Best Products & Tools for Eyebrow Tattoos on Mature Skin

By Katarina V.| Last updated on January 29, 2024
brow tattoo must haves for mature skin
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For PMU artists, being comfortable with all skin types is a must, especially now when eyebrow tattooing is gaining massive popularity among all generations.

Mature skin behaves very differently than younger skin, so it’s very easy to make serious mistakes, most of which happen due to wrong product and tool choices.

Luckily, we’re here to help you with that, so you can become even more confident and competent when treating mature skin. Just keep reading!

Best Needles for Eyebrow Tattoo on Mature Skin

The choice of needles is a major factor that directly influences the precision and comfort of the procedure.

Mature skin is more fragile and thinner. Therefore, it is much easier to traumatize it more than necessary and go deeper than necessary (which causes a blowout effect and blurs the results).

Single needle configurations enter the skin more easily and more smoothly, as the minimal impact surface means little to no resistance. But here’s the thing – unless you’re extremely skilled and have perfect control, the chance of going too deep on mature skin is huge.

So 1RL is not really recommended for eyebrow tattoos on mature skin, even though you may reach for it most often for younger clients.

Multiple needle configurations are a better choice. Multiple needles means more impact surface which means more resistance from the skin and less chance of going deeper than needed.

Here’s what artists generally like to use:

3RS or 5 RS for Shading

Round shaders with 3 or 5 needles excel in efficiently covering sparse areas and adding definition to the brows without causing excessive damage to thin skin.

Additionally, these needles provide a softer finish and can be more forgiving on mature skin, adapting well to the changes in elasticity and texture.

A medium taper and a balanced 0.25 mm diameter is the safest bet: thin enough to provide precision, but not so thin that you’d use control when faced wth little skin resistance.

Flat/Magnums for Hair Strokes

Multiple needle configurations for har strokes are flat, with 1 or 2 rows of needles.

Recently, artists have been getting more and more accustomed to using flat needles or magnums for different PMU techniques, recognizing the benefits tattoo artists have known for years.

You can try 3, 5 or 7 configurations on latex and see which you like the most.

But in general, it makes perfect sense to use a configuration of needles placed in a line for hair strokes – which are also lines if you think about it. Depending on your tilt, you can adjust how the needles penetrate the skin.

Best Pigments for Eyebrow Tattoo on Mature Skin

For brow tattooing on mature skin, especially in the context of ashy brows, it’s essential to be cautious with the choice of pigments.

Organic AKA carbon-based pigments tend to heal more ashy. Mature skin itself tends to make pigments heal more ashy. Therefore, using more carbon-based pigments can result in brows that appear great at first, but will likely take on an ashy tone over time.

To counteract this, it’s best to go for pigments that lean towards a more inorganic-based formula, plus slightly warmer tones rather than cooler, ashier shades.

Warm brown tones, taupe, or soft caramel hues can be more forgiving on mature skin, providing a natural and flattering appearance without the risk of later darkening.

The goal is to choose colors that harmonize with the client’s skin tone and complement the natural hair color, avoiding overly cool or dark shades that may intensify over time.

Best PMU Numbing Products for Mature Skin

When choosing numbing products for thin, sensitive, and aging skin, prioritizing safety is key.

That’s why you should avoid products that may contain harsh or potentially irritating ingredients and instead, focus on those formulated with trusted numbing agents.

Look for numbing products with lidocaine, a common and effective local anesthetic, because it stands out for its superior safety profile and excellent pain-relief properties.

A concentration of up to 5% lidocaine is safe and suitable for most senior clients, but individual tolerance may vary, so it’s always best to review the clients medical history and if there’s anything suspicios there, have them consult their physician.

Also, to protect your clients, it’s important to always contact the health authorities and double-check which regulations are actively enforced.

That being said, here are the best numbing products to try out:

  • Suitable for both intact & broken skin
  • Designed for sensitive skin
  • Vitamin E boosts healing
  • Safe for pre-numbing & secondary numbing
  • Optimal pH level
  • Moisturizing formula that also help with healing
  • Safe for pre-numbing
  • Used post-treatment to seal in color
  • Moisturizing formula

What You Need to Know About Mature Skin

The process of aging affects the skin in multiple ways, and understanding these factors sets the stage for a successful relationship with your elder clients.

So, let’s take a look at the key characteristics of mature skin.

