Coronavirus Business Survival 101: Tips for Salons and Permanent Makeup Artists

coronavirus business tips
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The Coronavirus pandemic is a global crisis that will transform the global market down to the core.  The current situation affects economy as a whole, but in the long run, perhaps the most jeopardized business sector is private business. Within it, the branches that will suffer tremendous losses are tourism, cafe and restaurant industry, as well as the beauty industry including permanent makeup.

Small beauty business owners are facing a difficult period. A large portion of them have already either been forced to close down their businesses for the time being, or decided to do so in order to protect the health and safety of their clients and themselves. The ones who are still wokring are facing numerous cancellations and barely have any new appointments.

The amount of stress and anxiety they’re dealing with is immense, but now is not the time to give in to despair. Instead, use this time to figure out a strategy during quarantine and for when this is all over, and PMUHub is here to help!

Business in the time of Corona: What can PMU Artists currently do to make a profit?

Tip #1: Stretch you budget

This seems obvious, so we won’t dwell on it too much. Take the time to review your budget, make the necessary cuts, minimize expenses and economize in order to stretch your savings over the period with little or no income.

If you have employees, it’s important to be completely open and honest in communication and let them know what your plans are so they can know what to expect.

Tip #2: Reinvent your business/service

Just like restaurants reoriented to delivery wherever food delivery is still allowed, PMU artists can offer some type of alternative service. More precisely, if you offer any type of accompanying products such as aftercare products, skincare products etc, you can organize online sales and courier delivery.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Tip #3: Offer online training

If you’re also a trainer, online training is a potential gold mine. With more than enough free time on their hands, now is the time for anyone who had previously been considering learning a permanent makeup skill to enroll an online course.

Large academies who already have online training platforms will have more enrollments than ever. Now is the time to focus more on your online lessons and review and optimize your content.

Extra tip: Why not use this time to become a student once again and get certified in a new PMU technique? Every extra procedure means extra income in the long run! Search our database for new permanent makeup training courses.

Tip #4: Use PMUHub’s e-learning platform to stand out

As you may not know, we at PMUHub are currently working on integrating an e-learning platform into our website, the first ever platform for online learning in Permanent Makeup Community! Therefore, we’d like to invite all of permanent makeup artists to reach out to us and take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

All you have to do is provide us with original content in the form of PowerPoint presentations, Slide Share, or ideally, video course lessons accompanied by a course description, and we’ll in turn present your work to our growing readership.

By generously offering our audience free educational content, motivate them to stay at home by making their quarantine days more productive. Helping others can help you demonstrate your proficiency and knowledge, while simultaneously building your brand reputation.

Tip #5: Be present, don’t just disappear!

Since you can’t do actual work, that doesn’t mean you should let your clients forget about you! On the contrary, this is the time to not only maintain your visibility, but to maximize it and attract new clientelle.

The best medium to spread the name of your brand and expand your reach is digital marketing, because it’s free and accesible to everyone. Keep reading for all its facets.

Tip #6: Focus on creating content, a ton of it!

Everything you were postponing for weeks, months or even years due to a work overload in a salon and to the numerous appointments, now has come to end. This is the time to create as much content as you possibly can!

When we say content, we think as broad as possible – a different forms of content for a different platforms. So, choose to:

  • Create a website for your salon (if you don’t have already)
  • Start a blog with useful tips in permanent makeup
  • Start a YouTube channel with video tutorials your audience will enjoy watching
  • Be more creative with your social media posts
  • Try filming that IGTV video!

You see, there are so many options! Each and one can improve your brand, your reputation as an artist and can upgrade your business while staying at home.

Extra tip: Think of turning your creativity into something worthy that will be super beneficial for your business, but will also prepare you for the period after crisis. Read on for more detailed instructions!

Tip #7: (Ab)use Social Media

Social media is your greatest asset at the moment, since you can’t use your skill.

You probably already have a certain number of followers; now you have to keep them interested by providing them with constant content and communication, and attract new ones. The forms in which you can post content are various. So, be creative!

Here are some Instagram ideas which can be adapted to all other social media as well:

  • Share you previous works you haven’t posted yet
  • Share insight into the process – make short videos explaining your mapping process, color mixing, or some other step
  • Ask returning customers to share their experience with your work
  • Do a Q&A once in a while
  • Do Instagram live and let your followers know you better
  • Reply to all comments and leave comments on other artists’ work. Creating a dialogue with potential clients is a great way for them to get to know your brand.

Tip #8: Start a Blog or a YouTube channel

These two formats make it possible to upload longer and more detailed content. This way, you can address all the steps of the PMU process you often get asked about in detail, showing your expertise and proficiency at the same time. Potential clients and potential students will appreciate this exclusive insight.

Here are some topics you can cover:

  • Aftercare
  • Sanitation measures
  • Salon walk-through
  • Share your story and experience starting out. Potential students are definitely interested in hearing first-hand information about training and certification, bloodborne pathogen training, client handling, etc.

How to thrive when everyone else is trying to figure out how to thrive?

You can expect all artists and salons to ditch traditional business strategies and opt for online marketing and outreach strategies. Potential clients will be bombarded with PMU related content, so it’s important to stand out and make sure it’s your name they end up remembering once things go back to normal.

The best way to achieve this is to make your content as interesting and as original as possible, but also abundant and constant – users are constantly scrolling and refreshing. That means posting everyday and covering various topics. 

Do some research on online marketing strategies – there are numerous articles, studies, even textbooks available on the Internet. If your budget allows it, consider hiring a digital marketing consultant.

Better days are coming!

It’s a sad fact that many businesses that weren’t particularly established won’t survive this crisis, but those who do will definitely thrive.

Once all this is over, you can expect a work overload. All those postponed touch ups will flock to your salon, including those who may have had their original appointment with someone who went out of business, so get enough rest and be prepared to have your hands full.

If you maintain the visibility of your brand throughout the quarantine, you should also expect a significant number of new customers.

So try not to panic and use this time wisely! 😉

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