Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Lashes? An Honest Answer

By Katarina V.| Last updated on May 24, 2022
do lash extensions damage your lashes
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Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular ways to enhance your lashes. And they can become very addictive, meaning once you get them you are so in love with the effect that you want to get them over and over again.

But the question that worries most of us is Do lash extensions damage your natural lashes?

Let’s find out.

So, Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Lashes?

No, if applied properly.

Eyelash extensions are artificial individual lashes applied per one of the natural lashes. The eyelash technician needs to be trained and experienced to know which extensions to choose, based on the features of a client’s natural lashes.

The extensions are applied on natural lashes and follow their growth cycle, which means they fall off with them when they grow out. They last up to 8 weeks – that’s the longest an extension can last on a lash. Since the lashes are not at the same phase of the growth cycle when the extensions are applied, some will fall off sooner, others later.

Here’s what can go wrong and why some people end up with damaged natural lashes after lash extensions:

The Lash Extensions Are Too Heavy

Eyelash extensions come in different lengths, thicknesses and curls. Not everybody can choose the longest and thickest lashes out there. The lash technician will need to carefully assess the clients’ natural lashes and choose extensions about 2mm longer than their natural lashes. If they are too long or heavy, they will stress the natural lash, making it weak and causing breakage.

bad lash extension - permanently destroyed eyelashes causing severe alopeciaImage source: Instagram @ikandy_lasheslv

Too Much Glue or Adhesive Allergy

When applying eyelash extensions, the lash tech needs to know exactly how much glue to use. It usually requires a small amount, since the adhesives are strong and formed in a way that only a small amount is enough to do the job. If the technician uses too much glue, it can, again, make the lashes too heavy and uncomfortable for an eye.

Another possible complication a person can deal with is being allergic to the ingredients in a lash glue, such as formaldehyde, but if a person is prone to allergies, it would be helpful they do a patch test beforehand. Also, there are specially designed adhesives for sensitive eyes.

More Than One Extension on One Natural Lash

This mistake is something an experienced lash tech will never make. But if more than one extension is applied per one natural lash, it can damage it and cause premature shedding.

bad example of lash extensionImage source: Instagram @lash.lama

Extensions Glued to the Skin

This is really problematic because eyelash extensions are not meant to be glued to the skin. If they are, they can clog the hair follicle and make it hard for the new lashes to grow. A trained and certified lash technician will never make this mistake.

Improper Aftercare and Maintenance

Eyelash extensions are a great enhancement, but they are not really low-maintenance. That means that you need to be careful with your lashes after the application, and avoid rubbing, pulling them, or using a lash curler. Oil-based products are also something to avoid, not so much because they will damage your natural lashes, but because they will also cause premature shedding.

Not Cleaning Your Lashes

Eyelash extensions need to be washed, every or every other day. Why? Because if you don’t wash them, the oils, dust, and dirt will create a build-up and it really looks ugly. It affects the lash glue and the bound is broken. It can also damage the natural lashes.

Learn when and how to wash your natural lashes in this article.

Improper Removal

To prolong the lifespan of your eyelash extensions, you’ll need to book infills after 3-4 weeks. If you don’t, your extensions will fall out, but not simultaneously. This means that after 4-6 weeks you will have sparse extensions, which you’ll probably want to remove.

It’s not advisable to remove the eyelash extensions on your own. It’s especially important not to pull them, because you can pull the natural lashes with them. Eyelash extensions removal should be done by the lash tech because they know how to do that properly and they have products for safe eyelash extensions removal.

Find out more about that in this article.

improper removal of eyelash extensionsImage source: Instagram @aylacheree

Wearing Them For Too Long

Wearing eyelash extensions for months (with regular infills) can also be problematic because it stresses natural lashes. Take a break from time to time and give your natural lashes time to recover. Talk with your lash tech and ask when it’s advisable to take a break.

You can nurture your natural lashes in the meantime, with castor oil or other specially designed products which make them grow and become thick and healthy.

What If My Natural Lashes Get Damaged

If you somehow end up with damaged lashes, bear in mind that they will grow back. The process will take up to 8 weeks, but depending on how much they are damaged, they may be weak and thin.

It’s advisable to use a lash growth serum and other products that will improve the health of your natural lashes until they recover completely.

To Sum Up

So, the answer to the question Do lash extensions damage your lashes is no, they are not supposed to, if applied properly and by a certified, experienced lash technician. So, be careful who you choose for the treatment, and check their credentials, as well as their online portfolio and reviews.

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