DIY Brow Lamination: Can I Do It at Home?

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on December 20, 2022

Find out how to achieve the results of brow lamination at home – what products you need, what’s the process like, and are there any risks.

DIY Brow Lamination: Can I Do It at Home?

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Eyebrow lamination is the hottest brow enhancement trend at the moment. It gives your arches a unique shape and texture, with all your hairs uplifted and fixed into that position, giving your brows extra thickness and definition.

Although it’s a much more economical option than other long-lasting brow-perfecting treatments, like microblading or powder brows, lamination bills can pile up, as you need to repeat the procedure every couple of months if you want to maintain the look.

So naturally, many people started wondering if they can get brow lamination at home, and tutorials started popping up all over Instagram and YouTube.

We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide through the DIY brow lamination process, answering all your questions and giving you extra tips.

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Is DIY Brow Lamination Possible?

The beauty industry is always coming up with ways to improve your looks with various products and techniques you can do at home. So they’ve answered the demand for a way to get the results of brow lamination at home by developing DIY brow lamination kits.

These bundles of tools and products contain everything you need to do at home brow lamination, and they come at relatively low prices, especially if you consider the fact that they provide you with enough supplies for multiple treatments.

So at home brow lamination is now available to everyone, but the question is, is it safe and should you do it?

Brow lamination is generally considered safe, as it’s totally non-invasive. But there are still certain risks involved, especially if you’re doing it yourself.

What Is Eyebrow Lamination?

Brow lamination is a brow enhancement option done topically, without breaking the skin, unlike permanent makeup.

It’s a way to fix your brow hairs into an upwards position, increasing the volume and doubling the thickness of brow arches. Brow hairs are straightened and brushed up, which maximizes their length, and then manipulated and fixed into a specific shape.

This is achieved by applying two types of chemicals onto the brows:

  • first, a relaxing keratin-based solution that straightens them,
  • then, a fixing formula that makes them stay in place for weeks.

The treatment involves placing a plastic wrap on the brow and forehead area to get the chemicals to do their magic, hence the name lamination.

It’s usually followed up with some tinting to make the hairs darker and shaping to get rid of stray hairs.

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How to Do Brow Lamination at Home

First off, it’s worth mentioning that you can achieve the look of laminated brows that will last for a day or so by using brow gels but don’t expect a strong hold. A slightly better option is soap brows – brushing your brows hairs with a spoolie you rubbed against a bar of plain old soap. Some influencers and MUAs achieve the look with wig glue.

None of these, however, last longer than a day.

If you want to achieve a long-lasting brow lamination at home, you need to buy a DIY brow lamination kit. Let’s go through the whole process together.

NOTE: It’s a good idea to do a patch test with each of the products from the kit 24 hours before you start your DIY brow lamination process. That way, you can be sure you won’t get an allergic reaction.

Step 1 – Choose a DIY Brow Lamination Kit

There are so many DIY brow lamination kits on the market it can be hard to choose. Obviously, you want to get top-quality supplies, since you’ll be applying chemicals directly to your brows and skin.

The best way to decide is to read through online reviews for multiple kits and see what works best for other brow enthusiasts.

Your kit must include:

  1. A lifting solution, or perm
  2. A setting solution, or fixator
  3. A nourishing formula

These are the chemicals you need to laminate your brows. The rest of the supplies you can buy separately.

You’ll also need:

  • A cleanser
  • A disposable spoolie wand
  • A smaller brush for applying the solutions
  • Plastic wrap

Of course, it’s simpler to just get a kit that contains all the equipment.

You should also pay attention to how many applications you can get out of it. Most contain enough product for 6-10 applications.

Some kits include extra products, like a gentle adhesive that can help you manipulate your brows before applying the solutions, or a protective stick for the skin around your brows.

WARNING: The chemicals in different DIY brow lamination kits may be used differently. Always read the instructions that come with the kit carefully, and follow them as closely as possible. Otherwise, you can cause damage to your brow hairs or skin.

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Step 2 – Cleanser

Before you apply the first solution, you need to clean your brows to remove any makeup residues and sebum off of your brows and skin underneath, otherwise, the solutions won’t work evenly.

Your kit will probably include a cleanser you’re supposed to use before and after the procedure, but whatever you normally use should do just fine.

Step 3 – Lifting Solution (Perm)

Apply the first solution to your brows and brush them in the direction you want your hairs to go in. Depending on your kit, the brush might be integrated into the product container, or separate. If your kit doesn’t include a brush at all, use a small brush for applying the solution, and a mascara wand for brushing.

