Eyebrow Tinting vs Microblading – Brow Treatments Compared

By Emily M.| Last updated on March 31, 2023
eyebrow tinting vs microblading
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Brow enhancement options more long-lasting than regular makeup have become a basic necessity. Who has time to draw on their brows every morning, right? Getting a treatment that will give you great brows that last a while are huge time and energy savers.

But which enhancement should you go for when there’s so much to choose from? To help you narrow down your choices, let’s compare eyebrow tinting vs microblading, the 2 most well-known options in terms of their effects, the longevity of the results, safety, cost and convenience.

But First, Some Basic Info

Before we start comparing the treatments, we should say a few words about what they actually are! So let’s do a quick recap:

Eyebrow Tinting

Tinting your brows is a lot like dying your hair. There are special dyes formulated for eyebrows which you can use to make your brows look darker and stand out more.

The process is quite simple – you apply the tint to your brows, leave it on for long enough to let the color soak into the hairs, and wash it off. Your eyebrows will appear thicker, not only because their color will be darker, but also because the tint will make all those thin baby hairs which were previously invisible show.

You can get it as a professional treatment, or do it yourself.

You can find a more detailed explanation of the brow tinting procedure in our guide.

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Microblading is essentially a form of brow tattooing. It implies drawing on little strokes on the skin between the brow hairs, which look just like them.

It’s done with a super-thin blade that is dragged through the skin to make shallow incisions which are then filled with permanent makeup pigments. The treatment is done over 2 sessions, with the first one doing most of the work, and the 6-8 touch up used to add some more pigment into the strokes and add finishing touches.

So it’s a more complex procedure, but still relatively non-invasive, since only the surface layers of the skin are treated (the epidermis and the dermis).

You can find a more detailed explanation of microblading in our guide.

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Eyebrow Tinting vs Microblading Side by Side Comparison

Let’s compare the 2 treatments according to key points:

The Effects

Both treatments enhance your brows and make them look attractive, more prominent, but still natural-looking, like you’re not wearing any brow makeup.

If you already have relatively full brows, that is. If your eyebrows are sparse or have bald patches, eyebrow tinting might not work well. If there are few brow hairs to darken, your arches will stay as thin as they were. They’ll be more prominent, but you might still find yourself reaching for your brow pencil.

If that is the case, microblading is the treatment for you. Microblading can give your brows a different shape, while brow tinting can only work with your existing hairs. The microblading technique means adding faux brow hairs into the arches, and it can even create brows from scratch for people who have no brows at all!

So the winner is: microblading! It can give you your dream brows.

The Longevity of the Results

Brow tinting is a form of dye. Microblading is a form of a tattoo.

The results of an eyebrow tint can last up to 8 weeks. This is how long it takes for every brow hair you had in the moment of tinting to be replaced with a new hair which hasn’t been treated. As your brows are falling out, your arches will gradually go back to their natural color. Only after all the dyed hairs are gone can you repeat the treatment. Repeating the procedure before that can lead to the hairs getting dried out and becoming brittle and fragile.

The results of microblading, on the other hand, can last up to 18 months, or even longer. Although it’s a form of tattoo, microblading is done in such a way that ensures it fades after a certain time. Your body gradually extracts the pigment from the skin, so the results need to be retouched every year and a half or so if you want to keep them.

So the winner is: microblading, again. In terms of longevity of eyebrow tinting vs microblading, the latter takes the cake.

longevity of the results microbladingImage source: Instagram @phistudiojelena


There’s very little that can go wrong with eyebrow tinting. There’s only the possibility of an allergic reaction, which can be prevented if you do a patch test beforehand. Before you apply it right on your face, test it on a tiny portion of skin, let it sit for 48 hours, and if everything’s fine, you’re good to go.

With microblading, the risks are somewhat more serious. Since the skin is broken, there’s a minor chance of infection during the treatment or in the days after it. Since a blade cuts through the skin, there’s a possibility of scar tissue forming. And again, there’s the possibility of allergies, since various components will come into contact with the skin.

So the winner is: eyebrow tinting in this case, since the risks are so minor. But microblading is perfectly safe if it’s done right by a licensed, experienced artist, with proper prep and aftercare. A patch test must always be done!

patch testImage source: Instagram @grace_phiartist


Eyebrow tinting is super affordable. Even if you get a professional treatment with all the brow sculpting you need, it shouldn’t cost more than $50 dollars, unless you go to some super exclusive, high-end salon. If you DIY it, your only expense is a dye, which is like $20.

Microblading, however, is priced at an average of $600. The price can be much lower or much higher depending on who’s doing your brows and where, but it won’t exactly be cheap.

So the winner is: we can’t say. It all depends on what you want from the treatment. Yes, microblading can be expensive, but it’s a long-lasting investment in your looks. Brow tinting is dirt cheap, but it can be time-consuming in the long run. So which costs you more between eyebrow tinting vs microblading depends on whether you want to save time or money.


Okay, microblading entails having your skin bladed, but it also gives you 18 months of great brows. You just need to go through 2 short treatments and a short aftercare period, and you can forget all about your brows. When you notice they’re faded so much you feel the need to fill them in with a pencil, you just book a touch up and prolong the results.

With eyebrow tinting, you have to dye your brows every 8 weeks.

So the winner is: microblading, obviously. Unless you’re really icky about needles, but it’s really not that scary, and it doesn’t hurt. Find out what microblading feels like here.

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Which Treatment Is Right for Me?

Well, we can’t really answer that question for you! It’s all down to your personal preferences and expectations. If you’re still on the fence, explore our Treatment Guides and our News section to learn more about eyebrow tinting vs microblading.

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