or very thin, they will likely be more sensitive.

In that case, peeling off the brow wig might feel rather uncomfortable. You can decrease that discomfort by softening the adhesive before you remove your eyebrow toupee.

You can use a cotton swab with some skincare oil, or an oil-based makeup remover. Start at the inner end of the eyebrow wig (the end closer to your nose) and gradually peel off the wig while gently rubbing the oil product into the glue to make it come off smoothly.

Who Can Wear Artificial Eyebrows Wigs?

Anyone who wants to improve their eyebrow situation without the time-consuming hassle of applying brow makeup every day.

Eyebrow wigs were initially aimed at people who struggle with alopecia or trichotillomania, or who lost their eyebrows due to chemotherapy, aggressive medication, or overplucking.

However, with the rise of the thick brow trends, they experienced higher demand and are now more accessible. They’re popular among people whose brows are naturally okay, but too sparse, too light, or too fine for the full, rich look they want.

If you want to achieve thicker, fuller brows, but you’re tired of makeup routines and their 2D results, you might give eyebrow wigs a chance.

How Do You Take Care of a Brow Wig?

Periodically wash them and avoid doing anything that would damage them.

Here are some rules of thumb:

  • Don’t rub or scrape your eyebrow wigs
  • Avoid scratching the brow area
  • Avoid soaking the brows for extended periods of time (e.g. swimming)
  • Try to avoid excessive sweating
  • Don’t apply any cosmetics to the brow area before you stick the wigs on
  • Don’t let glue accumulate on the back of the wigs
  • Wash by gently swirling in cool water (optionally with a drop of mild cleanser)
  • Gently pat dry with a soft towel or let air dry

Specific care instructions will depend on the manufacturer, so make sure you carefully study the info that comes with your eyebrow wigs and follow it to a T.

Are Eyebrow Wigs Reusable?

Yes! Most models of eyebrow wigs are good for a few months.

Exactly how long they last varies between manufacturers and depends on the following factors:

  • The material of the eyebrow wigs
  • The adhesive (brow wig glue)
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your maintenance of the brow wigs
  • Environmental factors

Generally speaking, you can expect your eyebrow wigs to last anywhere between 2-4 months. The better care you take of them, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy them. Of course, eventually you’ll have to purchase a replacement.

If you try your faux brows and absolutely love them, you might want to stock up. If not, take the opportunity when you need a new pair and try a new color, shape, manufacturer, or type.

How Long Can You Wear an Eyebrow Wig?

On an everyday level, a good brow wig will stay in place throughout your day and all your activities. In other words, you can wear them with no major care for 12+ hours.

If you really want to sleep with them on for some reason, you technically can, but it’s not recommended. There are two reasons for this: wig damage and skin health.

First off, we all move around as we sleep. We shift positions, rotate our heads on our pillows, etc. You’re bound to rub your brows against something. The damage might be slight, but it will accumulate, and they won’t last for as long as they otherwise would.

Secondly, remember that this is a foreign object that you’re sticking onto your face with glue every day.

Your skin will appreciate a break. Take your wigs off before bedtime, remove the adhesive from your skin and the back of the brow, and give your face a chance to rest and breathe.

Where Can You Get Eyebrow Wigs?

Primarily online. If a brand you’re interested in has a store somewhere in your area, you might try checking it out in person, but most people get their brow wigs off the internet.

Particularly on Amazon eyebrow wigs are fairly affordable and there’s a wide selection. Here’s our pick:

Mission Brows by Volition Beauty

Mission Brows by Volition Beauty were initially meant for chemo patients and people who struggle with hair loss disorders. They were created by a cancer survivor with that particular mission, hence the name, and 30% of their earnings go to the Ulman Cancer Fund.

Mission Brows are vegan, cruelty-free, and recyclable, made of 100% responsibly-sourced human hair. They’re also clean, which means they’re gluten-free, paraben-free, petroleum-free, phthalates-free, sulfates-free, and don’t contain mineral oils.

As such, they’re suitable for all skin types. The shape and size leave you plenty of room to customize them. Trim them down to the size you want and give them the shape you prefer.

So, Are Eyebrow Wigs Worth It?

Depends on what you want long-term. They’re very helpful to people with sparse, thin, fine, or damaged eyebrows.

Eyebrow wigs will certainly save you time and money on brow makeup, once you get the hang of applying them. That said, they do need maintenance and you still have to take them off every evening and reapply them every morning. So there’s still some hassle.

Altogether, they aren’t the ideal long-term solution for eyebrow loss. If you want a natural-looking eyebrow reconstruction that will last a long time without the tedious glue routine, consider permanent makeup or semi-permanent treatments instead.

Treatments such as eyebrow microblading, nanoblading, powder brows, ombre brows, combo brows, nano brows, microshading, brow tinting, henna brows, and eyebrow lamination offer a wide variety of ways to get gorgeous brows that last longer than a day.

Finally, if you absolutely want a 3D solution instead of a brow tattoo, you can consider an eyebrow transplant procedure.

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