PMU Trend Check: Is Brow Lamination the New Microblading?

brow lamination vs microblading
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PMU artists are always coming up with the next best thing to offer to their customares; some of their experiments stick and become trends, some of them fade quicker than the pigments. Brow lamination definitely belongs the group of successful alternatives to microblading!

Market research shows that the demand for brow lamination has skyrocketed for the past six months, the sales have grown by an astonishing 2500%! So where does that leave microblading? For anyone considering having their brows done as well as any PMU artist looking for new services to offer, let’s take a look at brow lamination vs microblading in the current market.

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So what exactly is brow lamination?

The results of brow lamination are similar to those of microblading, only less permanent. The procedure however, is significantly different. With lamination, there are no needles and no pigments, only a chemical concoction that straightens, lifts and tints every individual brow hair.

The price is much more affordable than that of microblading, up to $100, but the results only last for about 6 weeks. If we take into account that the price of microblading done by a certified artist is at least 4 times more, it’s no wonder many people are opting for brow lamination as an alternative.

Brow lamination as a getaway procedure

PMU artists have shared that a number of customers who are contemplating getting microblading are first trying lamination. As more and more people are looking for ways to achieve the perfect, Instagrammable brows that microblading provides, brow lamination could be a great way to test out the look before commiting to it for up to 2 years.

Another scenario PMU artists see quite a bit of with clients who’ve decided on lamination is that they have some special occasion coming up and want fabulous brows for a particular event, so they’re not willing to pay for microblading.

Image source: Instagram @endless___beauty__

Why PMU artists should add brow lamination to the list of services?

The hotspots of brow lamination are California, Florida, Texas, New York, and Washington, so any salon or artist working in those states would certainly profit from offering this procedure. As the duration of the treatment is about 45 minutes, depending on whether the client wants their brows dyed or not, the artist can make a significant amount of money in a workday.

Another plus is that it doesn’t take as much training or practice as microblading does. And as there’s no microneedling that requires maximum focus and precision, it doesn’t take as much energy as a microblading session.

So, where does that leave microblading?

Artists exclusively doing microblading shouldn’t be too worried, though. Research shows that the sales of microblading treatments has been stable and constant over the last year. The raise in demand for brow lamination hasn’t affected the demand for microblading. In fact, it might turn out that brow lamination attracts more clients to microblading in the long run.

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