Best PMU Pigments: Top Products for Microblading, Machine Brows, Lips & Eyeliner

By Emily M.| Last updated on November 17, 2023
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This is an objective, non-biased article. We base our product choices on various factors, such as product reviews, ingredient analysis, and overall reputation of brands. It does, however, contain affiliate links for featured products.

PMU pigments are an essential element of permanent makeup application. Whether it’s microblading, machine brows, lips, or eyeliner, having high-quality pigments is crucial to achieving excellent results.

Scroll through this article to discover our list of the best PMU pigments for microblading, machine brows, lips, and eyeliner based on extensive research and user satisfaction.

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Best Pigments for Microblading

Let’s take a look at our picks of the best pigments for microblading:

1. PhiBrows SUPER Pigments for Microblading

Creamy, clean, consistent, and warm-fading-proof, the PhiBrows SUPER pigment collection provides the best pigments for microblading according to many artists.

Improved and perfected over the years, this is perhaps the cleanest formula on the market, developed by synergizing the esthetic element with technical properties and safety.

All 5 pigment shades in the collection are very versatile, so they can be used as-is, or be further modified.

Artists claim they love the formula due to its thick and creamy consistency which takes some getting used to, but ensures great retention once you get the hang of the implementation method.

They also warn that the colors tend to heal more on the ashy side and point out the higher price point as a potential obstacle.

• Creamy formula great for microblading
• No red fading
• Ensures good retention

• More expensive than other brands
• Can heal slightly ashy

2. Perma Blend Pigments for Microblading

Perma Blend is a well-known brand in the industry and for good reason.

Their pigments are of high quality and designed to last a very long time. The formulas are vegan and cruelty-free, and they use organic ingredients wherever possible.

However, we have to note that there are artists who characterize the consistency of these pigments as runny and report that it can impede their vision. It’s also fairly quick-drying.

The good news though is that you can use Perma Blend pigments manually as well as for machine work so in that sense, they’re a practical option.

Learn all about Perma Blend pigments from our in-depth guide.

• Good retention
• Vegan & cruelty free
• Suitable for machine brows, too

• Some artists don’t like the runny consistency

3. BIOTEK More Than Ever Pigments

Made in Italy!

BIOTEK Milano pigments are well-known and loved in Europe for their high quality and special formula. Rich and creamy, they’re perfect for microblading, especially for artists who prefer to work with a thicker consistency.

Made in accordance with EU and American regulations, all BIOTEK pigments are made with quality raw materials, they’re vegan and not tested on animals.

Their formulas give a stable color. The collection is split into cool, neutral and warmer pigments.

The neutral shades are very adaptable and versatile, and the general recommendation is to always start with them, and them warm up or cool down at the touch up.

They’re also the best-sellers: Moscow, Ibiza, Paris, Milan and Venice in particular.

Most of the pigment shades are available in 2 sizes in our shop: 0.61 oz (18 ml) and 0.24 oz (7 ml) – which is very practical, as you can test the shades in smaller sizes, and restock the ones you use the most in bigger bottles.

• Creamy consistency great for microblading
• 2 bottle sizes

• You need to be color match carefully and start with a neutral pigment

5. Doreme Concentrate Pigments for Microblading

If you’re looking for a real bang for your buck, then the Doreme Concentrate Pigments are the best option.

Their formulation is quite thick and in that sense, the Doreme Concentrate Pigments are very similar to PhiBrows SUPER Pigments, but at a much more affordable price point.

These pigments are only designed for microblading and are available in an impressive 49 shades. You can purchase Doreme Concentrate Pigments in different value sets that are versatile and made to accommodate a wide range of clients.

• Thicker consistency great for microblading
• Affordable
• Wide range of shades

• Not suitable for machine work
• The Amazon rating is only 4

5. Mellie Microblading Pigments

Last but definitely not least on our list of best PMU pigments for microblading are the Mellie Microblading Pigments.

If you’re looking for brow pigments that are easily available, reliable, and come at an affordable price then you should definitely consider trying out this formula. The Mellie Microblading pigments are easy to use and do not require mixing.

Most artists have reported that the color payoff is pretty stable and there are no changes in pigment shade when fading – they only turn into a lighter version of the same pigment.

