In the PMU Chair: Clean Girl vs. Mob Wife Aesthetic

By Katarina V.| Last updated on January 26, 2024
mob wife vs clean girl aesthetic
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Beauty trends can truly define an era, and The Sopranos left their mark on the early 2000s with leading female characters that rocked fierce makeup looks. The dark, defined eyebrow mixed with a brownish nude lip and heavy contouring is back in the form of a new TikTok trend – clean girl vs mob wife.

The clean girl aesthetic celebrates a no-makeup makeup look with rosy cheeks and lips, while the mob wife trend is all about the glitz and the glam – the vampish lip, the smokey eye, and a very defined eyeliner look.

If this trend awoke your inner baddie, you’re in luck – PMU is here to turn your mob wife cravings into a time-saving, long-lasting reality! In this article, we discuss clean girl vs mob wife aesthetic and how to achieve a mob wife look with the help of lip blush, ombre brows, and more!

What Is Clean Girl Aesthetic?

The clean girl aesthetic has been popular for quite some time, and it consists of well-groomed eyebrows, and a healthy, rosy complexion with minimal effort when it comes to makeup. Using a minimal amount of products to make your face look glowy and flawless was the point.

The clean girl trend greatly impacted decisions in the PMU industry with many clients opting for very subtle lip blush and hair stroke brows achieved with techniques like Nano brows.

When it comes to permanent eye makeup, a thin and natural line along the lash line was the preferred permanent eyeliner choice, the polar opposite of the dramatic mob wife look.

clean girl aestheticImage source: Instagram @ashaquilina

What Is Mob Wife Aesthetic?

The obsession with glitter and heavy makeup has taken hold among global trendsetters such as Hailey Bieber, Kendall, and Kylie Jenner. So, naturally, the mafia wife look started gaining more and more popularity.

It all started with bold makeup choices, but the mob wife aesthetic isn’t only confined to beauty – it’s a state of mind, it’s how you dress, how you talk, and how you walk.

How to Achieve a Mob Wife Look With PMU

If you want to join in the new Internet obsession and transform your everyday look, Carmela says: More is lost by indecision than by wrong decision – so hop on the bandwagon, and let’s explore how PMU can help achieve your mob wife dreams!

mob wife sopranos gif

Image source: Giphy 

Lip Blush

Lip blush is the most popular lip tattoo technique that offers long-lasting color, corrects asymmetry, and makes your pout look picture-perfect.

So if your beauty icon is Adriana La Cerva with her signature red lips, lip blush can easily give you the perfect shade of red that doesn’t smudge or come off when eating and drinking. Maintaining a fierce look on the daily has never been easier!

If red is not your color, check out all the amazing opaque lip blush results that can be achieved when going to an experienced pro. Lip blush transformation 🥰 Always trust the process! #fypシ #cosmetictattoo #lipblushtattoo #beauty ♬ original sound – Tony

Permanent Eyeshadow

If you’ve ever gone top-dressed to the supermarket before a party, you know that feeling when everyone looks at you. The mob wife look is precisely that – over the top, but with style.

Thus, wearing a bold accessory like a permanent smokey eye, requires a daring attitude and confidence. No risk, no gain – such was the life of an Italian mobster’s wife once upon a time.

permanent eyeshadow mob wife lookImage source: Instagram @aunlee_permanent_makeup

Permanent Eyeliner

While the clean girl look includes daily makeup with a thin brown pencil or shadow, the mob wife aesthetic requires a bold eyeliner technique. Did you immediately think of black, thick eyeliner with a signature wing?

Whether you opt for a crisp wing or a shaded permanent eyeliner look, we’re sure that your inner Carmela will shine!

permanent eyeliner mob wifeImage source: Instagram @aunlee_permanent_makeup

Ombre Brows

With ombre eyebrows, you get a polished and defined look. This technique creates a gradient effect, darker at the tail and fading towards the center brows.

In this way, your brows gain depth and intensity. Mob wives don’t have patience and want to spend less than 3 hours doing their makeup every morning. If you opt for this technique, you can forget your daily eyebrow makeup struggles!

ombre brows mob wifeImage source: Instagram @anna_mrowiec_pmu_trainer_

BB Glow Contouring

If you want to step out of the soft, clean girl period finally, forget about a minimum of highlighter and blush. For mob wife energy, you’ll need a strong contour!

BB Glow contouring includes microneedling a tinted serum into the skin for a semi-permanent foundation effect. The result is a facial feature enhancement, creating a more sculpted and defined appearance, plus an improved skin complexion.

Beauty Mark Tattoo

A beauty mark tattoo is a touch of classic Hollywood glamor that will complement the mob wife aesthetic beautifully.

Beauty mark tattooing is a form of permanent makeup that can create distinctive marks on the face, most commonly under the eyes or just above the upper lip. Just like Eva Mendes or Cindy Crawford, you too will be able to rock a signature detail on your face that contributes to your bold and confident energy.

beauty mark mob wifeImage source: Instagram @sherri.artse

Clean Girl vs Mob Wife – Which Vibe Suits YOU?

Are you still trying to decide which trend suits you best? Take a moment to ponder the essence of each vibe.

First, we have the Clean Girl – a representative of natural beauty and simplicity. This may be perfect for you if you prefer a natural look with subtle daily makeup.

On the flip side, imagine embracing a bold lip blush, dramatic eyeliner, and strong facial contours – the unmistakable aura of the Mob Wife trend.

Trends may come and go, but permanent makeup, while not truly forever, provides an opportunity for self-expression. So, do your research, ensuring you make an informed decision before booking your appointment!

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