How Much Does Brow Lamination Cost?

If you’re considering getting a brow lamination, you’re probably wondering how much does brow lamination cost? Check out PMUHub’s research into the average brow lamination price.

How Much Does Brow Lamination Cost? by PMUHub

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Eyebrow lamination has become a huge trend in the past few years, and many salons now offer this brow enhancement service.

A completely non-invasive, painless treatment, brow lamination is a way to achieve a unique, bold eyebrow shape that lasts for up to 6 weeks. But how much does brow lamination cost? And is it worth it?

The brow lamination cost is around $85, but it varies depending on several factors.

Keep reading to find out more about the treatment and the eyebrow lamination cost!

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What Is Eyebrow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement procedure that uplifts your brows and fixes them into an upwards position, giving them a unique shape and texture. It gives you thicker brow arches, with the hairs smoothed out.

The effect is achieved by applying a mix of chemicals to the brows, which relaxes and straightens them. The hairs are then brushed upwards, and fixed in that position with a neutralizing solution. In most cases, a quick eyebrow tinting is added to make the hair darker and further enhance the effect.

The tech will probably do some brow shaping as part of the treatment.

The hairs stay like that for up to 6 weeks.

Eyebrow lamination is a great way to test out the look of long-lasting brow enhancement, so it’s a great gateway procedure towards microblading.

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What’s the Average Brow Lamination Cost?

The average brow lamination cost is around $85, but the cost depends on multiple factors.

Just like a haircut is priced differently in every salon, so is eyebrow lamination. The price is usually formed based on:

  • Location
  • Demand for the treatment
  • Competition in the area
  • Technician’s experience
  • Exclusivity of the salon

Beauty treatments of all kinds tend to be more expensive in large cities, but such locations usually offer a wider range of prices. If you live in a smaller city or town and want laminated eyebrows price will probably be a bit lower, but it will be more or less the same in every salon.

How Much Does Brow Lamination Cost in the USA?

The average brow lamination cost in the USA is $83, but it can vary from $35 to $250, as PMUHub’s research conducted across 23 cities and towns shows.

According to the research, the average brow lamination cost is lowest in the Olympia area in the state of Washington ($53), and highest in Los Angeles, CA ($130).

LA also has the widest brow lamination price range – from as low as $55 to up to $250 per treatment.

In the chart below, you can find the results of the research.

NOTE: The brow lamination prices in the chart refer to the lamination alone in most cases.

Some salons only offer the lamination + tint combo, in which case those prices were included in the research sample.

Some artists charge additionally for the tinting as an add-on.

Some of them also charge for consultations.

Taxes and additional fees may apply.

How Much Does Brow Lamination Cost?
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City/StateAverage Brow Lamination Cost
Brow Lamination Price Range
Chicago, IL$82$45 – $125
Aurora Area, IL$66$65 – $67
NYC, NY$109$80 – $150
Albany, NY$91$60– $135
Portland, OR$100$40 – $140
Salem, OR$72$65 – $80
Houston, TX$82$65 – $125
San Antonio, TX$110$100 – $120
Dallas, TX$104$65 – $140
Fort Worth, TX$88$35 – $120
Cleveland, OH$69$60 – $85
Columbus, OH$75$60 – $85
Miami, FL$91$40 – $200
Jacksonville, FL$78$75 – $85
Palm Beach, FL$76$50 – $100
Seattle, WA$90$65 – $100
Olympia, WA$53$45 – $74
Los Angeles, CA$130$55 – $250
San Diego, CA$95$75 – $125
San Francisco, CA$93$45 – $150
Phoenix, AZ$79$60 – $95
Tucson, AZ$84$60 – $98

PMUHub’s research – brow lamination prices

What’s Included in the Brow Lamination Price?

In most salons, when you go for a brow lamination treatment, the brow shaping and the tinting are implied.

Other salons charge separately for shaping, while tinting is included in the price, or charge for tinting while shaping is included. This is because some clients have no need for tinting, or shaping, or either.

That’s why you should always check whether tinting and shaping are charged separately before you show up for your appointment.

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How Much Is Eyebrow Tinting Add-On?

In salons where tinting is not included and you want to add it to your laminated brows price is between $10 and $50. In most cities, it’s towards the lower end of the scale, though.

Some salons also offer the option of henna tinting, which colors the skin beneath the brows as well as the hairs. Henna tinting is slightly more expensive than regular brow tints, so the brow lamination cost with this add-on will be higher.

What Does the Brow Lamination Price Depend On?

Location + Demand for the Treatment

The biggest factor that determines the eyebrow lamination cost is location, which is closely connected to the second most important factor – demand.

In large cities, the demand for permanent makeup procedures and eyebrow lamination is bigger, so techs charge more. In smaller cities and towns, the treatment may not be so hot at the moment, so the prices are naturally lower.

Competition in the Area

The brow lamination price is also formed based on competition in the area, with the price at each salon influencing the prices at others. If there are only a couple of salons in the area, chances are their prices will be similar – otherwise, the more expensive salon would get much less business.

That’s why you can expect a wider brow lamination price range in large cities.

Tech’s Experience

The experience of the technician also plays a huge role in brow lamination price formation. Techs who are just starting out generally charge less until they’ve built up their portfolio and made a name for themselves, while experienced techs charge more.

Exclusivity of the Salon

Finally, the sheer exclusivity of the salon where you’re getting your treatment can influence the price. Some salons are well-known for this treatment and naturally charge more.

How Do I Choose a Tech Based on Brow Lamination Price?

Generally, smaller towns and cities where brow lamination is not so popular have fewer places that offer this service, so your choices may be limited. In that case, you don’t really have too many options anyway.

But if you’re getting your treatment in an area with brow lamination techs at every corner, brow lamination cost is definitely something to think about. Since brow lamination is not permanent and is generally safe and non-invasive, you might be tempted to go to a cheaper tech.

In most cases, this is justified, as bad brow laminations are quite rare. But there are certain risks that the application of chemicals directly to your skin and brows carries, and going to an inexperienced, or God forbid untrained tech, may not be such a wise call.

It’s best to look into the prices in multiple salons and go for one that charges the average brow lamination price. You can take our USA brow lamination cost chart as a starting point, but in case your city or town isn’t listed, make a list of all the salons near you and find their price lists, and calculate the average yourself.

That way, you can be sure you’ll get quality service, without paying a too high brow lamination cost.

How Much Does Brow Lamination Cost – Main Takeaways

The average brow lamination price is around $85 ($83 in the USA).

The price usually includes brow shaping and tinting, but in case it doesn’t, the tinting is charged up to $50.

The eyebrow lamination cost depends on the location and exclusivity of the salon, the local demand for the treatment, and the experience of the tech providing the service.



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