• Affordable
• Stable color load
• Low chance of color turning over time

• Some reviews claim it’s watery

Best Pigments for Machine Brows

For PMU artists researching the best brow pigments for machine work, we’ve gathered up some specially optimized formulas that are easy to work with and come with raving reviews. Here’s our list of the best pigments for machine brows:

1. Evenflo Pigments for Machine Brows

Evenflo brow pigments are a collaboration between Perma Blend and Lulu Siciliano.

Evenflo brings brow artists a pigment formula that is suitable for microblading but mainly optimized for doing amazing machine work. The consistency of these pigments is thin, smooth, and easy to mixwhich is everything a PMU artist needs.

It’s also important to mention that the formula provides quick saturation and doesn’t dry as quickly as other similar formulations on the market. You can read all about Evenflo pigments for machine PMU here.

• Machine-optimized formula
• Also suitable for microblading
• Gives quick saturation

• The color range isn’t that wide

2. Brow Daddy Eyebrow Pigments

Whenever we think of Brow Daddy pigments, one word comes to mind – and that word is luxury.

If you’re looking for versatile pigments that can pack on a lot of color, Brow Daddy is the way to go. But besides having some serious pigment load, this special Perma Blend collab contains shades that are very easy to match with your client’s skin tone and undertones.

We have to mention that these pigments are on the pricier side, but many artists have claimed they need to do fewer passes with the Brow Daddy collection in comparison to some other brands, which means they go through the bottle at a much slower pace.

Learn more about Brow Daddy pigments, or get additional info on the Brow Daddy Gold Collection color chart here.

• Versatile range that covers all clients
• Highly-pigmented formula
• Luxurious packaging

• Slightly more expensive than other brands

3. BIOTEK Rapid Shading Pigments

A line of versatile brown pigments made specifically for machine brow shading, the Rapid Shading collection will allow you to do just that!

More liquid and optimized for the machine, you won’t need to dilute, which is a time and energy saver.

The collection offers 5 pigment shades, from light blonde/brown to deep, dark, almost-black brown. All the shades have a neutral undertone, which means that you can shade almost any client with just 5 pigments in your kit.

• Liquid, machine-adapted formula
• 5 shades cover most clients

• All have a neutral undertone, so you might need to warm up or cool down

4. Madluvv Eyebrow Pigments

The Madluvv brow pigment formula is a mixture of non-toxic synthetic and organic components made in the USA. It offers up to 80-90% pigment retention and you don’t have to dilute it for machine work.

If you’re looking for an all-rounder pigment collection, then the Madluvv Ink Deluxe Set is the way to go.

The set contains 10 brow pigment colors and a shading solution, so you can always create a custom shade and customize it to suit each client.

• Great retention
• No need to dilute

• Some artists claim they’re reddish
• Some artists claim they can’t achieve depth of color

Best PMU Pigments for Lips

Whether it’s dark lip neutralization or just a pop of color, your lip pigment shades should be stable and easy to blend.

So, here’s a list of the best PMU pigments for lips worth looking into:

1. Perma Blend Lip Pigments

Perma Blend’s high-quality pigments are known for their good retention, and lip pigments are no exception. The range of colors for lips is very wide and beloved by many lip tattoo artists.

Lip blush in general fades quite a bit during the healing process, so investing in pigments that will provide true-to-color healed results should be your top priority.

Perma Blend pigments are the number one artist choice due to their even saturation and impeccable retention even after healing.

• Well known & loved brand
• Wide color range
• Reliable and consistent, with good retention

• Some artists don’t like the runny consistency

2. Evenflo Lip Pigments

The Evenflo lip range features some of the best lip pigments available on the market. They are especially known for their saturation and reliability when used for dark lip neutralization.

All the Evenflo pigments for lips provide velvety, highly saturated healed results since the liquid consistency makes implementation easy.

They can be messy at times so if you’re a beginner lip artist, we recommend waiting until you gain a bit more experience before trying them out.

• Their neutralization colors are great
• High saturation

• The runny consistency can make them harder to work with

3. BIOTEK Lip Pigments

BIOTEK lip pigments are very saturated and stable, meaning your clients won’t experience any unnatural color changes over time.

They are compliant with both European and American regulations which is good news mainly for European artists that sometimes struggle to find high-quality lip blush pigments.

The color palette for the lips is truly stunning – from nudes to vibrant pinks to fiery reds, you can find the perfect shade for every client.

• Stunning color range
• Stable and highly-pigmented

• Relatively new on the US market

4. Tina Davies Lip Pigments

Tina Davies lip pigments are well-known in the permanent makeup industry for their color payoff.