#1: Texture Changes

Mature skin often undergoes changes in texture, becoming more prone to dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Also, its surface may be rougher and more textured compared to younger skin, which means you’ll need to make a few tweaks and updates in your application techniques.

Here’s a little hint — with mature skin you have to be extremely light-handed and precise.

The fact is, aging skin is more delicate, so your technique needs to be on the same level.

Learn more about different brow tattoo styles and techniques for mature skin here.

#2: Loss of Elasticity

One of the most notable features of aging skin is the reduction in elasticity. The skin may lose its firmness, leading to sagging or drooping.

Brow artists must be mindful of this when working on the brow area to ensure that the tattoo complements the client’s natural contours.

Make sure to stretch the skin well as you work. That way the tattoo application will be easier, more precise, and effective.

#3: Skin Conditions

Many older clients come with pre-existing skin diseases and conditions such as rosacea, atopic dermatitis, eczema, sun damaged, or hypersensitive skin.

These conditions can complicate the process of brow tattooing, as they may compromise the skin’s integrity and make it more susceptible to allergic reactions.

What also doesn’t help is the fact that older clients often treat their symptoms with skincare products containing steroids, which can contribute to faster skin thinning.

This factor is definitely something you should take very seriously, as it can affect both pigment retention and pigment fading.

In certain cases, you’ll need to turn the client down. If the condition is severe enough to be a contraindication, it’s your ethical duty to choose the client’s wellbeing over your income.

#4: Pigment Retention

With the natural aging process, the body undergoes a reduction in estrogen levels, making the skin thinner and more delicate.

The slower skin cell turnover characteristic of mature skin allows the implanted pigments to persist for a more extended period.

Also, the lower production of collagen and elastin contributes to a decrease in the skin’s ability to regenerate, creating an environment where pigments remain more stable.

The combination of these factors results in the fact that healthy mature skin can achieve 70–80% pigment retention, while younger skin normally reaches up to 60% pigment retention upon the first tattooing session.

To put it simply, mature skin can really suck in the pigment, especially at the tail of eyebrows, where the skin is naturally thinner.

This means you have to be extra careful. To play it safe, you can always go a shade lighter at the 1st session and assess at the touch up, dilute your pigments, and adjust your technique to make the tattoo less dense.

If you’re shading, make it mory airy and powdery. If you’re doing hair strokes, leave slightly more space between them.

#4: Pigment Fading

The phenomenon of pigment fading on mature skin is directly linked to the skin’s thinning characteristics.

The thinner the skin, the closer the pigment will be to the vascular system, making it look cooler, ashier, or even darker.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to counteract by going for very warm pigments, because these can end up looking red or orange on the client’s skin.

The best option is to simply add a hint of warmer color, especially yellow, to your mix as an insurance policy.

@beachcitybrows Brow color correction for this Jane Fonda look-alike beauty! ♥️ My client had gotten her brows done several times in the past years, and now they have turned and ashy bluish tone. Unfortunately, this is common with getting your brows done, but there is hope! By using a neutralizing ink, I was able to warm up those brows and turn them back to more of a brown color. This is the first step to ensure that her brows will stay brown longer. At her next session, we will do the target brown color to get those brows a little more brown yet still. Ain’t she beauty! Are you a Brows now A different color? Messaged me let’s chat about your brow goals! ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #nanobrows #Browdoctor #BrowColorCorrection #browartist #browtattoo #ombrebrows #browsonpoint #pmuartist #browtransformation #browqueen #BeachCityBrows #browgoals #PermanentMakeUpArtistLosAngeles #powderbrows #permanentmakeupartist #shadingbrows #browspecialist #browcorrection #combobrows #oldbrowtattoocoverup #beforeandafter #oldbrowtattoofix #oldbrowtattoocorrection #oldbrowtattoocoverage #southerncalifornia #newbrows #microbladingeyebrows #realisticbrows #powderedbrows #oldbrowtattoo ♬ Fever - Peggy Lee

Main Takeaways

To become a supreme in brow tattooing on mature skin, you must be equipped with the right tools and products + as much knowledge as you can get!

Update your PMU station with fine needles, quality machines and pigments, and effective numbing products customized to better meet the unique needs of weak and thin skin.

And remember, the more you use your tools and products, the more skillful you become in tackling the challenges of delicate skin. So, be brave, build your skills, and do your magic.

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