Common Eyebrow Mapping Mistakes You Might Be Making + How to Fix Them

By Deana D.| Last updated on March 22, 2024
common eyebrow mapping mistakes
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When it comes to emphasizing your client’s eyes and facial features, brows definitely come in first.

They frame a person’s face, defining their features and describing their emotions. So, how can you ensure you create the best-looking eyebrows? The answer is actually pretty simple – eyebrow mapping!

However, mapping can sometimes be intimidating especially if your client has asymmetrical brows, and perfecting it can lead to many errors. Each client’s face is unique, and everyone will need a different outline for their eyebrows.

So, if you want to know more about common eyebrow mapping mistakes and see if you are making them, read this article to find out more!

Most Common Eyebrow Mapping Mistakes Artists Make

To begin correcting your potential errors, you need to know which ones you are making, and why. Let’s take a look at those potential oversights you might have been making:

#1: Not Stretching the Skin Enough While Outlining

This is probably the most useful skill you will learn when it comes to creating the perfect set of brows. It is extremely underrated, and not everyone remembers to stretch the skin to create a flat surface.

Use your finger to gently stretch the skin around the client’s brows so your mapping pencil can glide across it.

Although everyone pulls the skin in different directions while microblading or shading, not everyone remembers to do it during the mapping process. This tip ensures a crisp outline and the best outcome – Instagram-worthy brows!

#2: Incorrect Measurements

One of the best things about permanent makeup is that it stays on the face for up to a couple of years without additional touchups. So, making sure your client doesn’t end up with asymmetrical brows that can ruin their confidence is crucial.

To avoid that, you need to take into consideration each client’s arch placement, as well as brow length and width. Uneven measurements can greatly affect someone’s facial symmetry and create an unbalanced effect.

Brows are sisters, not twins – but let’s not make them distant cousins!

Learn more about eyebrow anatomy and how it can help with better brow mapping here.

eyebrow mapping guide

Image source: Instagram @pmuhub

#3: Neglecting Natural Brow Growth

Creating the most natural and balanced pair of eyebrows comes with experience. Part of that journey comes from simply looking at your client’s resting face.

Make sure you understand the natural brow growth pattern and texture of their hair.

The strokes or shading you will be making after the mapping process need to align with the natural course of hair growth, rather than go against it. Not only will this provide individualized results, but minimal maintenance and the best aesthetics.

If you go too far outside the natural brow growth area, your client will be forced to remove a part of their natural brows consistently, which defeats the purpose of brow tattoos – they’re supposed to simplify the beauty routine, not make it more complicated!

The correction below is a perfect illustration – a tattooed tail of the old tattoo went outside of the client’s natural tail, which meant having to remove the natural hairs. Luckily, a skilled artist managed to incorporate everything into an elegant new arch.

eyebrow mapping mistake resultsImage source: Instagram @artofthearchandaesthetics

#4: Not Resting Your Hand on the Client’s Face During Outlining

Just like drawing on a piece of paper, you need to rest your fingers on the client’s face to ensure balance. If your hand is shaky and trembling, the outline will be wonky and asymmetrical.

The perfect hand placement is one that is strong enough to create balance, but also not hurt the client’s under eyes and cheeks. We want to create crisp lines but also make our clients comfortable and happy.

Also, make sure to tell them not to talk during this process so you can keep your pen firm and steady. When finished, you can safely return to gossip hour!

#5: Not Taking Your Time

Rushing through the outline process can affect the end results greatly. Eyebrow mapping requires careful planning and should never be neglected or sped up.

Take the time to sit the client down, talk about their wishes and concerns, interact with them, and be open to any possible questions – there will probably be a lot of them, which is normal.

After you are done mapping, double-check the measurements to see if you made a mistake. Give your client a mirror to see if they are satisfied with the lines you carefully drew.

It’s also useful to have them sit up, smile, frown, talk, and make a range of facial expression to observe the outline in motion and see if it looks natural in action.

There is no need for hasting or rushing – take your sweet time!

Eyebrow mapping tipImage source: Instagram @PMUHub

#6: Not Using the Right Tools

Magic doesn’t just happen with your hands but with the correct tools as well. This one might not sound like a huge deal, but it really is.

Using the right instruments ensures the creation of those perfect arches and flawless lines.

Precision rulers, creamy pencils, and specialized stencils are not just accessories for pictures – they’re the wands that bring magic to life! Investing in high-quality tools is the best way to level up your brow game.

These will help you to avoid mismeasurements, rough shapes, and overall dissatisfaction of your clients, so make sure you try out our top eyebrow mapping product picks:

How Can You Avoid These Eyebrow Mapping Mistakes?

As explained previously, the process of planning and creating the best-looking eyebrows is complex and lengthy. Don’t worry, making mistakes is common in mapping and a natural part of the learning process. 

As long as you correct all the imperfections before you start tattooing, it’s fine!

So, what can you do to dodge these oversights and leave your clients satisfied and happy? Take a look at our three tips for avoiding the most common mapping mistakes:

1. The Art of Customization

When it comes to eyebrows, the beauty is definitely in diversity. Embracing each client’s uniqueness and imperfections is what makes the most perfect results.

This is the first step to creating brows that enhance their facial features, rather than overpowering them. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at your client’s eyes, nose, cheekbones, and lips; they are the roadmap to a proportional and harmonious look.

2. Understanding Your Client’s Needs

Having a rough idea about your client’s preferences is just as important as understanding their facial traits. By creating a personalized approach, you will help them reflect their style and accentuate their best features!

A great tip is to encourage them to bring inspiration photos from Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Of course, make sure to let them know that not every single wish can be fulfilled, but you will do your best to recreate the desired look.

3. Tread Carefully Around Current Trends

The beauty industry is constantly changing and evolving. But a brow tattoo can’t be changed that easily!

So if you get a client asking for a super trendy look, like the Bella Hadid brow, don’t do it unless it suits the client’s face and blend with their natural growth pattern.

Check out our top predictions for 2024 trends here.

The Bottom Line

The best advice we can give you is to remember to take your time, measure with precision, pay attention to the client’s natural hair growth pattern and customize a personalized approach for each of them.

Here’s to the joy of mapping mastery and learning from mistakes!

For more brow mapping tips and tricks, make sure you read our comprehensive guide here!

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