Eyebrow Shaving: What Are the Pros & How to DIY It

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on May 10, 2024

Eyebrow shaving is a quick and trendy way to change your brow shape without any long-term consequences. Here’s how to do it properly at home.

eyebrow shaving

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Eyebrows are a significant focus in the beauty world, and there are many trends to keep up with. 

Eyebrow shaving has become famous for its quick and easy transformation of your brow’s appearance without any commitment. 

This guide offers tips, tricks, and product recommendations for shaving your eyebrows at home. 

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The Rise of the Eyebrow Shaving Trend

The popularity of grooming methods goes hand in hand with the current trends. So with the comeback of skinny Y2K-inspired brows, and with the rise of currently the trendiest brow shape, straight brows – eyebrow shaving started raising in popularity too.

The immense popularity of eyebrow shaving in recent years can be attributed to the fact that people started seeking a way to keep their brows trendy without damaging the follicle like the prior generations that participated in the 90s overplucking craze.

This process is great since it involves using a razor to remove unwanted hair and shape the eyebrows. This way, you are only taking off the visible part of the brow hairs without ripping it from the root and risking damaging the hair follicle.

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Pros & Cons of Eyebrow Shaving

There are several advantages of shaving your eyebrows over using other grooming methods:

  • Doesn’t traumatize the root
  • Completely painless
  • More control over the shape
  • No aftercare is necessary
  • Doesn’t require visiting a salon

But there are also a few downsides to shaving your eyebrows:

  • Can be hard to get the hang of as you need to learn the right angles to control the tool
  • Risk of nicking or cutting the skin, which results in slight bleeding
  • Although side effects are minimal, there may be some redness and skin irritation
  • Results don’t last as long as with tweezing, threading, or waxing as those techniques pull the hair out from the root

How to Shave Eyebrows

The best way to shave eyebrows for you will vary depending on your eyebrow shape, thickness, and personal style.

First, you need to consider how much of your brow are you taking off – is it just the tail, slight shaping, or are you getting rid of it completely.

This is what will determine which method you should be using, because learning how to shave unibrow is much different from shaving part of the eyebrow.

Next, you need to gather the right tools. You will obviously need a razor, but pay attention to what kind of razor you get. Again, how to use eyebrow razor will differ from learning how to shave your eyebrows with a normal razor.

An eyebrow razor is essentially the same as a dermaplaning tool – a thin, sharp blade that has an easy-to-maneuver handle that makes it suitable for at-home use (which is crucial as using professional blades can be very risky).

There are a couple of categories for these blades: there are disposable ones, blades with replaceable heads, and electric trimmers.

How to Use Eyebrow Razor

Learning how to shape eyebrows with razor that is specifically designed for shaving your eyebrows is very easy to do.

You just need to make sure to hold the handle with a steady grip, ensuring that your fingers are comfortable and have control over the razor.

The razor should be held at a slight angle, preferably around 45 degrees. Additionally, you should use some sort of lubrication to lower the chances of nicking the skin.

Essentially, if you’re familiar with dermaplaning (or more accurately oilplaning) the procedure is pretty much the same. Read this guide to dermaplaning at home to learn more about what scraping the blade against the skin will do.

How to Shave Your Eyebrows With a Normal Razor

This technique only works for shaving off your brows completely. If you’re only looking to shorten your brows this may not be the best option since you won’t be able to see which part you’re shaving off clearly.

The best way to shave off your brows with a normal razor would be by using a shaving cream formulated for sensitive skin and gently taking the brows off in the direction of hair growth rather than against it (which is what we normally do).

This will help prevent any razor burns and unnecessary inflammation.

What Is the Best Way to Shave Eyebrows – Style Guide

There are a couple of ways you can achieve a shaved eyebrow look. Here’s how to shape eyebrows with razor:

Completely Shaved Brows

This technique involves completely removing all hair from the eyebrows, quite literally a blank canvas. The no-brows look is a bold and unconventional eyebrow trend that is surprisingly popular at the moment.

To achieve completely shaved brows, it is essential to use a clean and sharp razor or electric trimmer specifically designed for facial hair removal. Carefully shave the hairs, taking short, precise strokes.

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Shaving Part of Eyebrow

Shaving part of the eyebrow to reshape the tail is a technique used to remove a portion of the eyebrow at the outer end to create a new shape for the tail.

By shaving part of the eyebrow tail, you can create a sharper angle, a more rounded shape, or a higher arch, depending on your preference. Plus, this is a great way to participate in experimental brow trends without committing to them fully.

This technique should be done by using a small dermaplaning tool, which will give you a lot more control. Start by carefully shaving along the bottom or top edge of the tail in small, precise strokes. Go slowly to ensure accuracy, evaluating the results at each step to avoid over-shaving.

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Slit Brow Look

If you’re not sold on shaving the whole brow tail, eyebrow slits are also a thing. This is when lines are shaved down the brow. This look is edgy and interesting and this trend allows for creative expression and can be a fun way to experiment with eyebrow aesthetics.

