Can You Get Your Lashes Wet After a Lash Lift? How to Maintain Your Lash Perm

Can You Get Your Lashes Wet After a Lash Lift? Lash Perm Maintenance
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When we invest in a beauty treatment that is supposed to give relatively long-lasting effects, obviously, we want to make the most of it and keep the results for as long as possible. With lash enhancements, particularly the lash lift, the average longevity of the results is up to 6-8 weeks – as long as the lash growth cycle.

After that time, all the treated lashes will have fallen out, but you want to make sure the curl doesn’t relax sooner than that. So a common question lash techs get is can you get your lashes wet after a lash lift?

Here’s what you should know about washing your face after a lash perm.

When Can You Get Your Lashes Wet After a Lash Lift?

You can’t get your lashes wet for at least 24 hours after the treatment, but 48 would be better.

The lash lift is done by applying chemicals to the lashes which change their structure. The first step is relaxing them and straightening them, and the second step is fixing them into an upwards curl.

The chemical bonds (disulphide bonds) that form and keep the lashes in the shape you want need some time to set, so you can’t get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours after a lash lift (your lash tech will tell you exactly how long). If you get them wet before the 24 hours elapse, you risk damaging those bonds and ruining the results.

Your lashes will lose some of the curl if wettened, although probably not entirely. Still, if you want to get your money’s worth, try to keep them dry for 24-48 hours.

You can’t get your lashes wet for at least 24 hours after the treatment, but 48 would be better.Image source: Instagram @sali.eyelash

But How Do You Clean Your Face?

If you can’t get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours after a lash lift, obviously you can’t wash your face in the usual way.

Here’s some advice – wash your face before you show up for your appointment, and don’t put on any makeup. Your eye area will be cleaned anyway.

If you do end up getting a lash lift with makeup you’ll need to wash at the end of the day, remove the makeup with cotton pads dampened first with your cleaner, and then “rinse” with pads dampened with water. Avoid the eye area.

Also, don’t use oil-based cleansers or products containing acids, as those ingredients are said to relax the curl. Some lash techs advise avoiding oil-based products for the entire lifespan of the lash lift, but there are mixed opinions on this.

After 24-48 hours, you can get the area wet, but avoid harsh products that contain acids and oils.

How Long After a Lash Lift Can You Shower?

Ideally, you should wait at least 24 hours.

Why? Well, even though you might not get your face wet and try to keep your lashes dry, the steam and the tiny drops that inevitably travel through the air during a shower still count as getting your lashes wet.

But in many cases, it’s unrealistic to ask you not to shower for a full day after the treatment. If you absolutely must take a shower, take all the precautions to keep your lashes dry:

  • Make the shower short.
  • The temperature of the water should be warm, not hot – there mustn’t be any steam. If possible, leave the shower cabin door open.
  • The force of the water spray should be minimal.
  • Keep your face and hair out of the shower spray.
  • Don’t use the ceiling-mounted showerhead.

Perhaps a lukewarm bath would be a better option, or you can wear swimming goggles to protect the area from water and steam.

Ideally, you should wait at least 24 hours for shower after a lash lift.. Image source: Instagram @soulsistersbeautybar

What Else Should You Avoid to Keep Lashes Dry After a Lash Lift?

Showering is not the only way your lashes could get wet in the 24 hours after the treatment. You also need to avoid:

  • Sweating
  • Swimming
  • Saunas
  • Steam-baths
  • Putting on or removing contact lenses
  • Exposure to heat

Can You Wear Makeup After a Lash Lift?

Not immediately.

Avoid all makeup for 48 hours, even applying it to other parts of your face, because you’ll need to remove it and risk getting your lashes wet.

All makeup is allowed 48 hours after the treatment, even mascara.


The answer to the question can you get your lashes wet after a lash lift is yes, but only after at least 24 hours, ideally 48. That means you can’t wash your face or shower as usual, and you need to avoid heat, sweating, and steam. Sounds a bit annoying, we agree, but you don’t want to ruin the results! After all, the lash lift bills can pile up if you ignore aftercare and repeat the treatment over and over again.

For more information on the treatment, read our Lash Lift Guide.

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