Average Dermaplaning Cost: In-Office vs At-Home

Dermaplaning is a quick and simple treatment, so here’s a quick and simple overview of the average dermaplaning cost for in-office and at-home treatments.

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Dermaplaning is a mechanical exfoliation treatment that is still holding its place as one of the favorite quick facials.

It’s done by scraping the face with a sharp blade that removes up to 2 weeks of dead skin cells, dirt, and debris. It helps clean up the pores, even out skin tone, and brighten up the complexion.

And the best part is – it gives results immediately! So it can be a one-and-done type of facial for a special occasion or you can get them done regularly.

When done on a regular basis, it can be very beneficial in diminishing acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and the earliest signs of aging. However, that can end up being a bit expensive.

Let’s discuss how much the average dermaplaning cost is and if this treatment is worth it.

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How Much Does Dermaplaning Cost on Average?

On average, the dermaplaning price is around $110 per treatment. But the prices can range all the way from $30 to $250. Which means it can get quite pricey if done continuously.

The dermaplaning facial gives instant results that last for around a month. After 4 weeks, the life cycle of the skin cells ends. This is what dermaplaning removes – dead skin cells that accumulated in the past few weeks.

So in order to always look as good as you do right after the treatment, you need to be consistent. One session will not give permanent results.

What’s Included in the Dermaplaning Price?

Dermaplaning is often paired with other treatments. It usually serves as the base treatment and then at least one more add-on is included in the appointment.

This can influence the price a lot as you can essentially get two treatments done, in one appointment. It’s usually paired with a very light chemical peel or with other exfoliating treatments.

Sometimes it can be paired with LED therapy or a massage. At the very least you’d get a hydrating mask.

Regardless of what the other treatment is, if you book only dermaplaning without any other add-ons, it will cover:

  • Cleansing before the dermaplaning
  • Moisturizing (serum or cream) the skin after the dermaplaning is done
  • Sun protection at the very end of the treatment

dermaplaning - what is included in the dermaplaning price
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What Does the Dermaplaning Cost Depend On?

The cost of this treatment can vary based on various factors like the location, the number of sessions needed, and the expertise of the treatment provider.


The biggest determining factor of dermaplaning prices is the location. Big cities obviously have much higher prices, as the costs of the salon’s rent and other expenses will also be higher.

Other closely related factors that influence the price are the demand for the treatment and the competition in that area. In large cities, there’s much higher demand which means that salons can set the prices higher.

Technician’s Qualifications

When it comes to treatments like this one, having it done safely is the priority. This is the most important factor when it comes to deciding where to book. And this is the most important thing not to be cheap about.

In some states, only medical professionals are allowed to perform dermaplaning procedures.

This will rack up the price exponentially since medical professionals also do other more advanced procedures that are a bit pricier and generally considered a better investment of their time and expertise.

dermaplaning cost depend on technicians qualification
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Products Used

Because the layer of dead, dull skin is removed, your freshly-exfoliated skin can easily soak up the active ingredients that weren’t able to reach so deep until now.

So this time is crucial for using good, beneficial ingredients. And high-quality products.

The products used in this step of the procedure can really make a difference in dermaplaning prices. High-quality ingredients will obviously be more expensive but bring better results.

Just make sure the price is justified as sometimes a high price tag doesn’t always mean high quality.

The Number of Sessions

The most important thing to note when deciding to book a dermaplaning facial is that you’ll most likely need more than one session if you’re trying to diminish a specific skin concern.

The more sessions you get, the higher the overall dermaplaning cost will be.

Unfortunately, you can’t really know how many sessions you’ll need until you start the process and see how well your skin is reacting. But the good thing is that you can stop anytime.

You won’t lose any progress nor will you be obliged to continue.

How Do I Choose a Salon Based on Dermaplaning Price?

When it comes to exfoliating treatments (or, in fact, any cosmetic procedures), the price shouldn’t be the deciding factor. It should be the salon’s portfolio.

Of course, the price will be higher if higher quality products are used or you’ve booked in an exclusive salon. But this doesn’t justify the price on its own. The work might still be mediocre.

Go through the salon’s shared before and after pictures thoroughly before booking an appointment. These references and reviews are what you should be basing your decision on.

Dermaplaning removes the top layer of your skin and baby hairs
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How Much Does At-Home Dermaplaning Cost?

It depends on how much you’re willing to spend on tools and supplies. You can technically do it for under $20, but if you cash out on higher-quality supplies, you’ll likely get better results.

We have to note, though, that at-home dermaplaning usually carries higher risks. On top of that, the results aren’t as dramatic, but can still be very beneficial.

You need to research this treatment thoroughly as even the slightest details like the angle of the tool and the direction in which you are scraping are what differentiates between satisfied and scarred.

To learn how to do this treatment by yourself, check out our Step by Step Guide on Dermaplaning at Home.

Tools and Supplies for At-Home Dermaplaning

There are so many dermaplaning tools available, in every price range.

You can get a pack of single-use tools for as little as $5, or you can invest in more durable options. These are a bit on the pricier side (can go upwards of $70), but once you invest in them you can use them for a long time.

Most people who dermaplane regularly tend to go for a tool with replaceable blades. Not buying and discarding a new handle after each use ends up being the most economic solution.

Low-Budget Tools for DIY Dermaplaning

Best High-End Tool for DIY Dermaplaning


Under no circumstances should you use the medical-grade scalpel that is used during the in-office procedures! This is for trained practitioners only.

At-home procedures should be done with specifically designed dermaplaning tools.

Other Supplies

As for the other supplies, you’ll need:

  • A gentle face cleanser
  • Serums and moisturizer of your choice
  • SPF

Most people who are into skincare will already have these – but be careful which products you use! Some ingredients, even generally beneficial ones, can irritate your skin and cause a number of problems to arise.

Check if what you already own is safe enough to use next to dermaplaning and if not, you need to invest in more suitable options.

Here’s which serums are the best to be used post-dermaplaning.

But if you want a quick view, here are our picks:

So, Is the Treatment Worth or Should You Stick to the DIY Version?

The answer to this question is highly personal. For some people, this treatment is a miracle worker and they swear by it. For others, it didn’t really do much.

So, it all depends on your expectations. Do the research for yourself (take a look at our Comprehensive Dermaplaning Guide) and decide if it’s something you’d like to invest in.

It can brighten, even out, and improve your complexion to a point, but it can’t do miracles for skin problems with just one session.

dermaplaning cost professional or at home
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PMUHub Tip

If you’ve never had dermaplaning done before, we advise you get the first treatment done professionally, and then if you decide this treatment is something you wish to do on a regular basis, invest in doing it on your own.

Not only is this the wisest option money-wise, as you’re not wasting money on something that isn’t suitable for your skin, but you’ll also get to see how a pro does it.

Not going in completely clueless is really helpful when it comes to treatments like this one.

Dermaplaning Cost – Main Takeaways

So, how much does dermaplaning cost? Dermaplaning costs can vary depending on a few factors. The average price is around $110, but they vary from $30 to $250.

Keep in mind that you’ll probably need multiple sessions, so really think through whether this is something worth investing in for you. If you’re on a budget, you can DIY it, just be really careful.

Considering dermaplaning pros and cons can help you decide whether this treatment is worth trying at all.


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