Eyebrow Trends 2024: Bleached, Ultra-Thin, Arched & More

By Katarina V.| Last updated on March 14, 2024
eyebrows trends 2024
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Beautiful brows have always been trendy – they are the focal point of your face, frame your eyes, and give symmetry and expression. From ultra-skinny ‘90s eyebrows, to laminated, bushy ones, the trends have been changing and evolving.

Things are pretty much the same this time around, and we made a list of 2024 brow trends that have been gracing our feeds lately. If you want to change your makeup routine and experiment with your look, then keep reading.

Statement Eyebrows

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Maison Margela’s Spring-Summer 2024 fashion show in February had the whole Internet in awe, and we couldn’t keep our eyes away.

The legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath made the skin of the models look like glass and almost porcelain-like.

As for the brows, they were pencil-thin and long. The main goal of this brow is to elongate the eye shape and open up that area so that it’s easier to put the rest of the makeup on.

statement eyebrowsImage source: Instagram @branalunan

This trend resembles the ultra-skinny ‘90s brows, but with a modern twist to it. But, as the name suggests, it’s definitely a statement to show up with this brow style.

If you’re up for rocking it, then you need to know how to glue down your eyebrows to avoid shaving them down. However, some people really enjoy that look too, and it’s always easier to draw the perfect lines on a smooth canvas!

With this kind of shape, you can have that seductive, cat-like gaze (resembling the iconic ‘90s), or go all in and recreate some of Pat McGrath’s avant-garde makeup looks!

Whichever way you go, rest assured that you will be noticed, and those selfies will be iconic.

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Bleached Eyebrows

We’ve all seen bleached brows on the runways, but lately, they have found their way into our everyday makeup routines too. There’s just something special about white, icy brows, and some people just look ethereal with them.

Celebrities worldwide have embraced the look too, and A-listers like Madonna and Kendall Jenner seem to can’t have enough of it. If you want to do something bold with your brows but don’t want them to be too dark, go for the bleached look.

julia fox bleached eyebrowsImage source: Instagram @juliafox

Of course, you need to know how to avoid damage after bleaching your brows, as it can cause hair loss and, sometimes, permanent damage. So, it’s always best to let a professional take care of it.

If you want to bleach your brows the natural way, there are some options to consider too, but don’t expect results as dramatic as with regular bleach.

With this 2024 brow trend, you can expect an avant-garde look that’s simply showstopping and unexpected. Your makeup will be more accentuated and bold, making this style perfect for those who like to stand out.

@shaaynemarie Replying to @milfintraining32 also always be careful - take bleach off if you’re experiencing severe pain & follow directions!!! #bleachedbrows ♬ original sound - shayne marie

Low-Maintenance (Natural) Brows

If you’re the type of person who has a minimalistic approach to skincare and makeup, or simply wears their brows without any products on them, you will be happy to hear that natural brows never went out of style.

As the old saying goes, natural is always in, and things will be the same in 2024 too. The explosion of the natural brow trend happened after the 2020 pandemic, when lockdown made us all low-maintenance and au naturel.

Many celebrities enjoy the natural look, only grooming their brows to get that effortless look.

cara delevigne natural browsImage source: Instagram @caradelevingne

Eyebrow grooming at home is actually pretty easy when you get used to it, and it will help you maintain your natural eyebrows on a budget.

Of course, if you think they’re a bit sparse for your liking, simply use a brow gel and a pencil to fill them in. There are so many brow products on the market, so it’s up to you to pick those that suit your brow needs the best.

Laminated Eyebrows

Brow lamination is probably one of the most popular beauty treatments all over the world, and for a good reason. This procedure just showed up a few years ago and gained incredible popularity.

The main benefit of laminated brows, aside from symmetry and fuller brows, is low maintenance because your brows are basically done! You just need to brush them with a spoolie in the morning, and you’re good to go.

laminated eyebrowsImage source: Instagram @browsby_lupemua

Of course, just like with any other beauty treatment, it’s important to follow all the aftercare tips to make sure your brows stay healthy and nourished.

There are options to DIY eyebrow lamination at home, but you need to follow all the instructions and choose a high-quality kit to avoid any potential complications or allergic reactions.

It’s always better to visit a professional if you aren’t sure how to do it yourself.

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Arched Eyebrows

For quite some time, straight brows have been all over our home feeds, but when it comes to eyebrow styles in 2024, it’s all about arches. The news is in, and arched brows are officially back.

Eyebrows with high arches are often seen as timeless and beautiful, and this year, they made their comeback. They are great at giving you expression, and it’s always nice to have more room for eyeshadow and makeup.

Also, if you want to lift your eyes and look sophisticated, arched brows will do all of that and more!

kendal jenner arched eyebrowsImage source: Instagram @kendalljenner

To achieve this look, simply tweeze a bit underneath your natural arch and shave the redundant hair. You can also tint your brows to make them a bit darker. Tinted eyebrows with a higher arch look great on almost everyone!

If you can’t achieve symmetry or are afraid of overplucking your brows, opt for a professional threading appointment and get the brows of your dreams!

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Eyebrow Trends for 2024: Product Recommendations

To achieve any of these looks, you need some good product recommendations. Without further ado, here’s all you need for 2024 eyebrow trends.

Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Glue Stick

If you want to have a smooth canvas to draw your thin eyebrows on, then you need a disappearing glue stick. It will make sure your brows are firmly glued down, so you can powder them and go in with concealer.

DISCLAIMER: Although the product is free of toxic substances, there is no indication for use on the skin. Using it on the skin is an off-label use: do so at your own responsibility.

JOLEN Facial Bleach Cream

To bleach your eyebrows safely, you need a good bleach kit that has all the tools you need. This one will do just that, for a great price. Just make sure to follow the instructions on the packaging.

MIYA Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Kit

This lamination kit will suit you just fine when it comes to having lifted and snatched eyebrows. Bonus tip: it also allows you to do lash lamination at home!

Kitsch Dermaplaning Tool

If you like the look of highly-arched eyebrows, then you need a dermaplaning tool in your beauty kit. This is a 12-piece set and with sanitizing, you can reuse each razor a few times.

So, Which 2024 Eyebrow Trend Are You Trying?

Do you want to try a high, seductive arch? Or, do you want to experiment with bleached brows? Whichever 2024 eyebrow trend you choose, rest assured you will be Gen-Z approved.

This year, it’s all about reinventing yourself, experimenting with different trends and techniques, and choosing those that fit you best. Also, it’s okay if multiple eyebrow styles fit you because you get the chance to do something different!

Remember, the most important thing is creating the best version of yourself, and 2024 eyebrow trends are there to help you do just that.

Cover Image Source: Pexels



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