How to Choose the Right Shade for Blonde Henna Brows

By Emily M.| Last updated on March 28, 2023
blonde henna brows
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By now you must’ve heard of henna brows – a natural alternative to brow tinting. Henna also stains the skin behind the brow hairs, resulting in a full, defined brow.

But because of this, henna brows are often associated with a very prominent, dark brow that really stands out. This then poses a question – would henna brows for blondes work?

Let’s break down what henna brows for blondes look like and how to achieve the perfect blonde henna brows shade.

Are Henna Brows for Blondes?

If you have blonde hair, you can choose to either lighten or darken your brows to make them match or stand out.

Usually, blondes, especially natural blondes that tend to have very light brow hairs, prefer to go one shade darker to really define their arches. This gives off the appearance of thicker and more defined eyebrows.

And henna brows are perfect for that! They color in all the barely-visible hairs as well as stain the skin under the hairs, creating a soft, powdery effect – like you are wearing some very natural-looking makeup.

How to Pick the Right Shade of Blonde Henna Brows

Jumping one or two shades darker than your hair color is easy with henna. But the misconception that henna brows need to be really dark scares away a lot of blondes. Nowadays, there are plenty of shades available – including options for blonde henna brows.

Henna brows for blondes come in a few hues and depending on your hair color you can choose to go with:

  • Golden blonde – best for light blond hair
  • Light brown or taupe – medium blonde, for those that want a more defined brow without too much contrast
  • Neutral brown – although a bit richer shade, neutral brown works great for darker blondes.

These 3 aren’t the only options though; henna color can be custom-mixed to match a specific shade you’d like.

However, when doing blonde henna brows, you need to pay special attention to getting the undertone right. Unlike darker shades, the undertone can pull towards the unwanted orange-y hue.

If the skin has a cool undertone, the color can turn out more on the ashier side. On warm undertones, the color may appear a bit darker or a bit too warm.

So in the case of blonde henna brows, we strongly advise you to go to a professional.

How to Pick the Right Shade of Blonde Henna Brows
Image source: Instagram @brows_by_keiras


But if you‘re wondering whether you can turn darker brows blonde with henna, it’s not really recommended, as it can’t guarantee good results.

For significant lightening, you do need to get your eyebrows bleached. You can either get a professional treatment, or do it yourself by using a DIY bleaching kits. Or, if you are trying to avoid using bleach, you can lighten your brows with bleach alternatives.

Here’s a Couple of Blonde Henna Products:

Things to Keep in Mind

Blonde henna brows are a bit harder to achieve. With henna, even with darker shades, you need to take into account the characteristics of the hair itself. Otherwise, you might not get what you expected.

So, here are a few things to keep in mind if you are trying to achieve a specific blonde henna brows shade:

Hair Structure

Whenever the brows are treated with henna, take into account the hair structure itself.

Hair porosity determines how easily the products can penetrate the hair follicle – porous hair tends to absorb more. So blonde henna brows can turn out a bit darker on highly porous hair, even if the lightest shade of henna was used.

This goes for any brow dye, not just for henna.


Since henna dyes the skin as well, the henna paste needs to be applied in the desired shape right away, as neatly as possible.

The ideal brow type for this treatment is a brow that is already shaped well and has some sparse areas that are then filled in with henna. This is why henna brow treatment is often combined with brow threading or waxing beforehand.

Skin Type

Henna skin stains will not have the same longevity and intensity on all skin types.

The result will be more visible and intense on dry skin, while on oily skin type the excess sebum washes out the color much quicker.

So, depending on the skin type, the stain can last 5-10 days, while the hairs stay colored until they fall out and get replaced, which is around 6 weeks.

Length of Processing

How long the paste is left on the eyebrow determines how intense the skin stain will be – the longer you leave the henna on hairs and skin, the higher the color saturation will be – and therefore, how long it will last.

But also, more importantly, how dark the color will be.

Learn more about how long henna should stay on your brows here.

blonde henna eyebrows
Image source: Instagram

What to Do If You’ve Dyed Your Brows Too Dark?

Henna brows often appear a bit darker when initially applied. The color will become more subtle in the days following the treatment – but it will only lighten, not change in color tone.

So if you are unhappy with the tone (or shape and thickness) – don’t worry, the mistakes are easy to fix.

There are plenty of ways you can remove henna from the eyebrows, which you can read about here.

In Conclusion

So, let’s sum up: do blonde henna brows work? Absolutely!

While henna may seem a bit limiting in terms of shade option, blonde henna brows are, nevertheless, relatively easy to achieve. Besides, henna brows have proved to be a preferred choice over chemically processing and tinting your brows.

This method is natural and much gentler. And it’s certainly a better solution than putting on your makeup daily!

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