To achieve this partially shaved eyebrow look, the brows are carefully marked and a precise cut is made using a sharp eyebrow razor. The placement of the slit is typically in the thickest part of the brow, closer to the outer end.

It’s worth noting that the slit brow look is temporary as the slit will close up as the hair grows back.

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Brow Shape Upkeep

While eyebrow shaving is often associated with a shaved eyebrow look – you don’t have to limit this grooming method to only using it to follow a trend.

This is a good way to thin brows into a desired shape without having to completely take them off. A lot of people are learning how to shave unibrow this way as grooming the outline of the brow is quite different. So, here’s how to shave between eyebrows:

You need to keep the eyebrow razor at an angle instead of horizontally. This will ensure you don’t make the brows too wide. But for this technique, you need to make sure you are using a special eyebrow razor. Do not use a regular razor as you’ll take off too much!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Shape Eyebrows With Razor

Shaving your eyebrows is definitely a bit of a delicate process. First of all, the skin around the eyes is relatively thin, so you need to be extremely careful, as it can be easy to scrape or cut yourself.

Following all the steps closely will help you do it as safely as possible.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools

Before you begin, you need to make sure you have everything you need at a hand’s reach. This includes:

  • Clean, sharp razor or eyebrow razor.
  • Some sort of lubricant like face oil or shaving cream
  • A clean towel or cotton pads.
  • A small comb or a spoolie brush.
  • An eyebrow pencil
  • A magnifying mirror (optional, but good for better visibility).

Using proper tools will help prevent razor rash and scarring. Here are our recommendations regarding the products you’ll need for shaving eyebrows:

Step 2: Prepare the Area

Before you begin eyebrow shaving, you need to prep the area to ensure the blade glides as smoothly as possible.

Make sure your eyebrows are clean and free from any makeup, oils, dirt, or previously used skincare products. If you want, you can apply a warm wet towel or pad to the brow area for a few minutes to soften the hair and open up the follicles.

Step 3: Determine the Desired Shape

Using an eyebrow pencil outline the desired shape of your eyebrows. This guideline will help you maintain symmetry and avoid shaving off too much hair.

Then, brush out your brows using a spoolie or brow comb to identify any stray or excess hairs that need to be removed. This will provide you with a clear vision of the desired brow shape before you start shaving.

Step 4: Start Shaving Slowly

Begin by holding the razor at a slight angle and lightly glide it in the direction of hair growth. Take short, precise strokes, and be careful not to press too hard.

Start from the bottom of the brow and work your way up, following the outline you created. After a few strokes, rinse the razor to remove any trapped hair and product buildup. This will ensure a smoother shaving experience and prevent clogging.

Frequently take breaks to assess your progress and ensure you’re on the right track.

Step 5: Clean Up

Once you’re satisfied with the shape and hair removal, gently rinse the eyebrow area with cool water to remove any remaining shaving cream or loose hairs. Pat dry with a clean towel or cotton pads.

You can also apply a soothing gel or aloe vera to the shaved area to calm the skin and reduce potential irritation. Avoid applying makeup or skincare products directly on the shaved area for a few hours to allow the skin to recover.

Professional Eyebrow Shaving

If you want to get the benefits of this grooming technique, but don’t trust yourself enough to try it out on your own, you can book it at a salon.

When opting for professional eyebrow shaving, you can expect several advantages over DIY methods as they are trained to consider factors such as hair growth patterns, brow symmetry, and individual preferences during the shaping process.

Plus, professionals also provide guidance throughout the process, offer maintenance advice, and may include additional steps like trimming or tinting.

Will Your Eyebrows Look the Same When They Grow Back?

Yes, your brows will grow back the same way they were.

However, eyebrow shaving only removes the hair at the surface, without removing it from the root like tweezing or waxing, so the regrown hair may feel slightly coarser than before.

So since the edge of the hair is blunt, it may appear differently textured but in actuality, the hair remains unaffected by the shaving process.

How Fast Do Eyebrows Grow Back After Shaving?

Eyebrow hair, like any other hair on the body, follows a natural growth cycle. After shaving your eyebrows, the rate of regrowth can vary depending on several individual factors, including individual genetics, age, overall health, and hormonal factors.

On average, eyebrow hair grows back within a week or two after shaving your eyebrows. However, it may take several weeks or even months for the hair to fully grow back to its original length.

If you want to encourage brow hair regrowth, check out this article.

So Is Shaving Your Brows Safe?

Shaving your eyebrows is safe if done carefully. Yet, it can cause razor rash and increase the risk of inflammation, which may damage hair follicles and cause thinning. 

Also, remember that your brows protect your eyes from debris, so be prepared for potential vulnerability to dust, dirt, and sweat.

Eyebrow Shaving – Main Takeaways

Eyebrow shaving can be a convenient and affordable method for removing unwanted hair.

However, it does have its limitations, including fast regrowth and potential skin irritation. Still, it’s a good way to achieve well-groomed eyebrows or to allow yourself to participate in brow trends without permanently altering your natural brow hairs.



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