Brown Eyelash Extensions: The Most Versatile Lash Look

By Emily M.| Last updated on February 22, 2024
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Updated in February 2024.

Lash clients have always gravitated towards black lash extensions as the most dramatic, glamorous lash enhancement. But brown lash extensions are slowly taking over!

The problem with black lash extensions is that they can make you look washed out or overpowered by their bold appearance on no-makeup days. To rock black mega volume lash extensions, you’ll need a complete makeup look to give some balance.

So, opting for luxurious, brown lash extensions is the perfect way to scale back the harshness of deep black lashes, plus you can easily transition from your daytime look to a more sultry night time makeup look.

Read this article to discover all the benefits of brown eyelash extensions and why they’re a better option than getting regular black lash extensions.

Why Choose Brown Eyelash Extensions?

Brown lash extensions can add fullness and length to your natural lashes without standing out or being too noticeably fake. It is essentially a your lashes but better look, and it is the best option for people who don’t like wearing a full face of makeup every day.

Natural beauty and no-makeup makeup trends have dominated the beauty industry in recent years, so the lash biz has to follow the rules to keep up and stay relevant.

Besides, an important advantage of brown eyelashes compared to classic black ones is less noticeable color contrast with natural outgrown eyelashes, which can prolong the life of your lash set, and the need for an infill session.

Brown eyelash extensions are the perfect choice for those who aren’t brave enough to get colored or ombre eyelash extensions but get tired of a traditional black lash set.

why choose brown eyelash extensions
Image source: Instagram @gingerlashwi

Brown VS Black Eyelash Extensions

When it comes to choosing between brown vs black eyelash extensions, hair color, skin tone, and general preference all come into play. Here are some of the key differences between black and brown eyelash extensions:

Black Lash Extensions

  • They are the go-to lash extension color for a majority of people.
  • They can look natural on people with darker skin tones, hair, and eye colors.
  • They can look harsh on people with lighter skin tones, hair, and eye colors.
  • They can complement a bolder, more glamorous makeup look.

Brown Lash Extensions

  • They can complement a natural everyday makeup look.
  • They can look natural on people with lighter skin tones, hair, and eye colors.
  • They can add natural-looking fullness to sparse eyelashes.
  • They are the best option for people with aging eyes.

brown lash extensions
Image source: Instagram @hdlashes___

Brown Eyelash Extensions for Different Eye Colors

When choosing a lash extension style and color, you should first consider the shape and color of your eyes. Here’s a quick look at what brown lash extensions can do for different eye colors:

Blue Eyes + Brown Lash Extensions

Brown eyelash extensions are the perfect choice for framing blue eyes. They can make blue eyes appear brighter and more open, in contrast to black lash extensions which tend to look harsh and make blue eyes look smaller.

Green Eyes + Brown Lash Extensions

Brown lash extensions can make green eyes pop. This is the most natural-looking combination of eye color and lash extension, plus it can make green eyes appear slightly warmer, and more golden in color.

Brown Eyes + Brown Lash Extensions

Brown eyelash extensions can really bring out the color of brown eyes. Unlike black extensions which tend to make brown eyes look darker, brown eyelash extensions can make brown eyes appear lighter and more open.

Brown Lash Extensions for Different Hair Colors

Just like your skin color and eye color, the color of your hair plays an important role in deciding which lash extensions look best on you. Let’s take a look at hair colors that best suit brown eyelash extensions:


Blondes often feel washed out by black mascara unless they are wearing a full makeup look, eyeliner included. This is because black is the most intense contrast to their natural hair color. With brown eyelash extensions, the contrast is lessened, and the look is not too overpowering.


Redheads are adorned with warm tones that usually run through their hair color and skin tone. Their eyelashes are usually light and red or blonde, so opting for black lash extensions can be a bit much. Instead, brown lash extensions can accentuate their eyes without looking too dramatic.


Medium and light brown brunettes will find that brown lash extensions perfectly complement their natural hair color. However, darker brunettes can still make black lash extensions a natural look that works for them.

brown lash extensions
Image source: Instagram @thebabecavehq

Brown and Black Eyelash Extensions

Mixing these two eyelash extension colors will create an interesting and multi-dimensional look. This trend became ultra-popular recently due to its clean and sleek appearance.

You probably won’t be able to see much of a difference, like with black eyelash extensions, but when the sun hits your eyes, you will look like a modern fairy with hints of brown and black!

brown and black eyelash extensionsImage source: Instagram @lashappealca

Spiky, wispy, black and brown – what more could you want for that perfect, sultry pair of lashes? This lash combo is the perfect way to add some pizzazz to your everyday look without going too bold.

Just take a look at these beautiful black-brown beauties that will leave you speechless!

brown and black eyelash extensionsImage source: Instagram @hbhausofbeauty

Brown Eyelash Extensions for Aging Eyes

Brown lash extensions are the best option for the older generation. As we get older, our natural eyelashes lose elasticity and become thinner and more fragile over time.

This is why we often see 50+ year-olds with few, light eyelashes and even some blanks in their lash lines. Brown eyelash extensions in black and very dark colors can make those blanks even more noticeable, so brown lashes are a great option for aging eyes!

So, Should You Try Brown Eyelash Extensions?

Choosing between black and brown lash extensions all depends on your personal preference.

If you want a more natural, everyday lash look, go for brown. If you want a bolder look, go for black. Whichever one you choose, we know you’ll look gorgeous!

To learn more about lash extensions in general, here’s our guide!

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