Celebrities with Microblading: A-List Brow Tattoos

Celebrities with Microblading: A-List Brow Tattoos
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Microblading is a huge trend that exploded with the emergence of beauty influencers who amassed a huge following over the years. Influencers and celebrities with microblading were the first to popularize permanent makeup, which proved to be a life-saver for anyone who wanted the look of on-point, Instagrammable brows, but got tired of having to draw them on every morning.

Celebrities are a perpetual source of beauty inspo, and it’s no wonder people thinking of getting their eyebrows tattooed want to see celebrity microblading before and after photos before they decide to get it done themselves.

We’ve prepared a list of celebrities with microbladed eyebrows.

Bella Thorne

Actress Bella Thorne is one of the celebrities with microblading who’s always been known for her colorful, eclectic style that gives major hippie vibes. She’s been experimenting with beauty trends for years, going through every hair color under the sun, so she’s no stranger to trying out beauty hacks. In 2016, she decided to go under the micro blade.

For Bella Thorne microblading worked out great. It filled in the sparse patches towards the tails of her brows, and gave her oval face some definition. She had extra strokes added in the fronts of her brows, bringing them a bit closer together, and she had the curve of her arch angled into a sharper shape.

Recently, she’s been rocking the soap brows trend, brushing her brows upwards, but her microblading strokes don’t look freshly touched up.

Bella Thorne Microbladed EyebrowsImage source: Instagram @bellathorne

Michelle Keegan

For English actress Michelle Keegan microblading has been the go-to brow enhancement technique for years. Her brows needed a bit of extra volume, as they looked quite thin, especially towards the outer ends, the so-called tails. Then, in 2017, she premiered full, perfectly shaped brows she achieved with microblading.

Her pair is one of the most natural-looking ones on the scene. The permanent brow enhancement definitely highlighted her natural beauty, and the best part is, she reassures that microblading isn’t painful at all, but rather felt like slight scratches.

Michelle Keegan Microbladed browsImage source: Instagram @laurac_phibrows

Mandy Moore

New brows, new lease on life. That’s how Mandy Moore presented her freshly microbladed arches to the world in 2019.

Mandy is one of the celebrities with tattooed eyebrows who went for microfeathering, a microblading technique which gives the brows a very natural, realistically messy look that gives a more casual, laid-back look. Microfeatheiring is actually a pattern of microblading which has a unique stroke placement – the strokes are not strictly confined to the arch outline, but rather poke out a bit.

Mandy Moore Microblading EyebrowsImage source: Instagram @kristiestreicher

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox microbladed eyebrows just recently. She’s all for trying new beauty treatments, and microblading was a must-try for her. Her brows had been styled in the 2000s fashion, meaning very thin and tweezed into a flatter arch, until 2020, when she finally decided some extra volume would be a good choice.

And what a great choice it was! You’ll agree, thicker arches make her look 10 years younger than the thinned out brows she used to have.

Courteney Cox Microblading EyebrowsImage source: Instagram @courteneycoxofficial

Jasmine Tookes

Another one of celebrities with microbladed brows! Victoria’s Angel Jasmine Tookes decided to get her brows microbladed. She went for a fluffy look without any shading, just some natural-looking strokes and a precisely defined arch. Her brows have a very soft curve that frames her almond-shaped eyes perfectly. She’s one of the celebrities with microblading that definitely showcases how natural the enahncement can look when done right.

Jasmine Tookes Microbladed Eyebrows
Image source: Instagram @mehringlam

Huda Kattan

When a makeup mogul gets microbladed, that definitely says something about the treatment! The owner of one of the biggest makeup brands in the world decided she no longer wanted to waste time doing her brows every morning, which she claimed was getting seriously frustrating. She admitted to having sparse patches and hair missing in some spots, and microblading took care of all that.

Microblading requires a 6-8 week touch up for most clients, but Huda had such great retention there was no need to go back and get the pigments replenished. She warns us about one thing, though – finding the right artist! She also reports she experienced some swelling after the treatment, which caused her brows to look asymmetric. Luckily, her artist reassured her that this was a normal part of the healing process and that there was nothing to worry about.

Huda Kattan Microblading EyebrowsImage source: Instagram @hudabeauty

To Wrap It Up

So there you have it, 6 celebrities with microblading who tried and loved this permanent makeup treatment. From makeup experts to former teen stars, each of these gorgeous celebs went through a stunning brow transformation that made their beauty pop even more.

To find out more about microblading, read our comprehensive guide through the treatment.

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