Eyebrow Shapes: The 6 Best Eyebrow Styles For Every Face Shape

By Katarina V.| Last updated on June 22, 2022
eyebrow shapes for every face shape
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Eyebrows are possibly the most prominent feature of our faces, so getting the right eyebrow shape is an essential part of any makeup look. Apart from matching the color of the product you use to the color of your natural hairs, it is also very important to adapt their shape to your face.

There is no universal eyebrow arch that looks good on everyone. The best eyebrow shapes depends on your features; the overall shape of your face most of all. 

To give you some guidelines, here is an overview of the eyebrow shapes that best complement each face shape.

Eyebrow Shapes for Oval Face

Let’s start with the most common face shape. This is also the easiest shape to work with, as most brow shapes will look good and won’t visually add to its width or length.

However, professional makeup artists point out that the ideal brow shape for the oval face is a softly angled arch with the highest point towards the center of the brow and gentle curves towards the nose and outwards, towards the ears.

How to get perfect brows: If you have an oval face, you can relax and experiment a bit, you can’t go too wrong with any arch.

eyebrow shape for oval face RihannaImage source: Instagram @badgalriri

Eyebrow Shapes for Long Face

Elongated faces need flatter arches to balance them out. A straighter brow that is barely angled will visually shorten the face and widen it out a bit, so it doesn’t appear to be significantly longer than it is wide. Too much distance between the highest and the lowest point of the arch will add to the length of the face, drag it out, and make it look even thinner.

How to get perfect brows: If your brows naturally have sharp angles, pluck the top part of the arch, but pay attention not to pluck them too thin. Drag out the tail of the brow a bit towards your ears with a pencil to elongate the arch and make it softer. 

eyebrows shape for long face Liv TylerImage source: Instagram @misslivalittle

Eyebrow Shapes for Round Face

Round faces need prominent, sharp and full brows to give it structure and some sharpness. In this case, elongating the face is more than welcome.

How to get perfect brows: Focus on the highest point of the arch. Your pencil strokes should be denser here than towards the tail. You can even lift the arch a bit further up, but don’t go overboard. A high arch will make the cheek bones look more prominent and open up the eyes.

The so called S shaped brows are perfect for round faces. They start to go upwards, then dip a bit towards the highest point, dropping downwards to create a curve towards the tail. The initial dip is very common in natural brows, so if you happen to have one, there’s no need to correct it.

round face shape eyebrows shapeImage source: Instagram @chrissyteigen

Eyebrow Shapes for Square Face

To balance out the strong jawline, you need thick and sharp eyebrows. The trendy Kardashian styled brows work best with this shape.

How to get perfect brows: You should focus on the angle the most when filling in your eyebrows, you can even go for a slightly darker shade of pencil. Tweeze the top part of the tail starting right after the peak to make the angle as sharp as possible, but there’s no need for thinning out the rest of the arch. Also, long hairs add to the texture, so you don’t have to groom them.

An alternative is a curved shape that is more rounded than sharp. A smoothly rounded arch will soften any particularly strong feature. Avoid thin eyebrows.

margot robbie square face shape eyebrows shapeImage source: Instagram @margotrobbieofficial

Eyebrow Shapes for Heart-Shaped Face

A long, sharp chin is best balanced out by a soft arch. Imagine the curves of your brows to be the top of a heart, while your chin is the point at the bottom.

If your face is short and your features concentrated towards the center of the face, go for a higher arch that will lift your features.

How to get them: The goal is to soften sharp features, which the tapered brow shape does wonderfully. Pluck all stray hairs towards the end of the brow, making the tail gradually thinner, but all transitions should be soft.

heart shaped face Serena WilliamsImage source: Instagram @serenawilliams

Eyebrow Shapes for Diamond-Shaped Face

This is the trickiest face to complement with brows. The goal is to add length to the widest part of the face, so try a curved brow.

How to get them: You can either go for a more natural rounded shape or a sharply angled peak for a more dramatic look. Either way, go for a a flatter curve. The peak shouldn’t be significantly higher than the starting point of the brow.

eyebrows for diamond face shape Reese WitherspoonImage source: Instagram @reesewitherspoon

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