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Millions of people all over the world are searching for a trusted permanent makeup provider at this very moment. Don’t miss the opportunity to become their first choice! Whether you are offering a PMU treatment, education or job, tell your business story by registering for free on PMUHub. Join the fastest growing online platform for permanent makeup and connect with your target audience. You’ll meet many of your new clients soon!

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PMUHub for Business Owners

Use the PMUHub platform to present your permanent makeup business the best way possible. Create a free business page and optimize it. Insert pictures of your salon, education sessions or job description, and add a correct business info.

PMUHub’s free business page gives you the opportunity to get reviewed by users of your services. Respond to reviews in a timely and professional manner, and make the customers come back. Engage, encourage, and respond to potential customers who have opinions or questions about your business or services.

Make your business page even more appealing! Get more clicks and views by adding more detailed and engaging content about your business. Add features like hours of operation, rich business description, sophisticated photos of your services, and more. It’s easy – just follow our simple instructions!

PMUHub for business owners

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Appear on the radar of your target audience

Join our PMU community and introduce your business to hundreds of thousands of people searching for permanent makeup services – treatments, educations and jobs.

Connect with the PMU community

Convert page visitors into long-term customers. Allow them to communicate with you via email, contact form, comment section. Let them ask for quotes, give you reviews and ask you questions.

Establish your brand

Explain to your potential clients who and what stands behind the name of your brand. Show how professional you are and how good your services are. Tell your story.

Get the stats

Track the number of calls, clicks and views of your business page. Get to know your potential customers better.

Increase your website traffic

By inserting links to your business website on your PMUHub business page, you will attract new customers and therefore increase the number of your website visitors.

Establish your brand

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