Everything You Need in Your Eyebrow Bleaching Kit

By Emily M.| Last updated on November 17, 2022
Eyebrow Bleaching Kit
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Bleached eyebrows are an emerging trend at the moment, thanks to the chain reaction of bleached brows on the runway, then on celebrities, then on influencers, then on, well, everyone.

It’s a fun way to play with your looks, achieve a trendy, futuristic style, and ultimately follow trends, but it’s a totally non-invasive, temporary thing. If done right, it does no harm to your brows – they’ll grow out in their natural color within 6-8 weeks.

And you can definitely do them yourself! If this is something you want to try, here’s everything you need in your eyebrow bleaching kit.

What You Need in Your Eyebrow Bleaching Kit

Brows are bleached in the exact same way as your hair is. You apply a bleaching agent (most commonly ammonia or hydrogen peroxide), which strips the pigment from the hair, making it lighter and lighter the longer it sits on it.

So, the most important products in your eyebrow bleaching kit are bleach and a developer, but you also need a bunch of tools and accessories that will allow you to prepare and apply the mix.

You can either buy a pre-made, all-inclusive eyebrow bleaching kit, or you can pick and mix products and assemble one yourself. Let’s review a couple of pre-made kits, but also some extra products that can be useful.

Best Pre-Made Eyebrow Bleaching Kit

If you’re a beginner and if you’re not particularly beauty-savvy, it’s definitely easier to just buy a pre-made kit that will provide the bleach, the developer, and the mixing and application tools – all in one.

Here’s a couple of picks:

Jolen Eyebrow Bleach Kit

The Jolen Creme Bleach kit is definitely one of the most-loved and best rated eyebrow bleaching products. Satisfied Amazon customers claim it works really well and that it’s really easy to use.

The kit includes bleach, an activator, a mixing cup and a spatula. The tools are reusable, you just need to clean them after use, and there’s enough product for multiple uses. The formula can be used on the face and body, so it’s a multipurpose product.

The kit doesn’t include a brush, though, which you need for precise application in the case of bleached eyebrows.

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Creme Bleach

Another popular and widely available bleaching kit people use on their brows. It contains a pre-conditioned, bleach cream, activator, a spatula, and a mixing cup. Again, no brush.

It’s a no-drip formula, which is really important since you don’t want even the tiniest drop of bleach getting into your eyes, and it’s enriched with soothing aloe vera, which is supposed to minimize the uncomfortable tingling sensation you may get when bleaching your brows.

It’s extra strength, so make sure you check up on your brows a few times as the bleach sits on them – be alert and don’t let them get too light.

Other Product Suggestions

However, some of the most beloved brow bleaching products don’t come in kits, but as separate products.

Refectocil Blonde Brow Bleaching Paste + Oxidant Cream Developer

This combo is a highly-praised option for eyebrow bleaching. It lightens the brows up to 3 shades. Some customers claim it even bleaches the brows too well, so, again, check-ups during the process are definitely recommended!

One thing we have to emphasize – you shouldn’t mix bleach and activator from 2 different brands, so if you’re going for Refectocil bleach, don’t forget to also get their oxidant developer. It’s a 3% hydrogen peroxide, so it’s not too intense for at-home use.

Olaplex No. 4P Purple Shampoo

After bleaching your brows, it’s not uncommon for them to have a yellowish tinge, just like it can happen with your hair. Which is fine if you like it, but most people don’t.

So it’s good to have a purple shampoo on hand, which will neutralize the warm hues. We recommend Olaplex because it will also help repair your freshly bleached brows.

Use it to wash your brows after you’ve cleaned the bleach off. You can leave it on for a few minutes for extra effects. If needed, wash your brows with it daily until you get the yellow out.

Of course, you can use any lavender shampoo you may have on hand.

Extras You Need in Your Eyebrow Bleaching Kit

Even if you get some extra tools in your pre-made brow bleaching kit, they may not be the best thing out there. It’s usually plastic cups that bend and bulky spatulas that are not very user-friendly.

So if you’re planning on bleaching your brows regularly, it’s not a bad idea to invest in some extras. Here’s a couple of suggestions:


To prevent a larger area than necessary from coming into contact with bleach, outline your brows with Vaseline before you start the process.

A Glass Dappen Dish

Glass > plastic. For any use. A glass mixing cup is a handy product for any type of brow tinting or henna brows, not just for eyebrow bleaching. It’s very easy to clean and it will last you infinitely.

Cling Film

Before you start your brow bleaching process, head down to your kitchen and get some saran wrap. It’s very useful to cover your brows with a piece of it as the bleach is sitting on them.

The heat helps the bleach work better, and it prevents any mishaps like getting bleach on your clothes or around your face.


Can’t do any brow stuff without spoolies! In general, the most budget- and eco-friendly thing to do is keep the wands of your used mascaras, wash them, and reuse them for brow treatments.

But if you don’t have any on hand, these disposable ones are super affordable.

Use them to apply or remove the bleaching mix.

Interdental Brush

Super handy for making sure all the brow hairs are covered with bleach root to tip. Interdental brushes provide ultimate precision when applying brow products – tints, henna, gels, whatever.

And they’re great for dental health, so get a multi-pack, assign one to brow treatments, and use the rest for your teeth.



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