Combination Brows Healing Process: All Stages Explained

By Katarina V.| Last updated on May 26, 2022
Combination Brows Healing Process: All Stages Explained
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Combination brows, also called combo or hybrid brows, are a great choice for all those who are not really perfect candidates for microblading only, because they have oily skin or for some other reason, as well as clients who want to add a little bit of a makeup-look to the brows.

Combination brows are a form of cosmetic eyebrow tattoo that includes hair strokes achieved with microblading or machine brows (nano brows) and shading, that adds a powdery effect.

Just as any other modern eyebrow tattoo it goes through a recovery period. Let’s find out what the combination brows healing process looks like.

How Long Does the Combination Brows Healing Process Last?

The full combination brows healing process lasts 4-6 weeks. However, your eyebrows will look good and the initial healing will end much sooner.

The first 2 weeks are the most important and can be emotionally exhausting. During this period you also need to take special care of your brows. After that, you can relax a bit and let them heal on their own. The skin will close and the brows will continue taking their final shape.

After a month or a little bit longer, the healing process is completely over and it’s time for a touch up appointment.

Stages of Combination Brows Healing Process

To help you understand the combination brows healing process and know how to get through it, let’s go over its stages.

It’s important to note that the stages are not as prominent and the same with everyone.

So, here they are and how to behave during combo brows healing process day by day:

Dark Stage

The eyebrows are usually too dark and may even look too big the day after the treatment. It’s important to be patient and understand that they will fade up to 40% after the healing period is over, and they will probably shrink.

You may even experience a brow shock – you may need time to get used to your new look. This is common especially in situations when the new brow shape is different from the one you’re used to. If your artist is experienced and skilled enough, they will find the best brow shape for your face morphology.

Aftercare: On the first day, it’s enough to just gently remove the excess lymph from your freshly done combination brows. Also, keep your brows dry, avoid long showers, sweating, getting your eyebrows wet, and wearing makeup or any cosmetic products on your face.

Start washing your brows from day 2. This should be done carefully, without splashing too much water on them. Damp a cotton pad with sterile water and clean your brows. Dry them afterward. Use an ointment if advised.

Note: Never apply a new layer of ointment before cleaning your eyebrows.

Stages of Combination Brows Healing Process - Dark StageImage source: Instagram @kellysdreambrows

Scabbing Stage

This is the most annoying part of the combination brows healing process. Somewhere between days 3-5, the scabs will form and the brows can look pretty unattractive. It’s important not to pick the scabs and let them fall off on their own. If you pick the scabs, you can pull out the pigment and get patchy results.

The scabbing stage lasts 7-10 days. Bear in mind that it’s not the same for everyone – some people can see big scabs, while others will get only small flakes. For some people, scabbing is barely noticeable.

If the scabbing stage lasts longer than it’s supposed to, contact your artist.

Aftercare: Keep cleaning your eyebrows and applying a prescribed ointment. Be careful not to damage your brows while taking a shower or washing your hair – protect the brow area.

You can find some tips on how to protect your eyebrow tattoos while showering in this article.

Also, stay out of makeup and certain skincare products until the scabbing stage is over.

Stages of Combination Brows Healing Process - Scabbing StageImage source: Instagram @kellysdreambrows

Ghosting/Light Stage

Another stage that can frighten clients! For some, it’s very prominent, while for others it can be completely unnoticeable.

The ghosting phase is a stage of combination brows healing process that comes after the peeling period is over. The scabs will pull out some pigment with them and the brows will look much lighter than after the treatment.

For some people, the eyebrows may even look too light and they may freak out and think that the whole process was unsuccessful. However, the color will return to some extent until the full healing process is over.

If the pigment doesn’t reappear, which is very rare, something was not done properly. You can learn more about that in this article.

Aftercare: When all the scabs fall off, there’s no need to continue with the aftercare. Now you can go back to your normal routine.

The End of the Combination Brows Healing Process

As said above, the healing period will last for 4-6 weeks. Then it’s time for a touch up.

Every cosmetic brow tattoo is a 2-session process and the other one is there to correct all the imperfections that emerged while the brows were healing. Some people will notice their brows look patchy, some will want them darker, longer, or thicker – the artist will make all of these corrections at the touch up.

The touch up should not be done sooner than 4 weeks after the treatment. The combination brows healing process won’t be completely over and there’s a risk of overworking the skin and creating permanent scarring. Most artists will book the touch up appointment 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment, to make sure the healing process is completely done.

The End of the Combination Brows Healing ProcessImage source: Instagram

Extra Tips for Going Through the Combination Brows Healing Process

Patience is the key, and as many eyebrow tattoo artists will tell you, you need to trust the process. Don’t panic if you are not happy with the brows while they are healing – most people aren’t. Judge them only after the whole combination brows healing process is over. Avoid mirrors, don’t check your brows too often, don’t pick the scabs, don’t touch your eyebrows, follow the aftercare routine and expect great results! It will pay off. Good luck.

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