Make sure all the hairs are covered with the solution.

Cover the brows with a piece of plastic and leave it on for 8-12 minutes (different kits state different times – make sure to follow the instructions).

Then remove the plastic and clean off the solution with a dry cloth.

Step 4 – Setting Solution (Fixator)

Brush your brows upwards and apply the second solution. Depending on your kit, the brush might be integrated into the product container, or separate. If your kit doesn’t include a brush at all, use a small brush for applying the solution, and a mascara wand for brushing.

Make sure all the hairs are covered with the solution.

Again, cover the brows with a piece of plastic and leave it on for 8-12 minutes (different kits state different times – make sure to follow the instructions).

Then remove the plastic and clean off the solution with a dry cloth.

Step 5 – Nourishing Solution

Finally, apply the nourishing solution that came in the kit to your brows. This will give your brows strength and a gorgeous gloss.

Step 6 – Optional Trimming and Tinting

If you want to tidy up your laminated brows a bit, you can trim the excess hairs that stick out above the brow arches.

Additionally, you can tint your brows to make them darker for an even more dramatic look. At home brow lamination kits usually don’t include a brow tint, as you need to match your color to your hair.

How Much Does a DIY Brow Lamination Kit Cost?

The price of the DIY brow lamination kit varies based on the amount of product you get, and whether some of the extra equipment besides the solutions is included or not. The price range is generally between $15 and $50.

There are also many 2-in-1 kits that also include supplies for a DIY lash lift. Those tend to be a bit more expensive.

How Long Do the Effects of DIY Brow Lamination Last?

The effects of at home brow lamination last the same as those of a professional brow lamination – up to 6 weeks, or until your brow growth cycle ends. Once the laminated brow hairs fall out, you’ll lose the shape.

How Often Can I Get DIY Brow Lamination?

Once the results of your DIY brow lamination disappear, you might be tempted to repeat the procedure and get them back.

However, you must wait at least 6 weeks before you can do it again. Any sooner than that, and you’ll damage your brow hairs, causing them to become brittle and break easily.

Is DIY Brow Lamination Safe?

Since brow lamination at home or at a salon involves chemicals being applied directly to your brows and skin, there are certain risks involved.

First, there’s the risk of an allergic reaction. Your skin could be sensitive to the solutions and they could cause inflammation – redness, itching, burning sensation, etc. This can be prevented by conducting a patch test on a small area of the skin 24 hours before the procedure.

Then, the chemicals could damage your brow hairs if you leave them on for too long or use them improperly. That’s why it’s super important to follow the instructions that come with your kit.

It may be obvious but no harm in mentioning it – never try to mix your own brow lamination solutions! You can damage your brows and skin.

Finally, DIY brow lamination inevitably dries out your brow hairs, so you have to take care of them after the procedure – otherwise, they’ll become fragile and start breaking. This means regular moisturization and conditioning. Most experts recommend castor oil.

Which Is Better - Professional or DIY Brow Lamination?
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Which Is Better – Professional or DIY Brow Lamination?

When you go to a professional for brow lamination, you don’t have to worry about anything. They’ll do a patch test to prevent an allergic reaction, they know how to use the solutions, and they’ll give you proper aftercare instruction.

You will, however, have to pay a higher price. The average cost of professional brow lamination is $83 in the US.

If you decide to do your brow lamination at home, you’ll save some money, since a kit is cheaper than that, and you can use it for multiple treatments. You also don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, and it’ll take you less time altogether.

However, no one can guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with the results the first few times you do it. The kits are quite easy to use, but you may miss some spots when covering your brows with the solutions, or you may apply them unevenly. If you leave the chemicals on for too long, you can cause damage to the brow hairs; if you remove it too early, you won’t get the full effect.

So the question of whether it’s better to do brow lamination at home or at a salon depends on your priorities and whether you can follow the instructions as closely as possible.

DIY Brow Lamination – Main Takeaways

You can do brow lamination at home if you buy a DIY brow lamination kit. The kits are relatively easy to use, but some of them are of higher quality than others. Choosing the right kit is the most important step, so do your research and look through reviews.

The process itself involves applying 2 solutions to the brows and shouldn’t take you more than half an hour to complete. It’s relatively safe, but make sure you follow the instructions included in the kit.

The effects last as long as any professional brow lamination – up to 6 weeks.



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