Eyebrow Embroidery Removal: The Most Effective Techniques

By Emily M.| Last updated on February 3, 2022
Eyebrow Embroidery Removal: The Most Effective Techniques
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Eyebrow embroidery, also known as microblading, is a form of cosmetic eyebrow tattoo. That means that it will not come off or smudge if you get your eyebrows wet. You will wake up with perfectly shaped eyebrows that frame your face and give it a youthful, rested look,

But, since it is a tattoo, it’s not that easy to get it removed if something goes wrong. By that, we mean if you somehow end up with botched eyebrow embroidery, get tired of the look, or just want to get rid of the residues before you get a new eyebrow tattoo.

Here are some most common questions about the removal answered.

Is Eyebrow Embroidery Removal at Home Possible?

People are sometimes not satisfied with their eyebrow embroidery. This usually happens if they don’t choose a certified and experienced microblading artist. So, if you are deeply unhappy with your eyebrow embroidery and want it removed or at least faded, there are some ways to do that at home. Bear in mind that none of these can remove the tattoo completely.

Here’s what you can try:

  • Don’t follow the aftercare instructions – One of the first rules of microblading aftercare tips is not to get your eyebrows soaking wet (but you must clean them regularly). The rules say you should avoid swimming, saunas, excessive sweating, and washing your face by splashing water over the brows. So, do the exact opposite – get your brows wet (but the pool is still a no-no – the area can get infected if it’s not healed).
  • Use skin care products that speed up fading – they should contain Retinol, vitamin C and E, AHAs, BHAs, and other exfoliants
  • Hydrogen peroxide paste is said to be very effective at fading eyebrow embroidery.
  • Mix salt with water and gently rub your eyebrows to speed up microblading fading.

Be careful when trying to do eyebrow embroidery removal at home – keep the eyebrows clean, to avoid getting an infection.

PMUHub’s tip

After you get your eyebrows microbladed, they will go through several stages of the healing process. They will appear too dark on the 2nd and 3rd day, but they will fade up to 40%. You may need some time to get used to the new brows. So, don’t freak out right after the treatment – you may be experiencing brow shock. Wait until the brows are completely healed to see the results.

Emergency Eyebrow Embroidery Removal

As said above, at home eyebrow embroidery removal is actually fading, not complete removal. If you want to get rid of the eyebrow tattoo immediately after the treatment, you need to do it in the first 48 hours and only with saline or glycolic acid removal. You shouldn’t do that at home – leave it to a professional.

After that timeframe, the eyebrows will start healing, and they shouldn’t be touched until the healing process is over.

Emergency Eyebrow Embroidery Removal In The First 48 HoursImage source: Instagram @jtacci_cosmetics

Professional Eyebrow Embroidery Removal

The only effective way to get rid of old microblading is to get a professional eyebrow embroidery removal.

It’s usually done when a client wants to get rid of an old eyebrow tattoo that hasn’t faded completely and there is a visible shadow. Old eyebrow tattoos were usually done in ink, and they never fade, just change color, usually in an unattractive bluish.

On the other hand, if the tattoo is done with pigments, it’s supposed to fade after a couple of years. However, microblading sometimes doesn’t fade completely, and there’s a persistent residue that needs to either be covered or removed. The residues are sometimes there because the artist microbladed too deep, or for some other reason.

What are Professional Eyebrow Embroidery Removal Options?

The most effective techniques for eyebrow embroidery removal are laser removal, saline removal, and glycolic acid removal.

Saline Removal

Saline removal can be done in the first 48 hours (emergency removal) or when the tattoo is completely healed, or years later. The skin is opened and the saline solution is inserted. The solution dries up the pigments and they are pulled out of the skin through scabbing.

Saline removal is very effective, but the number of sessions depends on how saturated the tattoo is. Some people will achieve great results after only sessions, but sometimes it can require up to 10 eyebrow embroidery removal sessions. Each of them should be done 8 weeks apart – the brows need to heal completely between the sessions.

Learn all about saline removal here.

Eyebrow Embroidery Saline RemovalImage source: Instagram @brisbane_cosmetic_tattoo

Glycolic Acid Removal

Glycolic acid removal is similar to saline removal – the skin is opened and the acid solution is inserted. Scabs will form and pull out pigment particles. This eyebrow embroidery removal treatment is also very effective, and usually requires a couple of sessions.

After each session, the brows need to heal completely for another round of removal.

Learn more about glycolic acid removal here.

Eyebrow Embroidery Glycolic Acid RemovalImage source: Instagram @zahidesahin_phiacademy

Laser Removal

The most effective way of removing traditional tattoos found its purpose in eyebrow embroidery removal. Laser is very effective at removing permanent makeup. The laser beam penetrates the skin and dissolves the pigment so that the body can absorb it.

It also requires 4-6 sessions on average and they need to be done 8 weeks apart. Laser removal is fast and effective and not too painful. One disadvantage of laser is that it’s not very effective at removing pigments that have a yellow, red, or pink tone. It will also burn the brow hairs but not permanently – they will grow back.

Learn all about laser removal here.

Eyebrow Embroidery Laser RemovalImage source: Instagram @karina.troncoso


In order to prevent having to get your eyebrow tattoo removed, it is important to carefully choose an artist who is certified and experienced to make sure you don’t end up with botched eyebrows. If you, for any reason, need to get eyebrow embroidery removal, also carefully choose a technician who will perform the treatment, to avoid any complications.

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