6 Content Ideas for PMU Artists – What Should PMU Artists Post on Social Media?

By Emily M.| Last updated on September 1, 2023
Social Media Content Ideas for PMU Artists
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Updated September 2023.

The beauty industry is very visual, so if you’re a PMU professional, social media – most particularly Instagram – is your most powerful weapon. It’ll help you show off your work to a wide audience, attract new clients, and branch out your business.

But not all of us are equally social media-savvy and even if you love posting on your private profile, managing a professional page is totally different. So, let’s go through some content ideas for PMU artists and see what works best.

First, Let’s Talk Branding

Before you start posting anything, you should first make sure it’s easy for potential clients to find you. So, don’t experiment with your username – it should be the name of your salon, or if you’re branding yourself as an artist, it should be your name.

Your profile pic should be your logo, especially if your name or the name of your salon is something relatively common, the logo will help clients identify the right page.

Next, Strategize & Implement

The Instagram algorithm assesses all content, meaning it includes things like captions, hashtags and alt text, along with regular photos, reels and stories.

Valuable things to pay attention to are also trending sounds you use for your reels and stories, as well as tags, location, and most importantly – consistency and engagement (which you should encourage as much as possible).

As long as you use these tools smartly, you can target potential clients easily. So, you should come up with your own strategy that will focus on the type of content you’ll post and how often. Thankfully, we can help you figure that out!

Content Ideas for PMU Artists’ Social Media

If you find yourself lacking inspiration in terms of what beauty content for Instagram to create, here’s a list of ideas and strategies that are proven to work for PMU experts:

1. Before and Afters

The most important type of content PMU artists should share is before & after photos.

They showcase your work and serve as a portfolio for future clients to look through and choose you. Because chances are Instagram will be the first place they will look for a PMU artist.

So, you should really put in effort regarding the quality of your before and after photos since a bad photo that doesn’t do your work justice is a wasted opportunity to market yourself.

Ideally, post every work you do. Of course, if you’re satisfied with how it turned out, and if your client is okay with you sharing their face (you should get a signed consent for this).

Sharing healed results is also very valuable, as clients are always curious to see what PMU looks like weeks or months in. Whenever a client comes for a color boost, get pics of what their brows have faded into in the meantime.

You can find detailed guides on how to take the best possible before and after photos here, and a guide on editing them here.


Use the caption and hashtags to your advantage.

The caption should clearly state which treatment was performed, plus whatever else you want to share. It might be interesting to give some facts about your client, or some information about their PMU journey.

Use correct hashtags to make your work more visible to Instagram users.

lip permanent makeup before and afterImage source: Instagram @buonabeauty

2. Basic Info for Clients

Clients looking for an artist usually don’t know that much about the treatments and they may need some info on things like contraindications, pre-care and aftercare, healing process, etc.

Of course, you’ll go over all those aspects once you meet them for consultation, but to make your job easier and give clients some basic guidelines, you can kill two birds with one stone and create some content out of it!

This type of content can drive clients to leave comments or send you DMs with additional questions, which is an opportunity for you to prove your expertise and ideally book them.

If you don’t know how to (or simply don’t have the time), you can always repost useful infographics from other PMU educational pages (like PMUHub’s!), just make sure to credit your source.

what happens at each pmu sessionImage source: Instagram @pmuhub

3. Promo Deals

Whenever you have a promo deal, you should create a simple visual illustration and post it to your Instagram.

Advertising it on your website is great, but this way you’ll be able to reach a much wider audience. You never know if one of your followers will share it with a friend who’s looking to get PMU.

Everyone who visits your page should see your promo – you can even dedicate a highlight to this or pin the post. This may drive them to book a treatment immediately, rather than go on browsing artists and book with someone else.

4. Client Testimonials

When it comes to promoting your business, don’t just limit yourself to sharing promotional deals. Consider implementing a referral program as well, which can be a powerful strategy for the growth of your PMU business. Read all about referral programs here.

But let’s talk about how this strategy can be effectively leveraged on Instagram.

Instead of solely relying on promotional deal posts, integrate them with content that showcases testimonials from your satisfied clients.

Their positive feedback is a valuable asset that helps add credibility and establish trust by reinforcing your image as a skilled and reliable professional. It can help sway people who may be potential clients into booking with you.

5. Pictures of Your Salon & Behind the Scenes 

Not all potential clients care about what your workspace looks like, but those who do should be able to check it out.

Take some nice pics of your salon, showing your bed and tray. If you have a nicely decorated waiting area, show that too. You can even do a short video tour.

One aspect many clients will look out for is hygiene, so make sure your salon looks (and is!) squeaky clean.

picture of your pmu salonImage source: Instagram @precise_studio

6. Your Price List (Optional)

Some artists like to highlight their price lists, some don’t. There are advantages to both practices.

If you post your price list to your social media, potential clients will be able to decide if your pricing works for them or not straight away, and this can save you time and prevent potentially uncomfortable situations (there will always be clients who will think your price is too high).

But if you don’t make your price list available immediately, you encourage clients to reach out to you and ask for prices directly, which is great, because you make contact with them, making things more personal which gives you an opportunity to win them over.

Extra Tip – Try to Keep Your Feed Coherent

While obviously the quality of each post is the most important thing to focus on – who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing feed?

There are different strategies you can use to keep your feed looking attractive and coherent.

Color coordination is one of them. Obviously, your before and afters will differ in terms of their color scheme, but for original content such as infographics or text posts, pick a few shades to stick to.

So, How Often Should You Post?

Ideally, every day.

It’s useful to make a posting schedule a week or 2 in advance – this will help you organize – but if you realize you have to deviate from the schedule for some reason, it’s not the end of the world.

Whenever you have a great new before and after photo, don’t hesitate to post it, but if you don’t have any valuable content for every single day, don’t post whatever just for the sake of posting. You may clutter up your feed to the point valuable work photos get lost.

Extra Tip – Take Advantage of All Types of Content!

The way people consume content on Instagram changes with trends, and currently, many people swipe through stories before they dig into the feed. So you should come up with content for your stories, too.

This type of content should be engaging: quizzes, polls, this or thats – things like that.

It’s also important to note that, when it comes to posts, reels seem to get much better engagement than photos – as of right now. But Instagram’s algorithm is forever changing so who knows what the focus will be on in the future.

The great thing about these ideas is that they can be adapted to any content type – and you should, ideally, be mixing it up anyway.

If you can find the time to keep up with trends in this field, it would definitely help keep your profile interesting and alive!

But Don’t Rely Solely on Social Media to Get Clients

Look into PMUHub Find, a platform created with the sole purpose of connecting clients and PMU artists. It allows you to list your salon and make yourself available for booking with a constantly growing database of clients.

You can list your salon here!

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