Best Christmas Lashes: Strip Lashes & Extension Styles for the Holiday Season

By Katarina V.| Last updated on December 22, 2023
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As the holiday season unfolds, we enter the era of parties, gatherings, and special occasions. Glitter, tinsel, and glamorous accessories knock on our door every December, and we’re excited to greet them!

There’s no better season to experiment and have fun with your makeup than the festive season. So, if you’re feeling adventurous and need to spice up your beauty routine, we have just the thing for you to try – Christmas lashes!

Difference Between Lash Extensions & Strip Lashes

Lash extensions are professionally applied to your natural lash and they usually last a few weeks. They provide a more lasting effect, as opposed to mascara, for example. These are great if you want to simplify your everyday makeup routine and skip this step.

They create a fuller and more dramatic lash look, offering you the freedom to get the volume you want. Individual fibers are applied to each of your lashes until you are satisfied with the result.

On the other hand, you can apply strip lashes manually whenever you want, and take them off after a few hours. Also known as falsies, they are applied just above the lash line with an adhesive.

They are more subtle but very effective in making a difference in your makeup looks! The great thing about these methods is that they can be customized to your liking.

Incorporating Festive Colors & Accents

The best way to make your extensions or strip lashes more festive is by combining your personal style and current trends with the spirit of holidays. If you’re not adventurous by nature, this is also the perfect moment to experiment with your makeup and get creative.

Getting your lashes Holiday-ready can be easily done with simple but effective changes. Think deep, forest green, bright red, and even hints of gold and silver.

Who doesn’t like a pair of cute festive lashes with snowflakes and stars?

christmas lashes extensions Image source: Instagram @sarahthelashtech_

Different Styles of Holiday Lashes

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff. There are so many different styles of strip lashes and extensions out there, and you just have to find the right pair. Besides, why not experiment and try several of them?

Take a look at our choices of Christmas lashes that will certainly lift your spirit!

Whimsical Festivity

Infuse a jolly mood into your look with colored lash extensions. Feel free to try out every festive hue like emerald green, deep red, and even icy blue! These colors can easily express your holiday cheer.

After a few weeks, you can always ask your beautician to remove the colored lashes and opt for an all-black set.

Choose strip lashes decorated with glitter or tiny embellishments for a dose of holiday glam. These holiday lashes catch the light and add a sparkling touch to your eyes, making them perfect for holiday parties and celebrations where you can show how extravagant you are!

Ethereal Elegance

There’s nothing more delicate and comforting than winter. You can channel its beautiful, ethereal energy with wispy lash extensions.

If you’re looking for a one-time whimsical eyelash look for a party or special occasion, cluster lashes can help you achieve all your fairy dreams. However, keep in mind that lash clusters should be worn for short periods of time to prevent possible lash damage.

Read more about cluster lashes and whether you should try them here.

Avant-Garde Statement

White lashes are probably not something that most people would wear on a daily basis, but for certain occasions, they can look otherworldly. You can make a statement by showing up to a Christmas party with festive strip lashes like these!

No matter your preferred style, the holiday season invites you to explore and have fun with your lashes, creating looks that reflect the joy and magic of this festive time. Match them with your outfit and you’re ready to be the main star of the party!

Matching Your Lashes to Different Holidays & Events

Choosing a pair or set of lashes according to the event can be a bit tricky due to the vast variety of styles and colors, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! Take a look at our Christmas lashes style guide below:

Office Celebrations

For an office or business celebration, opt for a more subtle set that enhances your eyes in just the right way. These strip lashes have just a touch of glitter to transform your look from corporate to after-work!

Elegant Gatherings & Parties

For a more elegant event or a party, choose a more dramatic strip lash that will make a statement but still keep your eyes sultry and flirty.

These lashes offer that classic cat-like look but with a colorful twist. There are red, blue, green, and other holiday variants to choose from!

Casual Gatherings

There’s no better chance to wear a Christmassy lash than with an ugly Christmas sweater! Clothes featuring festive patterns can be easily combined with glitter accents or small, strategically placed gems for a whimsical touch.

Also, make sure to choose the lash style according to eye shape.

Feline and foxy-shaped lashes are great for almond eyes. If you have round eyes, deer-shaped lashes would be perfect because they elongate the eye. As for hooded eyes, find a lash with a gentle curl that will lift your eyes.

So, Should You Try Christmas Lashes this Year?

No matter the style, the occasion, or the outfit, holiday lashes and extensions are the ideal way to have fun and experiment with your makeup.

You can take your New Year’s Eve to the next level with glitter lash strips or even transform your eyes for a month during the Christmas season with festive lash extensions. There are no limits and the choice is yours!

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