This is another well-respected brand in the industry that formulates lip tattoo pigments with organic ingredients. The Tina Davies shade range is quite impressive and suits many different skin tones, plus their formulation is vegan and cruelty-free.

• Well-loved brand
• Stunning shades
• Good pigment load

• Like all Perma Blend pigments, they’re runny

5. World Famous Ink

The last item on our best PMU pigments for lips list is recommended only for experienced artists, and that is World Famous Ink.

World Famous Ink is a brand of traditional tattoo ink which some artists use for PMU and lip tattoos. They claim the retention is unparalleled and color saturation more vibrant.

However, handling traditional ink isn’t the same as working with cosmetic pigment, so we would suggest this option only to artists that have a background in tattooing.

• Great retention
• Vibrant colors
• Wide color range

• It’s tattoo ink, so it’s not suitable for beginners

Best Pigments for Permanent Eyeliner

Best PMU pigments for eyeliner tattoos should be bold, long-lasting, and easy to build up and create different permanent eyeliner stylesHere are some of our top product choices according to artist recommendations:

1. BIOTEK Eyeliner Pigments

The Biotek pigment collection is designed to bring you stable, long-lasting colors. For eyeliner specifically, the most popular choices are Royal Black and Warm Black pigments.

Royal Black is a very long-lasting black pigment. Composed almost entirely of carbon black, it lasts a long time on the skin but may tend to become smokey gray over time.

Warm Black, on the other hand, is composed in part of carbon black and in part iron oxides. It turns out to be a color that maintains its black tone but has a shorter lifespan, requiring touch-ups every 1-2 years.

Warm Brown is a great option for very light-skinned clients with fair eyelashes, or those who simply prefer brown eyeliner. It’s an intense, rich brown.

• Carefully-balanced colors that heal true

• Relatively new on the US market

2. Perma Blend Pigments for Eyeliner

The range of Perma Blend pigments for eyeliner tattoos includes iron oxide-based pigments, carbon-based pigments, and combinations.

This means there are colors suitable for beginners and for more experienced artists.

Made in the USA, and specifically for PMU, all Perma Blend formulas have constantly been improved and perfected over the years, from listening to artists and taking their needs into account.

• Provides organic, inorganic, and hybrid formulas

• For proper selection, you need to know the properties of each formula

3. Evenflo Eyeliner Pigments

The Evenflo’s Warm Black Eyeliner is specially designed to help artists deposit ink in fewer passes, which is especially convenient when working on the eyes.

This formula’s consistency is not too runny nor too difficult to wipe and work around your clients’ eyes, plus it contains minimal alcohol content for eye comfort.

The warm tone of this black pigment compensates for the eventual bluish fading that we normally see in eyeliner after healing and is, instead, crafted to heal in a neutral tone.

• Well-balanced color that prevents cool fading
• Minimal alcohol content, so there’s no eye discomfort

• It’s a classic black, so there’s no room for creativity

4. SofTap Eyeliner Pigments

SofTap is one of the oldest names in the PMU industry, with over 30 years of experience in creating pigments behind them. Best known for their manual technique of doing all PMU procedures, SofTap makes high-quality pigments that are suitable for machine shading, too.

It’s also good to know that any of their brow colors can also be used for eyeliner tattooing. Still, the classic shade Black Orchid remains a favorite among artists.

• High-quality pigments
• Any color can be used for eyeliner tattoos

• Some artists really dislike the packaging

5. Doreme Eyeliner Pigments

The Doreme Eyeliner Pigment range is perfect for beginner and professional artists and provides colors that heal true. Made in Korea and tested in high-tech labs in Germany, the formula holds many certificates, yet the price-point is unparalleled.

These shades are affordable and easy to work with so if you’re an artist on a budget, look no further than the Doreme Eyeliner set. It includes several slightly different shades of black, plus a purple pigment, a green one and a bright blue one.

So the set should meet the needs of all your eyeliner clients.

• Affordable
• Made in Korea
• The kit includes classic and more experimental shades

• Some artists claim the consistency is too thick
• The Amazon rating is 4.2

In Conclusion

While there are many brands and types of pigments available on the market, it’s essential to choose those that use high-quality ingredients and have a good reputation in the industry.

But at the end of the day, the choice of the best PMU pigments boils down to your individual needs and experience.



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